What is the most unusual thing you have ever weaponized, seen weaponized, or imagined weaponizing?

What is the most unusual thing you have ever weaponized, seen weaponized, or imagined weaponizing?

I am thinking really, really fucking unusual. It doesn't have to be effective or useful, just unusual.

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nice reddit spacing


Crazy idea...
Genetically modified invasive weed plants that are poison ivy tier but lethal, kill out other plants and have a powerful and addictive narcotic effect on humans
These affronts to mother nature would be sprinkled all over the agricultural areas of a nation via conventional bombers, carrying billions of seeds.

Eco terrorist equivalent of a WMD

A Christmas tree.

>seen weaponized
Not counting Jackie Chan movies, a printer.

>imagined weaponizing
Toss-up between live ants and boiling salt.


>What is the most unusual thing you have ever weaponized, seen weaponized, or imagined weaponizing?


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Jow Forums weaponized autism quite impressively during the HWNDU campaign.

And there are other examples as well like how they helped locate a terrorist training camp and somehow got word of it to the Russians who then bombed it.

>Bat bombs were an experimental World War II weapon developed by the United States. The bomb consisted of a bomb-shaped casing with over a thousand compartments, each containing a hibernating Mexican free-tailed bat with a small, timed incendiary bomb attached. Dropped from a bomber at dawn, the casings would deploy a parachute in mid-flight and open to release the bats, which would then disperse and roost in eaves and attics in a 20–40-mile radius (32–64 km). The incendiaries, which were set on timers, would then ignite and start fires in inaccessible places in the largely wood and paper constructions of the Japanese cities that were the weapon's intended target.
>In one incident, the Carlsbad Army Airfield Auxiliary Air Base near Carlsbad, New Mexico, was set on fire on May 15, 1943, when armed bats were accidentally released. The bats roosted under a fuel tank and incinerated the test range.

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Will there be a way to neutralize the population of said weed for occupation and colonization of said land?

I drive a prius for the same reason, also to brag to liberals about how I'm saving the environment while doing it

God, I wish I witnessed that while it was going down.

>The efficiency of using anti-tank dogs in World War II remains uncertain...There are however documented claims of individual successes of the program, with the number of damaged tanks usually being within a dozen. For example, at the front of the 160th Infantry Division near Hlukhiv, six dogs had damaged five German tanks; near the airport of Stalingrad, anti-tank dogs destroyed 13 tanks. At the Battle of Kursk, 16 dogs disabled 12 German tanks which had broken through the Soviet lines of defence near Tamarovka, Bykovo.
>The German forces knew about the Soviet dogs from 1941 onwards, and so took measures to defend against them. An armored vehicle's top-mounted machine gun proved ineffective due to the relatively small size of the attackers as the dogs were too low to the ground and because of the dogs' speed and the difficulty in spotting them. Consequently, every German soldier received orders to shoot any dog in combat areas.
>After 1942, the use of anti-tank dogs by the Red Army rapidly declined, and training schools were redirected to producing the more needed mine-seeking and delivery dogs. However, training of anti-tank dogs continued after World War II, until June 1996.

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imagine having this poor literary style

>be me, 8
>take apart party poppers
>put 4 pull string poppers together
>stick them into the end of a little brass tube
>crimp the end so the strings come through
>pour shot from my dads antique muzzle loader horn down the barrel
>stuff wadding on top
>pull string
>perforates soda can

made my first gun at 8

I forgot about the memestrikes. What a thread. Anyone got the screenshot?

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Not "reddit-spacing" is indicative of nothing. Only in your own mind does it have meaning. If you are some douchebag that discounts was meaningfully said on the the sole merit of sentence spacing, you are inviting your own death, ot more likely maiming. Funny thing on this board. memeing can actually get you killed.

Meme away, act the fool thinking you are some armchair commando. When your shit opinion is in fact worthless.

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Realistically,yeah, some kill switch hormones or some fatal vulnerability to a certain radio wave, some crazy shit like that.
Personally,No, this plant is used to uterly devastate the ecosystem and agricultural potential of a contient if given enough years to fester.
If you burn it, a nasty resin will be left over and it will sink into the ground, raising acidic levels in the soil, fucking up development of both bacteria and native/farm plants.
Try removing them by Force and it will release seed spore that are both a form of propagation and irritation.
I'd imagine something like this would eventually cause a great famine and would be a absolute nightmare to deal with in the long run.
Worst part is that they are seeds, not bombs, they can be seeded years in advance of a conflict

Have any ideas of how to deal with such a weapon?

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This dude that turned a StG 44 into a remote controlled sentry gun.

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>that was back in 2016

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Probably a bug hardy enough to only eat the seeds. Mites maybe?

Bookshelf ballista is the most exotic I've built. Pic isn't posting.


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When I was in middle school I made these things out of duct tape where I'd take 30 pennies and space them like this, the capital O is 2 pennies stacked on top of each other
Ooooooo ooooooo
Ooooooo ooooooo
Then wrap them in duct tape over and over until they were rigid and the space between the two pairs of rows was a hinge.
I called them penny slappers and the extra weight would fucking bruise you so bad when you got whipped with them.
I sold them for 5 bucks each to kids in my class and bought a ton of pokemon cards with the profits until my school had to crack down and ban them because parents were complaining that my clients were coming home absolutely covered in small circle shaped bruises.
I was really afraid I was gonna get suspended, but they never found out it was me manufacturing the weapons. I learned a valuable lesson about war profiteering though.

its called DOUBLE SPACING you inbred shithead, its the industry standard.

you have a future in Israel.

its funny cause not only are you selling arms on the black market your also using pennies instead of nickels or quarters.

You essentially made a shitty sap. Real ones are little pouches filled with lead shot held inside the palm.

A captured teri in iraq had an old soviet chest rig with over a dozen mag pouches on the front and back. He had pieces of wood in each one with nails coming out of them. He had a jacket with two large pockets on each arm that also had pieces of wood with nails coming out of it. He had a pair of orange cargo pants that had pieces of wood with nails coming out of it in the pockets. He had knuckled gloves on with nails coming out between then knuckles. See the pattern? It just kept going with duct tape and nails. He was the weapon. It took literally a fucking hour to get a translator to get him to take it all off. We thought for sure he was a fucking suicide bomber. Scary as fuck, but we joked about it later calling him the Hadji Hugger. We put the whole rig on a large dummy and we all tried tackling it later that day until the higher ups made us destroy it. You know what they say though.

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> imagined
Nigger rigging a daisy into a shotgun using the bb as a firing pin

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If only he had gone full Pin Head.

Achmed, the Human Steel Porcupine

>Some fucking spider mites devastate a genetically perfect super plant to the point of total irrelevance
>Billions wasted as mother nature laughs

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Ebolachan too. Some nogs killed a bunch of medical workers because they believed in the Jow Forums pictures

Underrated ironic post

Once shot rulers out of a crossbow. Went through royal dansk cookie tins.
>good wood
>cheap wood
Just load up the plastic ones for home defense and essentially shoot a glass bomb at someone’s face

cut open a few 12g shells. empty contents into kinder surprise capsule (100% legal in my country). add fuse. add disappointment when end product is just ball bearings covered in melted plastic.

I found out the same day petroleum jelly isn't as flammable as the name would suggest.