Greta thunberg meme thread

greta thunberg meme thread

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>Save the planet, drop social media
Social media uses gigawatts of electricity to run its server farms, for no other reason than to promote narcissism.

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I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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What were the five countries she filed a complaint against?


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who is this?

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all the same flags
all the same memes
every single fucking time

you strange little nonce cunts

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That moment...

That shadow...

That grin (ch)...

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then help and share something too you know

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I coooooooom

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here buddy

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jesus crist nigger do you make these with paint or something?

Look how angry she gets when she sees trump. My goodness these people are evil. You can see the hate fill her.

good old benny g

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I’d like to see more comparisons of her and Soph

I love you Greta. I wish I could eat noodles out of your poophole and was forced to mix your poop with the Sichuan sauce, your rectal worms, parasites and slurp all of this miraculous mixture out of your pulsating anus with my yearning clapper, gently licking out this panacea for all our climate change issues in hope of improving the environmental situation in the world of today. Smear this fucking shit all over my fucking face, Greta, yes, I want to take delectation in the miasma of your crap's pervasive reek, snort noodles covered with your poop through my nose and spread your feces all over my nostrils by doing so, whereupon I long to engage with you in the most passionate coitus one can imagine with the saint climate change advocate that you are. Are you still underage, when are you going yo become a full-grown adult with perky tits and a mature cunt, my dear princess? Make no mistake though, you should be in charge all along, I shall submit to your most perverse desires and shall reject all signs of sexual patriarchy, you should rape me, sodomize me, force me to eat your shit. I wish you would reduce me to the role of a human toilet, shitting in my mouth, peeing inside my ears, nose, on my entire visage, infusing every fibre of my being with the terrifying supremacy of your bodily fluids and your physiological waste. No more climate change, no more Nazism, no more patriarchy, just the crushing reality of your anus subjugating my being and splattering shit all over my fucking face. Fucking do it already Greta, take off your fucking panties and shit in my fucking mouth, you fucking cunt.

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I can't help fantasizing about being able to slide underneath her as she takes a crap. Not only is she struggling by having to discharge all of this wholesome, succulent excretion, but also she feels compelled to contemplate matters of utmost importance to the climate change situation in the meantime. She simply cannot refrain from calculating different parts of the entire equation interminably, which comes to impede her daily activities such as the act of defecation. And I'm there to observe this internal struggle, this laudable, beautiful manifestation of a young genius trapped in a little girl's body, the body that needs to take a shit and focus on even more pressing issues. My erection grows absolutely insufferable and even more adamant in light of her inner intellectual conflict as well as her innocence and her apparent inability to discharge feces, which goes on to exhibit her intrinsic helplessness and arousing charm.

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bruh what the fuck

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There's nothing more pathethic than being literally scared shitless by a little girl

Jow Forums, you're a bunch of retarded, delusional, scared chickenshits. And I say this in the most negative way possible. You're literally so insecure this little girl can grind your gears and make you upset enough to make """memes""" about her. Fucking lol

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Different girl. Hair is too short

Her anus finally opens up and a little monster of a turd starts wiggling back and forth, endeavoring to leave free himself of the confines of Greta's enthralling, creamy colon.
'Aaahh, ze unmoglich stench!' yells he, 'Will anybody zeliver mich from zis horror?'
Upon taking notice of my presence, he introduces himself:
'Hello, meine name ist Herr Scheissenkugel. Mein boy, would you be sehr kind as to zeliver me from this prison of mein. Zis place stinks and it's so stuffy in here!'
'Of course, Herr Scheissenkugel, that's why I'm here. Don't worry, it will soon be all over.'
I promptly press my mouth against her anus and begin to suck Herr Scheissenkugel out of her asshole. Greta screams in panic, inevitably startled by my sudden resurgence of passion and my violent outburst of coprophilic ecstasy. Once she grasps the nature of the whole situation, she begins smacking me in the face, yelling:
'How dare you?! How dare you, you fucking Nazi! How did you get in my apartment, will you leave at once, I'm going to call security!'
But I pay no attention to her vociferations, none of this matters really, for I'm indulging in the abundant bouquet of her creamy, ravishing fecal matter. I detect a shade of a rancid cucumber, a partially digested brisket, a dash of musty yoghurt, perhaps a touch of sour grape juice. All of this wonderful abomination instantly validates my whole existence and undermines the meaning of everything else other than Greta's mission and the climate change crisis. I no longer feel any discontent or existential malaise, for I have surved my purpose in life. I have achieved my self-realization. I have consumed Greta Thunberg's poop.

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>Jow Forums making a meme out of something
>acts like it's something that's never done

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t. literally terrified by a little girl

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i am not scared, i am turned on by this smug autistic golbin

Stop making money!

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Turkey, Jordan, the Jews, all niggers, and Donald Trump

>former commie shithole is defending communism propaganda
Imagine my shock

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gonna need a globohomo patch kidz folder

Her parents and all adults involved should be hanged from the neck until dead. Using children like this is the absolute worst. She was right about one thing in her little "speech" - She SHOULD be in school. Every literal child that took to the streets on Friday belonged in school. These adults are scaring little kids with conspiracy about the end of the world being near. There is a special place in hell for all adults who rob children of their childhoods.

Oh, I'm defending her now? Fucking kek. Show me where I'm defending her, you faggot. I'm saying you're all scared shitless by a little girl and I'm calling you a pathethic faggot. That's what I'm doing. You chickenshit faggot

You are absolutely terrified of her, you don't understand her and you don't want to understand her. I love her and I understand her.

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Heil Greter

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If she wants to reduce carbon emissions why doesn’t she just go on a mass killing spree?

you know what really scary about her is the amount of co2 her brapper emits

If the people using her like a puppet actually CARED, they would have sent her to Africa, China, or India. But noooooo. Let's go to the safe white countries and bully the white people because the third-world is dumping shit into the ocean.

Are you commies even fucking trying?

>trying her hardest to put on a mad face for trump

I'll give credit where credit is due.
You have been persistent all fucking day.
Every thread your there. Well mate.
I hope one day you can be the reason she to make this Face
Here's your (you)

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Honestly this was my first thought when I saw her face. Mommy likes to drink a lot. Poor kid.

This was in the news here yesterday lmao

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Now this is quality

hes to this thread what a leaf is to a humour thread

It looks like a fuckin Scorpion king

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yo someone pass the verruca salt edit

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Somebody tell her she breathes out CO2

bro wtf miss me with that underage shit

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we should start drilling for oil in her head

thats katya clover you subhuman

Should be don't drink while pregnant.

does the girl on the left have a name? Looks a bit like Reviewbrah