Is this Normal

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>eating anything described as chunky
stay poor, loser

those are 89p here

or 3 for £2 on sale

those are like a dollar here

hmmmm i wonder what's behind that flag...

an american

No all the labels should be front faced.

Dog food is expensive.

Pretty sure US has different labels, so no


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I see a lot of products that are in English and French. I find it humorous because I'm about 100 miles from the Mexico border.

Fuck you, I like it.

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Who would even eat that trash?

how do I profit from Canada's food prices? do I just get a speed boat and load it up with Chunky soup, lay anchor two miles from shore, row boat onto the shore with my chunky soup cans, trade my sack of cans for some maple syrup, shake their withered hands with my slightly greasy cheetos dust sausage fingers to seal the deal?

Whats the problem

who would’ve thought that supplying shops in bumfuck freezing nowhere with population density of the Moon would result in higher prices?

How you doing Walmart user. Any new pics of the breakroom?

Gay and bluepilled, chunky soups and stews are the ultimate /comfy/ dish

>directly supporting the enemy
FFS, man. Find some self-respect.

Ben and Jerry's is Liberals

Chef Boyardee is better.

4 dollars for a bowl of soup ain’t cheap but it is shit food.

Dude just boil some pasta. Mama Mia

>Canned meals
I can get the raw ingredients cheaper then that if I buy bulk

It's not normal, it's CHUNKY, it even says so on the can.
If it was normal, it'd be CAMPBELLS NORMAL CHICKEN.

>soup for 4 dollars a bowl
>chicken stock, veg, and diced chicken is less than 10 bucks and makes 3 gallons in a crock pot

Nigger what the fuck

t. cgdf

Yes, Canadian packages always have English and French text because Quebecoise are smug, arrogant shitheads.

Just the other day I picked up 7 lbs of blade roast for 3.85 per lb. Cut it up into smaller portions and froze it. Each portion works out to less than 2 dollars and is easily the most expensive part of any meal I cook with it.

There's no excuse to eat canned trash. At best it's okay as survival pantry food and that's literally the only reason you should have any.

>There's no excuse to eat canned trash
it's only 89p here

Yeah well you're landlocked and surrounded by ooga-boogas with machetes and it's illegal to own a metal fork. Not every price is in money.

Chunky soup is good. You don’t have to be poor to enjoy it’s delicious hardy taste.


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agreed for home made, but the meat used in these type of cans is only barely above dogshit in palatability

Who tf eats food out of a can?


Groceryjew thread
Scheer is losing to blackface trudeau. Sad.

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They''re unhealthy anyway

i'd rather have the option of 89p chunky soup than not

instead of freezing invest in a pressure canner. I have a pantry full of beef stew, chicken stew, chili, vegetable soup, etc. all shelf stable for years and no refrigeration required. I buy meat when i see it on sale and have a big canning run. shit's cash, you'll save a ton, and it's not full of zog globohomo gay frog preservative shit.

We'll since you still haven't starved yet it would seem so.


Make your own chicken soup, it’s not hard at all. If you wanna get super lazy just get a bag of frozen veggies and a couple chicken breasts, dice them, and throw everything in a pot with some water and salt. Won’t be a great soup by any means but it’ll be way better than that premium canned dog food

That's why i buy it. When there's canned soup/chilli/ham on half price special i buy like $10 worth and put them under my bed. Accumulates and in 2021 when the west turns into a third world i can be comfy for a month while others are out mortal combatting in super markets for a meal.

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You really eat that filler you fucking retard?
Why not make a slide thread to celebrate


Bro I pay like 4.50 for 5 cans of that soup.

just go ask a old asian/indian lady for tips in budgeting food expenses.

No. $2-$3 at most depending on the store, many or price-gauging people for giggles.

once bought the famous ice cream , felt the diabetes in the first spoonful , it is literally 50% sugar , has to be

Based and prep pilled.

Campbell's Chunky and Progresso are 2 for $3 where I live.

that's hope you define normal? you are suffering from malnutrition psychosis guy.

>. $2-$3 at most depending on the store

how can you gaslight yourself in the face of evidence?

Okay can commie

guys, c'mon, suck each others cocks. not hard to figure out. take a hot cumshot down your throat.

current prices in canada vs the real world

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i cannot coom until you are aware of how badly you are being fucked

Because the "evidence" has no context and has been posted earlier to the same responses. But I guess the little kids are awake or home from school and ready to shit up the board with memes and garbage. Gonna be a rough day with the climate potato out and about.

you haven't proved any of your claims, or refuted anyones... you have a camera right?

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I'm guessing those are leaf prices, because it's like half that or less where I am.

>be canadian

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Ice cream is disgusting. Fuck you.