Give me ONE good reason why us superior BLACK MEN don’t enslave all y’all white boys RIGHT NOW as punishment for...

Give me ONE good reason why us superior BLACK MEN don’t enslave all y’all white boys RIGHT NOW as punishment for what you did to my ancestors? FUCK reparations. FUCK affirmative action. FUCK welfare checks. FUCK food stamps. I won’t be satisfied until I see ALL YALL WHITE BOYS shufflin down a dirt road in HEAVY STEEL CHAINS, BEGGING your black-as-bones overlords for food and water. If I’m generous I might let you lick up my PISS off my shorts and eat my SHIT off the sole of my air force 1s. I’ll send you out to the cotton fields to get whipped by my baby girlz until you can’t stand no longer, and then you come back home to your shack to find me BALLS DEEP in your white girl hoe ass as she suck muh dick dry like a RAISIN. Then I’ll let you raise my beautiful mixed babies while I add your hoe ass bitch to my collection of concubines. Maybe then I’ll start to consider us on even ground, white boy. But until then, watch yourself, because that day is coming REAL SOON, and you will NOT be prepared. You want equality? You gon GET equality white boy. And it ain’t gon be pretty...

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Try it nigger

What's stopping you tough guy?

cope and seethe nigger

You niggers wouldn't even be able to tie your own shoes if it wasn't for the white man.

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You can't do it

Someone has a inferiority complex eh?


What's up with his shoulders

>Give me ONE good reason why us superior BLACK MEN don’t enslave all y’all white boys RIGHT NOW
For the same reason that dogs and cats don't rise up to kill us, nig-user.

Are you actually black? Or just retarded? Genuine question. Also, if you started sorting out your own community, including what your ancestors did to black people, you wouldn't ever get around to "fixing" whites...

who will pay for your welfare?

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Too dumb lol
also what threads are being kippered at the moment?

This board went down the crapper once people could choose a BLM flag. Fucking hell.

If you hit me nigger, I will fucking shoot you dead.

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Good b8

Lol this larp is funny but black males are weak and effeminate. You act like animals and you cannot control us (“your” women), your countries, your finances, anything.

You have no power because you have never merited it. Blacks are inferior as a whole and should be used as animals.

targetting the (((wrong))) men, kek

you're Achilles heal will always be thinking you're smart, fucking anything that walks and loving shiny shit.

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you're too busy killing each other?

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Yeah that would go so well for you when the air forces, nukes, and tanks are comming your way. Whites could kill every nigger in the world within 24 hours if they really wanted to. Try it nigger.

Which country in Africa did your ancestors originate?
Do you believe your life would have been better if you were born into where your ancestors originated?

go ahead. but ask yourself: who is giving you the gibs afterwards? you think niggers can run a country like usa or germany?
nigger, you need white people to invent the wheel for you, which just happend. you couldn't invent the wheel by yourself and you think you can win a war? especially with white people, the dominant race of this planet for roughly 1000years?
give me ONE reason why niggers should ne able to get this done?
and please, try use logic and this „muh bbc“, „we wuz kungz, till w*thoids“ and the other stupid nigger talking points

Because then you'll starve just like Zimbabwe.

What is it with niggers and not knowing that removing the only educated populace results in total collapse?

hi moishe

If you had infinite resources you still couldn’t get the job done. You need us more than we need you. We don’t need a single black person.

Every fucking day some attention starved limp dick faggot larping as a nigger creates a thread about "Ooga booga, wite boi ya mad", trying to rustle jimmies with some retarded fantasies and videos, and every day a bunch of you retards fall for it

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