When I say SLAVERY you say SORRY

When I say SLAVERY you say SORRY

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I'm sorry you're in our countries, you're welcome to go back

Dumb nigger. Go ask the Saudis to sorry. Go ask your stupid tribal leaders for an apology..

Then cone back, and beg for forgiveness for ever thinking you deserved anything more than whats already been handed to you.


What a fag telling himself sorry.

You are sorry. No apologize.

Are you dumb?

Nice tits, wanna fuck?

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Take your cyanide nigger


Ah it's the cope-jew. Hi again mate, gonna show us that lovely blue and white flag again any time soon? When I say hide, you say thread. Xoxoxoo

Slavery was a blood-in ritual to become American kind of like you niggers in gangs do, yet niggers aren't sorry for killing each other. Why should anyone be sorry for slavery? Its the last time a nigger held a job that wasn't Walmart.

What’s wrong with apologizing for the evils our race did to theirs? I have genetic guilt, you have genetic guilt. We are all guilty and it’s time to make it right.

I am sorry about it but perhaps you should take up you grievance with people who actually owned slaves?

A good way to do this, is to look for white people with last names that match the last names shared with many black Americans.

A good place to start would be names like Gore, Clinton, Jones, Washington, Adams, King, Smith, Jefferson, Brown, etc

I'm so SORRY take my boipucci NOW

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1350 etc

so much larping this morning?

Back in the cotton field boy

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*teleports behind you*
*draws blade*

Genetic guilt? How about his ancestors enslaving each other, then not having the materials to trade when white man cane bringing goods so they used their people as chattel? Who's the guilty one?

My family never owned slaves.so no, i dont have genetic guilt because i have no jew blood either