AI image recognition

>Check out this AI. It's can be pretty based. Just upload or link a picture and it'll reveal more than you could ever believe
Dumping some notable pics

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damn, it's pretty fucking redpilled

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Apparently I am a medic/medical student.Always thought I was more of a policeman/army recruit

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We wuz

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I welcome our new AI overlords.

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Don't forget to add in the next OP that it's going to be gone on the 27th

You have to take into account that it is going to be pretty fucking inaccurate like how it labels everyone as either a psycholinguist, radiologist or a nigger.

>unironically uploading a picture of yourself

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Stinkie-Linkies BTFO

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What does it mean

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is that ifaggot watermark?!

thats some meta shit

This enrages me. The Ai is designed to optimize results. It means that it looks objectively at the data and over time comes to either a local maximum or the best solution. They're angry at the machine for telling them what the data insinuates.

what did it mean by this

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I hope thats real

So I'm a criminal, skinhead and co-pilot..


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Someone do Jesus and god

Checked. It is

ahhahahaha based based based based

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I cant find any daisy hogg anyone want to try those?

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>cia isnt a hothead

AI confirmed legit

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