Recommend Me A Lightweight Accurate Rifle

for my motorcycle cav meme
must be able to fit in holster on bike
must be viable out to 700yds
preferably wood furniture
preferably semi auto
What, if any, rugged optic would you put on it?
realistic budget about 2k

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Just build a AR10 with wood furniture.


cringe and boring

>semi auto


OP said 2k otherwise he can just buy a scar

M1A scout
Browning BAR or FNAR
optic depends on how you intend to use it.
The AR-10 with a dot and 3x is probably the best.

Carrying a 20" inch AR slinged on a bike is totally doable too. Just saying as a guy that has done it hunting coyotes.

FNAR looks interesting, but complicated takedown and proprietary mags are kinda gay.

Swap the KLR for a DR and the weight savings would make up for whatever rifle you could possibly want.

Sounds like you can figure out yourself.

Mini 14 with folding stock would be pretty dope

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If you can lose the semi auto requirement than I'd say get a .30-30 lever gun such as a marlin 336.
It'll fit into a thin holster\scabbard
Don't have to worry about losing a magazine
Top off as you go
Throw a LPVO on it if you really need it

The rifle doesn't matter, you're already livin the dream.

OP said accurate

it's motorcycle cavalry if you fight mounted, motorcycle dragoon if you dismount

Interested in a levergun, but the lack of affordable rifle calibers for them hurts my range req

Just get a goddamn Honda Super Cub. These things will eat any fuel, carry everything and goes everywhere until almighty God says no.

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OP probably cant hit a barn at 400yds. Lets be realistic now.

If you're willing to forego semi auto you could look into the scout rifle meme. I'm partial to the tikka myself.

>for my motorcycle cav meme
Motorcycle cavalry or motorcycle dragoons? Are you really intending on firing from a moving motorcycle? If you're thinking more along the lines of motorcycle dragoon, then you may be interested in a takedown rifle in a quickly accessible hard case to reduce the risk of it getting damaged when you're not using it.

>must be viable out to 700yds
Define "viable".

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Dragoon if we're being technical here
Stop, remove from holster and fire
Or Stop dismount and take position then fire.

Man sized at 700, hitting a white tail/coyote at 300-400

Technically Dragoon, and by lightweight I mean under 10lbs with optic.
I'm partial to my carbine, but it doesn't have range or power I'd like.

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>Man sized at 700
And how do you plan to achieve that if you consider an optic to be optional? How do you plan on dealing with bullet drop and estimating the range to the target precisely enough to properly compensate for bullet drop at that range? Keep in mind that at 700 yards you're dealing with almost 10 feet of drop if you have a rifle chambered in .308 sighted in at 300 yards. With the same rifle, estimating 700 yards as 600 yards is going to lead to you hitting a good 3 feet low. Pic related, it's a ballistics table for my Mosin Nagant.

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M1A Scout.

Oh hey, is that an 09 KLR 650? You have good taste.

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I guess we need to figure out what you're trying to shoot.

Well that's an easy answer.

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He already has a KLR, faggot. If it's good enough for the marines to dump, crash, and return on repeat, it's probably good enough for larping

post your AR15, parrot.

KLR is best for cheap larping

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I dunno. Klx is definitely more fun. Although, not a long hauler by any means

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