Redpill me on smoking guys, is it really as bad for you as it is made out to be?

Redpill me on smoking guys, is it really as bad for you as it is made out to be?

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Waste of time

Yes, waste of your health, money and mental stability

Start smoking if you want to checkout early. I worked a shitty job and smoking was the only enjoyment.

Yes retard

It's not great for you, and is a waste of money and time. When I got serious about training, I used Chantix to quit (I'd been smoking for 15 years or so, stopping intermittently when I played football in high school. ) Chantix works if you make your quitting plan and stick to it.

When's it going to sink in that none of you are going to die of old age. You've got three options:
1: Famine
2: Disease
3: Violence

Smoking is degenerate, and should only be done in nigger and mudslime countries. Whites should stay away from smoking if you love your race.



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Lol it works, I'm telling you.

Smoking only gives you 3.6 roentgens, not great not terrible.

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It’s not so bad. Sure you’ll die of cancer but who gives a fuck. By the time you actually start to develop problems you’ll be at that age where death will be a sweet relief anyways

Smoking tobacco increases testosterone.
Drinking and smoking weed decreases testosterone.
This is why Jews hate smoking and have socially engineered things to make smoking super taboo and stigmatised, while simultaneously promoting alcohol, weed, and even hard drugs.
The trends of the last 50 years can be explained by Jewish attempts to lower testosterone in the west. Any time the Jews use their institutions to promote something, it is - without fail - to weaken men. Any time the Jews use their institutions to denigrate something it is - without fail - something that increases masculinity or aids in the fight against degeneracy.

This is ultimately to prevent any chance of a fascist revival (the Jews greatest fear). Fascism can only occur when strong men exist.

Once you understand this, everything since the 1960s makes sense. And you learn to be dubious about any and all mainstream health claims/fashionable trends.

>side effects include: suicide

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Also, we’re getting to the point where the only (((healthy))) thing in this planet is eating bugs. I’m willing to bet if we ate less sugar and walked more lung cancer wouldn’t be that big of a problem

I'm replacing fapping with smoking.
Fite me.

I don't know if this is true or not, but since I quit smoking my bench numbers have gone up, but I've put on enough body fat that my abs aren't always visible anymore. This could just be because I'm approaching 40 though.

Smoking isn't positive for athletic ability, that's true. To be honest smoking shouldn't be encouraged, but it's not the biggest evil. Weed and beer are worse. But because they are feminising they don't get stigmatised by the (((mainstream))).

Ideally one should be free of all drugs. But smoking tobacco is more acceptable than other vices.

I clearly didn't kill myself. I was warned I might have strange dreams,but honestly had weirder dreams when I tried to quit (unsuccessfully) with the patch years before and fell asleep with one on.

It's actually good for you. (((they))) don't want you to know the true benefits of smoking, hence the extensive propaganda and suppression campaign run by the zog.

No. The cancer risk is genetic. However the modern cigs suck because they have reduced the tobacco content each year and increased the amount of shit that takes time for the body to break down (which causes coughing).
Tobacco is the working man's drug. It allows you to focus and concentrate on what you are doing. You are supposed to smoke while working not these shitty 'smoke breaks' where people inhale the entire cigarette within a minute to get the hit they need.
Therefore cigs have been attacked from both time. You need more cigs to get the same effect and you also have to smoke quickly within small time frames. Cigs are best enjoyed slowly and with high tobacco content.

Keked and based.

>replacing fapping with smoking.
>Fite me.
OK, with which hand?

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>I clearly didn't kill myself.
are you sure?

I admit, I like my beer. Not during the week, but when I'm hanging out with my wife and our son on a weekend I can kill a 30 pack and have only a buzz.

Just a fun fact:
I've met dozens upon dozens of smokers who are trying to, or wish they could, quit smoking.
I've met NO ONE who regrets quitting smoking.
Use this information as you will.

Good point. Both my brothers smoke and wish they could quit.

>If love race do this and that.
Wrong. True love never comes from someone else, wich would be Communism alike if it does.


as always it depends on the amount
3-4 cigs a day are healthy
smoking 40 cigs a day is gay

positiv shit:
cigs help you to burn calories
cigs will relex you and help with anxiety
cigs increase your focus
cigs increase your T

bad shit is:
cigs are addicting
cigs that have "additional stuff" in them are way more unhealty than pure tobacco cigs
cigs make you smell bad
being forced to not smoke (like on an air plane) is turning you into a powder keg
for some reason companies don't like smokers
some girls won't ride your dick if you are a smoker

Thanks for allowing us, otherwise we wouldnt even think of it.

>I've met NO ONE who regrets quitting smoking
Yeah 'cause they have more beer money in their pocket, that's my story anyway. All the supposed benefits such as 'better tasting food' etc are bullshit. I smoked for 20 years a pack+ a day and after quitting did not notice fuck all in my overall health. I did it to have the extra 300$/m not spent on jew lies.

Smoker here. It’s fucking disgusting and I wish I never started. Don’t want to quit though.

Fuck off and die, shill.
These advertising threads being allowed sure is great. They aren't against the rules and need to be delayed at all.

when i was in college i used to smoke 3 cigs a day and i couldn't climb stairs without feeling exhausted. my hands and hair smelled disgusting as well. looking backwards it all feels so retarded.

Im 50 days in to quitting after being a smoker for 12 years. I miss smoking sometimes but i dont miss watching my wallet being drained nor heaving and coughing any time i have to do mildly stressfull work.

Life is much better, but i do miss a cig with the morning coffee or afternoon beer.

I'll put the negatives in order of severity.


It's not really hard to quit if you want to, lots of alternatives that help.
Some people get major health problems, I've seen people way older than I'd ever want to be smoking so I don't know about the whole one puff and you get cancer thing. Just don't overdo it I guess.
Depending on where you live tobacco could be taxed to hell. I don't believe people would smoke more if it was cheaper, and I don't believe governments claiming the tax is for the increased healthcare costs (if you got those) or to make people stop smoking due to high prices.

It's pretty pointless also. I mean sure it's kinda relaxing. But if you got legal weed I'd advice you roll some really fucking piss weak spliffs with just the leaf and some other herbs for flavor. Even that is a better relaxer.

>cigs will relex you
FALSE, this is a lie pushed by propagandists. Smoking CAUSES anxiety. The only "anxiety relief" it provides is sating the addiction.
>cigs that have "additional stuff" in them are way more unhealty than pure tobacco cigs
More bullshit pushed by propagandists. It is ALL the same. Putting "ORGANIC ALL NATURAL" on the box doesn't change what it is

>Smoking CAUSES anxiety
You are a retard that has never smoked

just read the list of side effects...

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T. non-smoker.

I a society that refuses to lock of schizoid personality types, smoking is your only hope of keeping them in check.
Go ahead and ban tobacco, but be armed and ready to defend yourself daily from the neurotics.

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>More bullshit pushed by propagandists. It is ALL the same. Putting "ORGANIC ALL NATURAL" on the box doesn't change what it is
they put all kinds of chems into "normal" cigs but you can get pure tobacco
>FALSE, this is a lie pushed by propagandists. Smoking CAUSES anxiety. The only "anxiety relief" it provides is sating the addiction.
I'm right. I know a shit ton of people that smoke a cig once in a while when they are stressed. Ofc when you are addicted smoking will just fix the nicotine withdrawal.
like I said you can enjoy tobacco and it has useful side effects but you have to avoid getting addicted

Only idiots would think inhaling smoke would be harmless.
anyone shilling it is either a jew, a dumbass kid, or a smoking boomer.

>Ofc when you are addicted smoking will just fix the nicotine withdrawal
technically im incorrect here
the addiction is more like a psychological addiction.
Technically the nicotine is only 20 minutes in your body. its a psychological addiction

you're a fatass joke and your dick is tiny

Smoked daily for like 3 years. Been off since beginning of 2017. All these dumbfucks in this thread that say "smoking will increase your test bro" are missing the point. If you quit you will be able to actually run again for a considerable distance and you will be able to lift more too as another user said. Last time I checked good exercise will increase your test more than a cancerstick. Quit you fucking pussys.

"another user" kills 30packs each weekend and role-plays about having a family
a fat bitch in other words

I quit smoking four years ago and the money was the absolute LEAST rewarding thing about it. The MOST rewarding thing about quitting was no longer being short of breath, having a cold or the flue wasn't that bad anymore, and being in a scenario where smoking was withheld or postponed didn't happen anymore.
For the record: I craved cigarettes for a full YEAR after quitting and, during that year, thought it was so stupid and pointless to quit. But I stuck it out and I'm glad I did because it makes so many other aspects of life easier and stress free.