AR 15 build

Favorite AR 15 deer rifle build?
Caliber? Twist? Barrel length?
So far I have been looking at 224 valkyrie, 6.8spc.
Accuracy is important, 200 yard max on paper deer will be 125 yards or less.

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6.5 Grendel
12.5" barrel

drops deer and hogs in a few meters

Why such a short barrel?

No need for a longer one. A 12.5" Grendel beats 7.62x39 from a 16".

Grendel performs surprisingly well from shorter barrels.

I prefer to get everything out of whatever round I can. Its going to be a deer, varmint and paper rifle.

Dude, just do a MK12-inspired build. A 18 inch SPR barrel (like in the MK12) running 77gr's will run sub-MOA all day long and also provide decent energy downrange at 300 yards or less. It might not be the best deer caliber, but it will save you in ammo costs and availability (5.56 is dummy cheap and literally everywhere), proprietary or non-interchangeable parts, etc, etc. Keep it simple stupid when it comes to AR builds.

Here's a link to save you any guesswork. ras.htm
This is a pretty faithful representation of a MK12 Mod 1, I've heard great things about these uppers. pri black.htm
And here is a MK12 Mod 0 upper, in the optional iron sights drop down, you can add the continuous top rail for easier mounting of optics and it comes with a rear sight

How much does twist rate matter, i.e. what difference would one see between a 1:7 vs 1:10?

For 5.56, I would really try and stay with either 1:7 or 1:8. Those 2 twist rates will stabilize a wide variety of bullet weights very well and accurately. Anybody who tells you otherwise is memeing

6.8 spc w/ 16" for simplicity sake. i felt like 6.8 had better "hunting" bullet selection but honestly 6.5 is just as good.

Why hasnt 6.8spc overtaken 5.55?
Its a better cartridge

Have they done something to make the bolt not frail from the large case bottom?
All the 762x39 bolts fail extremely early
I have a 6.8spc ar, using a wilson combat ranger barrel. Super light weight, but match accurate. If you take enough shots to heat it up on a hunt then something has gone wrong or you hunting hogs in a heli. In which case just use your normal ar15.

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1:6.5 is supposedly better for long range 224 valkyrie than the old 1:7 224 valkyrie barrels. Usually it comes down to bullet weight/length.

>stop being a boomer and caring about overzealous accuracy and boomer calibers that wear a standard ar out 100x faster

It's a deer rifle you 12 year old. It gets sighted in once a year with about 9 rounds and then gets hunted with for a month for deer and perhaps a month for varmint. Friggin thing will have an average of 25 rounds a year put through it.
Accuracy, flat trajectory are important for the use.
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All these threads talking about 6.5 Grendel have me wanting to build one. Soon... As soon as I move to a place with a range that lets me use that sweet sweet doge 6.5 Grendel steel case

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Marlin 336

An ar10 in 6.5 creedmoor may serve you better. Flatter shooting cartridge, although it may be a bit too much for varmint if you want to use what you shoot