Please come visit Krakow

please come visit Krakow

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Migrating right now

I have, it was nothing special

I already visited it two times

I didn't like the hospital there, my friend had to get surgery for appendicitis kek and we couldn't find the ER at first so he had to walk 2km

there is nothing to see in Eastern Europe. Whatever you have in Eastern Europe you have twice as much in the West and even more beautiful.

For some reason I liked Warsaw better than Krakow. Maybe it was the weather or the people, idk.


>For some reason I liked Warsaw better than Krakow.
You're crazy.

He said visit not move in you rat.

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Warsaw had a small and cozy center, Krakow was pretty dark and all the people seemed and acted unfriendly somehow.

>Krakow was pretty dark
Because northern parts of Europe are darker you genius.

>and acted unfriendly somehow
it's not unfriendly, it's just with emotions kept on a leash.

>Krakow was pretty dark
What are you talking about? Who cares about weather, its cyclical and bad weather passes sooner or later.

return german lands to germany

I've been there. Too many smokers everywhere and piss and puke on the streets. Also its horrible in winters. Poland is great in the countryside, the cities suck

Surely no one will fall for this


same, i like warsaw. It's a city that knows it got fucked up in the war and the ensuing communism.
Bought myself two apartment in Poland. One in Wilanow(Warsaw) and one in Gdansk-Oliwa. great investments.

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they probably smoked so they wouldnt smell the poo on you
just like soldiers smoking in ww1

I did. I was impressed.


>beautiful architecture
>average woman was a 8/10, compared to back home where they're a 5/10
>extremely cheap food and beer
>the nearby salt mine of Wieliczka is an underrated wonder of the world.


>only shitty inferior eastern European products on the shelves
>other than food and beer, nothing to spend your money on, had to go to strip clubs on the last day just to try and get rid of it, still ended up giving a homeless guy 300 zloty.

Pic related, it's me in the salt mines.

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did you bring your quran

On my way! Thanks for the invite, I may stay awhile.

are you an arab?

will be visiting my polish ancestors soon. heard the girls were easy as shit.

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you were supposed to come here.

don't you have a mart to shart in, mutt?

Was in Warsaw a few weeks ago, it's becoming infested with nonwhites. Mostly poos and nignogs.

Too commercialized.

hang on abdul, i dont have any gibsmedats to throw your way dont chimp out
nooooo he made a boom boom vest

Am I fuck, you cheeky bastard. I'm a pink nippled, blue-eyed white Briton.

>piss and puke on the streets.
Are you sure you're not talking about your shithole?
>It's a city that knows it got fucked up in the war and the ensuing communism.
Like that's a good thing that happened...

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Memes do come true.

that hair and skin color screams arab

You're a Jew.

Krakow was amazing, really enjoyed it. Bought an iron cross at the market, pretty sure its fake but hey it was cheap and looked cool.

The Krakow salt mine was a highlight for me.

>please come visit Krakow

Please give my American ass a VISA and permanent work permit.

p.s. Your government entered into some new agreement recently with the US government.

As we all know, the US government is nothing more than a bunch of puppet politicians controlled by unelected, anti-American globalists who do not have the best interests of the American people in mind.

You should be prepared for a metric shit ton of diversity propaganda being fed to the Polish people at the behest of the Americans.

In short, the American government wants to peacefully genocide the Polish people as they have peacefully genocided the white people in America.

Don't believe me? Look at the Wikileaks releases where they tried to promote the "diversity"propaganda in Latvia or one of those countries.

I was there 5 years ago, it was niice.

Brown hair is Arabic now? Was literally golden blonde till I was 5. Anyway:

>pink nipples
>blue eyes

I'm huwhite. What about you, mutt?

>Migrating right now

You do realize that the vast majority of Polish people are what you call "racist" against your kind?

i think you forgot what paris looks like these days

i'm completely white. my family has been here since the 1600-1700's

I heard some black dudes at work talk about Poland, it's supposedly some kind of hot spot for black guys because Polish women "worship" black men.

DAMN I love shoving things up my ass

i just saw your skin pigment and dark hair. maybe you are just celtic i guess.

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was there last christmas. cheap food and alcohol. it was pretty cool

I hadn't slept that weekend, so I can see how the dark circles around my eyes (in the unflattering lighting of a mineshaft) could be misconstrued as Arabic.

>i think you forgot what paris looks like these days
Paris and London are still more exciting than Eastern Europe.