The solution to climate change

We don't need to change our behavior, we just need a planet without so many billions of chinks, poos, spics, niggers, and kikes. Why don't any politicians propose this?

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Because practical eugenics is "unethical" but teaching 8 year olds about LGBTQ+ and trannies is permissible.

Because 12 year olds can't run for an office

>solution to climate change
Why does it need a solution? Has there been a single verified negative affect from human generated CO2?

Whats wrong with her lower half?

she's asian

What do you think the elites are trying to do? Our culture is being shaped to lower birth rates.

She has no hips, a bit of "meat" on her bones, and alot of exposed skin so it just kind of melds together.

Because chinks poos spics niggers and kikes dont give money to shady alphabet organisations known for corruption.

>Shape society and culture to lower birthrates
>Import niggers, spics, arabs, and chinks to fight low birthrates

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I need to know who these udders belong to

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And also :

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until you get rid of 90% of the world, i guess meanwhile we will have to change stuff so we all dont go extinct :)

>why is there no politician proposing nuclear war with foreign nuclear powers?
I have no idea, user.

why would going extinct be a bad thing when the systematic destruction of white peoples will be completed much sooner?

>why would going extinct be a bad thing
well then practice what you preach :)

that doesn’t address my point, the extinction would happen long after my people are gone, so why should i care about niggers going extinct?

That's what they're doing now only they use words like white supremacist, climate denier, "science" denier, etc.

well good luck with that, you can start by poisoning wells and burning bridges in africa, get to it, cuz africa will in the future have 3 billion people, so time is of the essence :D

your reading comprehension is shit, start over and follow the ID’s, im not the OP

oh you really want me to address your idea to genocide 90% of the population as legit? thats like you saying jesus and santa is real, its stupid, chinks cant even genocide uyghur muslims, yet you want to genocide 90% of the planet, its as likely as you growing an IQ above 100, "bro lets kill everyone, that will solve all our problems", you might as well pray to mormon god for it to happen

Teaching the children to be degenerate is part of the eugenics user. People just misunderstand what the goal of eugenics is to create a race of stupid, docile, complacent, obedient debt peons who can be farmed for interest payments. That’s why they are flooding your country with low IQ migrants. That’s why they took your religion from you. They are beastualizing humanity because after all, goys are just a kind of cattle. You get it now?

>they took your religion from you
ah yes all those people not being able to believe in fairy tales, truly civilization breaking