Rhodes- I mean Zimbabwe running out of water

So according to Yahoo, 2,000,000 groids are without water due to not having $2.7m for chemicals

>Comments all say "this is what happens when you remove whites"
>I wish it would all fall apart now, I believe more whites know we are the ruling class than don't, and our numbers will never be so in our favor again in my or my sons lifetime

>Rolling for maunder minimum global starvation

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they will emigrate to the congo and ebola will finally kill 99% of all the nig nog niglet nigger nig KANGZ

Niggers being niggers
There's a reason why they were never able to leave their shithole

They will blame this on climate change and then you will all start paying your carbon good boy tax


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Nah, I'm gonna quote trump

>"Paris climate Accord? Fuck those niggers, letemburn"

There seem to be water shortages everywhere


Looks like as a whole they are in the positive

Lazy, shiftless, niggers .

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Finally some good news

kick the whites, starve like kikes

I never noticed that cell phone in his hand before. That's quite amusing.

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I dont pay taxes, cuck
Come find me

Any white farmers who went back deserve the necklace

An Apache gunship is on it's way to level your house.

This is the future of South Africa and any country (no matter how developed when handed over) run by blacks. You have to be incredibly brainwashed to think otherwise.

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God forbid a man is allowed to rinse his basket.

Europe and America will bail them out again
more tax money literally down the drain again

Holy shit. Running out of things to steal! Wtf, it was like 5 years!

Unfortunately I believe you are right.

Quite a while they said that about some big city in South Africa. Whatever came of that?