Irish Unity thread

Democracy has to solve the Northern Irish shitshow. Let the people decide:

A. a united Ireland


B. a hard border for goods and regulatory differences after Brexit

People are the ultimate decider, not politicians.

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You forgot the third option; Ireland returns to the UK and is represented in our Parliament. They have more in common with us than they do Europe, and it would avoid the 'hard border'.

Theres actually a 4th option. As two sovereign nations uk and ireland could just have a free trade agreement. No need for any borders or checks.

Ireland is in the customs union; they are required to enforce EU laws regarding imports. They can't just import goods that don't meet EU standards.

The problem is the mainland Irish economy couldnt support the deficit Northern Ireland creates each year.
And if the Republic of Ireland's economy collapses, that will hurt the UK.

We in the UK would have to send a payment to Ireland that represents the money we would normally have to send to Northern Ireland to keep their economy afloat. But this can NOT go on forever eventually the republic would have to fix up their economy to the point where they can support northern Ireland themselves. And I just dont see how they can do that now that the EU stopped them being a tax haven for companies like google and apple.

I propose another alternative. Great Britain is put under Irish control.

Damn. Would have been nice if ireland was actually a sovereign nation so they could control things like that.

Oh well. That just validates the UK leaving even more.

EU standards are pretty easy to meet.
They import a lot of dodgy meat from South America and then label it as a 'product of the EU' and nobody seems to mind.

Good news, they already held a vote in 1973 and the North overwhelmingly voted to stay a part of the UK.

IRA is based. More anglos need to be killed. They should organize an attack on the royals and livestream killing the queen of Britain

>People are the ultimate decider, not politicians.
a majority of the unionist minority have to be in favor of one or the other. so you need a referendum decision within a referendum decision. realistically it will only be solved with a lot of blood letting

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>Be Irish.
>Some unelected guy in Brussels says I cant buy things that I normally buy.
>Blow some more English people up in frustration

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Absolutely no one here would want to join the UK.

What exactly do we have in common other than speaking English?
That vote was boycotted by Catholic Irish natives in the 6 counties.
Is? I think you mean WERE. The IRA no longer exists and hasn't for 20 years.
People will be furious if they're stopped coming back from shopping in Derry and Newry etc and have goods they bought confiscated and if its the Irish government and the EU who insist on that or try charge us import tax on stuff we bought in the counties then I'm sure their anger will be at the government and EU and not the Brits.

>Hurr durr give up your nationhood that generations before you fought for to make life easier for the Anglo.

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>Is? I think you mean WERE. The IRA no longer exists and hasn't for 20 years.

So who deals all your drugs now?

The Nigerians we’ve imported

Fair enough. Cheap labour and all that.

C. Remove cathcucks from glorious Norn Iron and build 400ft wall.

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Drug dealers who risk being kneecapped, exiled or killed by Republican vigilantes. Republicans have zero tolerance towards drug dealers.

Who sells drugs in Protestant communities in the North? Oh yeah Loyalists from their own communities.

You tried that before and couldn't so dream on.

I think like this sometimes because I'm British and we belong together, but really what would work best is just a close knit pairing of 2 countries working side by side against the rest of Europe. We both have to realise that we have more in common together than the other lot. Low immigration, a close partnership, free trade, and increased protection from retarded outsiders. Just look at the beautiful countryside we both have, their similarities just make it seem like a are extensions of each other

The hundreds of years that Ireland was apart of the union, and actually achieved more in that space of time - than they ever did in their entire history prior.

>Drug dealers who risk being kneecapped, exiled or killed by Republican vigilantes. Republicans have zero tolerance towards drug dealers.

Yes in the same way as the triads or the mafia have zero tolerance for competing crime gangs.
They didnt want other people getting in on the action.

What exactly did they achieve? The union was only from 1800 to 1921 BTW so not hundreds of years. I suppose you have never heard about the penal laws that lasted 200 years or the confiscation of land and impoverishment of the people either.
Go ahead and provide sources to back up your claims.

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