Can technology save us from extincion?

Can technology save us from extincion?

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No. The only thing technology is doing is accelerating it.

>Look there, at that woman. My God, just look at her. Affecting everyone around her; so obvious, so bourgeois, so boring. But wait. Watch, you see, I have sent her a dessert...a very special dessert. I wrote it myself. It starts so simply; each line of the program creating a new effect, just like...poetry. First, a rush. Heat. Her heart flutters. You can see it, Neo, yes? She does not understand, why? Is it the wine? No...what is it, then, what is the reason? But soon it does not matter. Soon the why and the reason are gone, and all that matters is the feeling itself. And this is the nature of the universe; we struggle against it, we fight to deny it, but it is of course pretend, it is a lie. Beneath our poised appearance, the truth is we are completely out of control. [inhales] Causality. There is no escaping it. We are forever slaves to it. Our only hope, our only peace is to understand it, to understand the why. Why is what separates us from them, you from me. Why is the only real source of power, without it you are powerless. And this is how you come to me: without why, without power, another link in the chain. But, fear not, since I have seen how good you are at following orders, I will tell you what to do next. Run back, and give the fortune-teller this message: her time is almost up. Now, I have some real business to attend to, so I will bid you adieu and goodbye.

Why didn't she attack Drumpf?

no, cuz entropy is unavoidable, technologies can increase time of life, but someday everything become the darkness. no humankind, no organic, only not organic dark matter

Eugenics is already a thing but is a dark horse.

>organic dark matter
t. popsci reader who has no fucking idea about shit he's memeing about

Because she doesn't talk to brainlets who don't "believe" in science.

t. climate realist

Global Warming IS saving the planet. London sinking is the best thing that could happen to the world.

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looking based

This. It's like biblical flood, but this time, it only affects the decadent degenerates and non-whites.

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An even bigger retard and also a pedophile

Seethe more Greta Clitberg.

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Wow, rude. What the fuck is her problem?

She needs the belt

You too can see the atoms of hydrogen???

The only thing that can save the climate is the one thing governments aren't allowed to do because it would break the core of human rights and which this stupid underage bitch is naturally clueless about, and it pertains to feeding the correct information to every high-schooler on this planet and their parents.
It's as follows:
- Higher education majors in various fields in and outside of STEM are understaffed if not completely empty. There is almost no numerically effective workforce.
- We have no proper complete map of all majors pertaining directly to environmental protection and inspection to shill to highschoolers. You need a fucking basic overview like those skill charts in video games to get the highschoolers thinking and having an idea at least of what the fuck they are studying and a clear picture of where they can go in the future.
- We have no quality of life overview of these majors as jobs which is the biggest selling point because the best way to reel in people is with guaranteed money and life security and not altruism and emotions. So yeah, dumb little bitch is stupid which is okay since she's underage and we shouldn't expect any better, as are the people behind her which is the biggest problem.
Change can't happen with the government, it must come from the people themselves. If those majors aren't filled, and government can't force it because forcing life paths onto people is worse than forced labor, then you ain't got shit.

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The Amazonian sea and its coast is going to be a fucking awesome ecosystem

What a retarded post

Quick rundown? What's going on here?

why does this look like a scene out of a movie lmao

Big adult man is scared of a little girl

Ourgal is plotting removal of Zion Don.

Those stupid pricks can't figure out where the edge of the atmosphere is and you expect them to be able to calculate how much heat is being trapped by .04% of the atmoshpere (CO2) of which only .004% is manmade.

Its a fucking joke they use to scare retards to push pet projects for "green" technologies and catapult retarded partisan fear based politics.

the real question is whether technology can solve foetal alcohol syndrome ?

Your gal is a jewish puppet herself lmao

She's greenpilled
Joshua fear the mystery of the druids

>What's going on here?
Old white men trying (and failing) to weaponize a kid's autism.

>90% of plastic garabge in ocean originates from china/africa
>wypipo goys get told they are destroying the world

its all so tiresome

you mongoloid, no shit that most of the CO2 is created by nature. (mostly ocean algae/some other chemical reaction shit) The thing is, that same algae and trees n shit deal with that same CO2 and keep the whole atmosphere in balance, that .004% is tipping the fkn scales.

As usual, tripfags are retarded.

mr pringles arriving late to the un climate meeting

What fucking scales.
Some math some faggot did saying that the planet is gonna fry and the sea levels are going to rise?

Protip, the fucking ice caps are melting and the sea isn't rising, the temperature of the planet has gone down.

CO2 gets absorbed by the ocean and eaten by algae to produce more O2 for you to breathe, good thing your shit green science isn't in charge of making the environment work or we would all be fucked.


>le jews aren't white meme
Jesus fuck playing right into their godamn hands, they aren't a fucking minority just because a few of them have curly hair.

Where are her parents? Back in the day her dad would've beaten her ass while getting slightly aroused in the process.

But she hates Trump

[ ]

>The defendant in the libel trial, the 79-year-old Canadian climatologist, Dr Tim Ball ... is expected to instruct his British Columbia attorneys to trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud. Mann’s imminent defeat is set to send shock waves worldwide within the climate science community as the outcome will be both a legal and scientific vindication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims that climate scare stories are a “hoax.” (snip)

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It's about civilization, less about extinction. Even if some biotech disaster happens some people are likely to survive and hence there's no extinction.
Technology can save civilization, our environment and a good standard of living by enabling sustainability and a new sustainable socioeconomic model.

Some examples:

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Greta says she can "see" atoms and shit. Thats what hes referencing.

no tech can. unless we live in an open universe.

>>le jews aren't white meme
>speak non indo-european language
>all derived from a group of 350 middle easterners (non indo-european) a couple thousand years ago.
>ancestry tests done on them all point to the middle east
>Follow thousands of years old religion that revolves around a middle eastern (non european) god.
>>muh curly hair
I don't care that they aren't white, but they are clearly not by any sensible definition of the word.

The oceans are acidifying and all the algae are dying you brainlet fuck. Are you a fucking climate scientist? Go read an IPCC report.

lmao that little girl is mad

Technology WILL cause our extinction.
You can't nuke the planet with a rock.

Most Europeans follow thousands of years old religion that revolves around a middle eastern (non european) god.

>Los Fageles and Gay Area under water

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lmfao that's from pollution killing the plants and algae that eat the CO2, not from excess CO2 in the atmosphere being absorbed by the ocean.

CO2 is naturally fucking absorbed by the sediment and the cold temperatures and high pressure cause it to form fucking hydrate crystals that literally SINK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE DEEPEST PARTS OF THE OCEAN.

Literally all of the stupid shit you think you know about how scary global warming is is FUD designed to sway your NPC assed opinion towards the goals of manipulative sociopaths.

>ignoring his other points
>citing a recent subversion as proof of anything

Christkikes are naive retards. Jews never wouldve been a thing outside their little holes without them.

>speak indo-european language
>derived from populations that have spent countless millenia in europe
>ancestry tests all point to europe
>coincidentally worship a foreign god that was brought to europe ~two millenia ago by the romans
you aren't fooling anyone ari

This is what I kept thinking but was struggling to put into words, she (and every adult propping her up) clearly doesn't understand that for the government to actually do anything in regards to climate change would require encroach on your average Joe's freedom, which would be the quickest way for your average Joe to lose confidence in their government.

Underage she is, but apparently also has autism so expecting her to understand your average voters point of view is probably impossible. Also claims to be able to see Carbon Dioxide so we're already reaching levels of crazy that should have never been put anywhere the level of reach she has been given.

kek confirms

I'm not the same guy, just wanted to point that part out
>>coincidentally worship a foreign god that was brought to europe ~two millenia ago by the romans
It was brought here by Jews though and originates from a Jewish man and his Jewish movement. Just saying

Latter part was meant for

forgot to add- most jews do not consider themselves white. If jews were white, then anti-semitism would not be racist, just intolerant. Are you downplaying anti-semitism fren?

>world leaders stole my childhood
What about the children in Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria my little princess.

Mentally deficient girl becomes the Jeanne d’Arc of leftie climate totalitarians.
Swims in a luxury yacht from Sweden to USA to give a speech how we should all stop digging and flying.
Her PR/media team arrives by plane, obviously.
Trump has no time to speak with lunatics so he ignores her, showing how he is a puppy strangling fascist.
Marcon lied about burning Amazon and everybody listened and believed.

I don't think I am, like I said, I'm replying to a single point in your list. Like I mentioned here

>It was brought here by Jews
I understand your point, but I disagree. Pretty much everything I have read on the subject (although this is Jow Forums, I'm not an expert) says the Romans brought christianity to europe. Why would the jews promote a man they believed to be a false messiah? (to people thousands of miles away no less)

genuine question, why would the past have to care about the future of people when people don't care about he past? we only use history to destroy what others have created our use their accumulated knowledge to enrich ourselves, meanwhile whenever we change our opinion on something we tear down monuments and erase them from history.

Fuck this kid

>not the same guy
oh ok, my bad

Homie, original Christians were Jews. They considered themselves to be a movement inside Judaism and so did most others, including Romans, for quite a while. When the movement came to Europe, it was still in every single way just a movement inside Judaism and not their own separate thing. The two religions being distinct came later.

that's a good point. fair enough I guess, I never thought of it like that

She just wants everyone to bend to her whim and live by her rules, obviously chimping out in front of random people isn't going to convince them, so cry like a baby to the gubbermint/people in power instead and blame them for your bad feels. Of course make sure the media frames it to make it look like you're in the right so you pick up the pity vote from people too stupid to think past warm earth = bad. Anyone with two braincells realizes this whole shitshow is nothing but another attention grab by a bunch of nutters.

The other day a bunch of acquaintances were all giddy because Greta was coming to our country, even though none could say what for or what had she actually done.

I know. It never wouldve spread among gentiles if not for Saul.

Where do you think romans learned of it? All original Christians were Jews.

Christ supported the Roman Empire and deleted the racial "chosen ones" part.
Literally why original jews wanted him dead and decided it is better to let a murderer out than let Christ live.
Hard to call it anything other than reformative heresy (and Protestants would not like to be called Catholics).

A bunch of teenagers from local high schools are planning another """"climate strike"""" in my city this Friday, and my friends want to go and laugh at them. I told them no, I have better things to do than been seen in public with a bunch of lunatics with no clear goal.

Its not even solid that christ was real, so to make this some scenario about him being against the jews is pretty silly. Especially considering how much outright philosemitism is in the bible. Shockingly considering its all written by jews, for Jews and jesus was a jew....

>All original Christians were Jews.


>that face
lmao literally the angry NPC meme

The sad part is the people I was talking about are all 30ish years old

The main schism came about when someone asked about the circumcision question

That isnt true at all. They even mutilated timothy just to help him preach to jews along with all of the other (((followers))) of christ. And christ and all his followers laud abraham and proudly display their heritage to him, who was the original actor of the "covenant" with god to mutilate kids. Whom jesus say he is / the son of. And never once says that that was a false law or command or anything.

>Christ supported the Roman Empire
As did some Jews.
> and deleted the racial "chosen ones" part.
Jesus wasn't the one who formulated the New Testament, if that's what you're referring to with "deleted". It was written and organized after his death, in some cases way, way later.
>Literally why original jews wanted him dead
You think Jews fighting each other make them less Jewish? That's like one of their things since the ancient times. They love to fight each other.
>Hard to call it anything other than reformative heresy
Well it wouldn't have been called that if it had won the popularity contest amongst Jews. It's only a heresy if the movement doesn't win. And when it comes to Jews, the Christ movement lost out to more orthodox movements.

wtf, she grew up in a rich family (her parents are famous) in a country that has one of the highest standards of living in the world

>Why would the jews promote a man they believed to be a false messiah?
Because just like you have absolute shitloads of anti-zion Jews today who are not at peace with many lines and commandments in Judaist scripture, Jesus also attracted a crowd of shitloads of disgruntled Jews who wanted to create a more rational and peaceful Judaism 2.0, and it was centered around Jesus Christ and named Christianity. Christianity was the Protestantism towards Judaism. The basis was the core framework of Monotheism taken from Judaism, many of what they considered good and humanist commandments copy pasted from Judaism into Christianity, added upon that many borrowings from various pagan religions across and beyond Europe which were sought to modernize the new religion; and finally you ended up with something that was fucking great, moral, ethical... until Rome started massacring Christians and Christians decided to buttfuck a few loopholes into the scriptures legalizing war and murder for survival's sake (which have thankfully slowly been unfucked in the past few centuries). It's a simple fucking matter.
The last remaining systemic component to fix with Christianity is Catholicism. The one major systemic problem it has that Orthodoxy doesn't - inflated rates of pedophilia due to the systemic flaw of banning priests from engaging in a virtuous, dignified, monogamous and loyal marriage with a woman to serve as proper examples for heterosexual marriage, instead of having their imperfect human nature suppressed leading to young effeminate boys in the system getting buttfucked.

Christian with a persecution complex lmao. Where have I seen that before?

Go look up Theodosius.

>moral ethical great


I see what you're saying but:
>anti-zion Jews
they're just saying that. When it comes down to it they would all see Europe and the rest of the world burn if it meant protecting muh chosen few. The
>There is neither Greek nor Jew
sentiment went a long time ago. Its proponents were absorbed into mainstream christianity

I don't think he has a persecution complex. Christianity (as much as I dislike it in many ways) is one of the last bastions of moral decency in the sick world we live in today

No it fucking isnt. Christianity "morals" lead to cuckold anti nature garbage and people like Origen.

>virtuous, dignified, monogamous and loyal marriage with a woman
So many lies in one sub-sentence

Extinction from what?

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You don't have to concern yourself; you won't breed.

>loyal and virtuous
I can see your point. Doesn't mean it isn't something to be aspired to tho

But I already have. So what's gonna make us extinct?

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I would disagree. A lot of things in christianity are corrupt, but the core of the message is good in many ways. I don't care if I disagree with christians on the existance of god, or if some christians are mind-slaves to israel and anti-white propaganda. Morals transcend all.
>There is neither Christian, Pagan or Atheist, for you are all one in Europe.

I guess I lost at least few brain cells, trying to comprehend her lunacy.

>Go look up Theodosius.
What about him?
He didn't invent Christianity, nor is Christianity centered around him as the name implies, and he came after the massacres of Christians which made them create pro-war loopholes, which again doesn't invalidate the fact that Christianity can be reformed into pacifists roots unlike Islam and Judaism, which conveniently has happened.
So what are you getting at then?

Worshipping a foreign god and people isnt good for anyone. It's rent free shit. Its vile.

Christianity is the very beginning of anti white sentiment, self hate (original sin) and more. It has no future.

Christianity, sprung from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a growth on this soil, represents the counter-movement to any morality of breeding, of race, privilege: it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence.Christianity — the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor and base, the general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favored, against "race": the undying chandala hatred is disguised as a religion of love.

you know they stopped using DDT after that, right?

>what about him

I just want you to try and realize how your little wahh persecution crap is tired. I'm so tired of hearing christianity, the great invader and destroyer, whine about persecution.

Oh? What does that matter?

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Zyklon B is technology, so yes.

You being tired of something doesn't make it magically go away.
Also if you want to go into persecution moralizing, Middle East started the persecutions and invasions of Europe unprovoked with the war between Ancient Persia and Greece, so Balkans and Eastern Europe have the moral imperative - the Eastern Church.
Islam continued this persecution of Eastern and Balkan Europe via Muhammad, who unlike Christ is a well documented warmonger, conqueror, madman, and child rapist, who waged a war of aggression and not defense inspired by the glorification of Persian invasions and destruction upon Greece.
Yet again, Eastern Church has the moral prerogative.

You can at best argue against the Western Church, but as far as Eastern Church is concerned and therefore one big half of Christianity, you have nothing.

I dont care about muzzies retard. I care about Christianity from the start stomping on pagans and whites and destroying everything to supplant its universalist shit, all the while treating jews with kid gloves and raising them up to what they are today. Fuck cuckstianity.

you dumb dumb want sum gum gum

>40 years later retards go look its fucking nothing