Should we ban private jets and yachts?

Rich leftist are talking about banning cars to save the environment so why should they be allowed to own private jets or yachts?

Why can't they just fly coach like everyone else?

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Because their private stuff generates much less CO2 on the whole. Its pointless do ban them.

Ban lawn mowers also
They pollute like crazy
Cutting grass in your yard is a stupid exercise anyway

Gonna need a source on that juan

Wait so you're saying flying a private jet uses less CO2 then them taking a flight with other people that's already going there?

Do you have any idea what normalized data is?

So a private jet produces less co2 than my car? Kek

No, I am saying the total number of private jets is so small, they aren't makes ng any difference.

Aren't making any difference*

use a fucking scythe. They are fast as fuck if you are not a retard.

the manufacturing of such luxury goods createa jobs.

we should all make sacrifices and every little bit helps. You admit it exists which is good enough reason to limit if not outright ban them.

So does building cars

And why do you believe cutting the grass fast or not needs to be done?
How does it help the environment xept polluting

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But then I wont be able to enjoy the irony when celebrities and politicians fly in from around the world on their private jets to a climate change summit.

This. Elites create a far bigger footprint just trying to avoid the 'common' people whom they are telling need to cut back to save the environment. I don't care that the number of elites is small so the overall impact is small. We'll follow their lead rather than just taking their word for it.

I hate freedom hating asswipes who do anything for the greater good in the name of that it isn't necessary. Thinking like that leads to dangerous forms of legislation and government that will do anything in name of that and will limit your freedom little by little using the same argument

i'm not in the business of telling people what they can and can't own. imagine some self-important twat trying to force you to use Windows 10 or telling you that you can't use Steam.

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One private Jet flight generates more CO2 than my entire town worth of cars do in a year.

I like zebras
I like wild flowers like clover
I like to sleep in on weekend and not wake up cuz my neighbor at 8 am cuts his grass so city will not impose $1000 penalty fee on his property tax

Do you own a private jet or do you have the money for a private jet? If the answer is no then why do you care?

Libertarians spend their time protecting the rich when most of the rich are leftist that want to tread on on their freedoms.

>If this doesn't affect you why do you care about the principle of banning stuff

maybe i do, maybe i don't. like i already said, i'm not in the business of telling people what they can and can't own. i'm not a libertarian. i value liberty and understand private property is part of America's founding principles, commie.

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The same thing applies to personal vehicles. The vast majority of emissions come from industry in countries like China and India that fly in the face of international law. Try again, Shlomo.

but the people who *do* own these things *are* in the business of tell YOU what you can and can't do. Time to fight back.

I only care because I want to them to suffer too.

The super-rich push agendas and regulations like environmentalism and immigration but they don't have to live near the refugees or ride the bus. They don't care how their decisions affect our lives because they don't have the same life so fuck them.

Most of the commies are the super-rich that you are protecting.

irrelevant. yet again, i'm not in the biz of telling people what they can and can't own. you seem to have a problem with free speech and private property, comrade.

plenty down in the gutter, right here, too.

No because if I get rich I'm getting one

why yachts as well?

and i'm protecting private property. didn't catch that little strawman. :D

I don't think you should ban people having boats if that's what you mean by yachts.

Screw that, I want to be able to get my own plane and yacht.

I'm sure Zuckerberg and all his other buddies in California will thank you for protecting their private jets.

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if they can't have private property, then i can't expect to have any either. it's in my own personal interests, comrade.

Ghislaine has a submarine license, so ban these fuckers

How does banning private jets ban all other private property are you autistic?
Can you only think in absolute?

Because they are full of shit and carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant.

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Found the private jet faggot.

i'm not for banning private property. what are you struggling with exactly?

Why do people rich people hate the poor so much? No matter what country or time period, this attitude has never changed