Is there a single greater momument to ignorance on this planet?

Is there a single greater momument to ignorance on this planet?

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Its all true

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I agree. I was raised in church and church people are scary. The things humans can make themselves believe and do are scary

These people also fully support Israel and all kikes
Blood vessels survived for million years I call BS, history is a lot younger, they also stole time on many occasions last one was during the "dark ages"

Noah's Arc was real, it is in Turkey. Many 1000's of years ago when the ice age receded, humans saw the shore like creeping up every year. As such, they thought the world was flooding, and built a giant fucking boat the size of a city. A boat so big, it could support a large town and its animals. This boat was so impressive that the story was passed down for 1000s of years.

The Ancient Sumerians were at the very least, the 2nd civilization to arise. During the ice age, there was a Roman level civilization that spanned the equator. They keep finding ancient stuff that is out of place, door handles and nails in coal, ancient statues 20,000 years old with shared writing origins, iron age tools 10,000 years too early.

>even a broken clock is right twice a day

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Imagine believing that an old nigga repopulated the whole world by fucking his two daughters and since, of course everyone from the Bible is white for some reason, blacks Chinese and other races genotype popped up from that within the last 10,000 years

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Not really. It is top tier schizo!

UN Building

No, but it seems like it would be a comfy crew to hang out with and talk to.

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How naming works in many old cultures from Middle East, to China, to England,
First born son, Noah son of Noah, his first born, Noah son of Noah, and so on.
Noah was the King, and it took 500 years to build it during the thawing of the first ice age.


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Has someone posted holocaust museum yet

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And yet now it's full of Turks. How sad.

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I hope you are not circumcised... only semites do that practice (jews and arabs).

The eu building inspired by towel of babilon

Just let them have their boat, bois. At least they don't suicide-bomb great flood deniers like *some* religions.

That's not how the story goes, read it and try again....

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this is awesome. so much denial portrayed in such a bizarre way. people a millennium from now won't have stuff like this, eat it up while you can

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Youre just showing how maladjusted you are and ita pretty funny
Never known an atheist that wasnt a total loser and universally lampoomed as a moron

No thanks, I'm too busy reading other greatest hits, such as the year without a santa claus

Right, they just shoot kids and elderly church-goers

Ignorant or not I'm really impressed with the build.

Redpill me on this artifact

how many Nephilim gingers did Noah's flood kill?

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Okay, the story of the arc is just representation for when the alien spaceship landed with the DNA of all the animals inside

>please spoonfeed me a reassuring lie that I will repeat without ever verifying it

No there is not.

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Top cope post

No need for that, just the facts please

Go back to /x/ faggot

One of many basically we shared the planet with dinosaurs and walked with them

Where did you uncover this artifact, user? Its an incredible find

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Yeah but where/when was it found? How do you know it's not a forgery?

I want facts.

are you the guy that insists that we are not from africa?

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Out of Africa theory has been thoroughly disproven for over 15 years you mixed nigger

How was it thoroughly disproven?

Whereas believing in Noahs ark makes you look really smart? Fucking retarded faggot

fuck off faggot OP, thats a recreation of Noahs Ark. thats a cool boat. you're a total faggot. notice how the cool boat is a tourist attraction and your thread sucks. coincidence? suck some cock to find out.

>the guy
Uninformed nigger.

this is the greatest story ever told. it has destroyed the lives of many.

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no it hasnt - its actually mainstream

>Out of Africa theory has been thoroughly disproven
>How was it thoroughly disproven?
By white nationalist nutjobs.

thats from 2007 bro, people are living in 2019

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>white nationalist nutjobs
>saying migrations from Asia to Europe created whites
Whew, lad.

Well, holocaust museums are very common, so yes.

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Yeah they built an African American history museum in DC a couple of years ago.


And where did those asian ancestors come from, hmm?



Asia? Is this a trick?

Burn pagan!

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hahahaha youre such a brainlet you dont even know it

I just back from London
Trust me I saw guys walking with dinosaurs hand in hand

Ica Stones

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I've heard it's based on when an old natural dam located in the modern day bosporus straits burst and flooded the area that would become the black sea

>makes up bullshit
>thats bullshit

It's fucking fake. Literally no sources for it besides Paranormal blogger sites and Atlantis conspiracy shit. Way too immaculate for anything ancient. Fucking fake news disinfo

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I'm not an anthropologist, but reading what the professionals have published from their findings, they're saying that our ancestors developed in parallel in at least Asia and Africa. Asian ancestors had a bit of mutual bestiality fetishes with Neanderthals and here we are.

I you're an anthropologist, I would be pleased as pie to read your work.

No shit? Almost as if there's an agenda

The Ica stones are a collection of andesite stones found in Ica Province, Peru that bear a variety of diagrams. Some of them supposedly have depictions of dinosaurs, and what is alleged to be advanced technology. These are recognised as modern curiosities or hoaxes.

In the 1960s Javier Cabrera Darquea began to collect and popularize the stones, obtaining many of them from a farmer named Basilio Uschuya. Uschuya, after claiming them to be real ancient artifacts, admitted to creating the carvings he had sold and said he produced a patina by baking the stone in cow dung.


The Great Flood is a beautiful and universal story. It's only retarded if you take it literally.

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Lol, skydaddy hasn't done shit since Jesus came, and Revelations was supposed to happen while the apostles were still living

Asians and niggers as well as Jews were created by Satan to keep the white man from his destiny as rulers of all creation

if only there was some way to show them this

That looks awesome. I'd check it out.

That would mean the farmer is near 500 years okd and "forged" thousands and thousands of them you retard. Also just because a few of something is fake doesn't mean they all are.

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Yes, the multiregional theory.

I am an anthropologist and -

>Asian ancestors had a bit of mutual bestiality fetishes

the agenda is to educate people

daily reminder that race is a social construct everyone, have a great day at class

yep, the federal reserve

John 4:22 and Romans 15:27
>B-but Jesus was white! Jews are made from Satan
Deuteronomy 14:2
Fuck yeah desert religion, based after!

its a hoax

>Well guess what faggot, wolves and coyotes can breed. There is no dog race, Chihuahuas and great Danes are the same!

>Linking a video from Dr. Hovnid
LOL holy fucking shit dude you are fully and completely 100% retarded. The artifacts were debunked as 100% fake and investigated to be from the 60s, your brain is too far gone to be saved

Revelation 2:9, 3:9

So some faggot chilling on an island has more of a say than God himself?


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Most American males are circumcised you retard. You what's not circumcised? Dogs

The bull is Moloch. The girl represents a sacrifice.

Pretending our mutilated cocks are superior is a disservice to current and future Americans that shouldn't be Jewed.