Confirmed he's working for the jannies. fed on Jow Forums discords alert alert

Confirmed he's working for the jannies. fed on Jow Forums discords alert alert.

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Post his fucking ID, you dope. A name is just a name.

Wasn't he aggressively trying to take over everyone's servers and got extremely butthurt when people told him to fuck off?

Last one he his certainly working with the feds

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Get the fuck off my board with your eceleb garabge you zoomer nigger.

Why would people just give him control of the server lmao? Is he making threats?

ok battlejesus

>discord is full of feds
This isn't news.

Eat shit.

He tried taking over my state's server too, IDK what the admin ended up doing

The dude us a fucking control freak

>using discord
fundamentally a bad idea. Discord site admins have historically leaked convos and info on anyone they don’t like. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing nothing wrong, discord is nothing but trouble

>The dude us a fucking control freak
He kind of is.


anyone on it deserves it, hope he gets a bunch of people.

Yeah, I'm a state server admin

>Tried organizing/k/ servers by influence and membership
>Tried instituting a fucking/k/ government (with himself at the head, of course) and with people he trusted as higher ups
>Tried taking ownership of several state servers he had no business being in
>Actively turns the admin community against people for being "too controversial" and "a threat to the community he's built"

If this faggot is in your server you have a pussy for an admin and a snake in the grass.

BTW, he's on the server admin discord right now freaking the fuck out over these threads and trying to get his jannie admins to label us all shareblue disruptors for not sucking his cock.

based I know hwo he is he tried taking over SC

He's fucking coocoo for coca puffs ,the guy absolutely believes he's the one that should round up all of Jow Forums and supervise us for our own good.
He has a fucking savior complex and he believes turning troublemakers in to the FEDs is required to protect his kingdom

in for info.

ummmm based lol

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>BTW, he's on the server admin discord right now freaking the fuck out

capture and post everything.

Didn't their admins flat out admit to the FBI that they're cool with cub porn on their system?

Yeah, I know. I was there for one such instance. It is the key reason for why I dislike him as an individual.

BJ is just a tard wrangler that has grown too big for his britches. Hoping the other admins smack his ass back down to size.

because he IS a fucking fed.

Its visible from reading one (1) of this dudes posts at random that he is a giant gaping asshole. People are perceptive. What the userbase needs are mods who dont bend over, because we cant magically moderate ourselves and shitpost at the same time. Thats it. Backbone up and we will keep generating content for you to later sell to the government to pay off your gambling habit (jk ur doing it for free forever).

t. 80s born Jow Forums oldfag from 2007 who doesnt use discord or reddit or twitter or even knows who this guy is and has trouble operating an app designed for boomers

he does say in his mission statement he wants a m*litia from all the states.


>he wants a militia from all the states

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discord is a fed honeypot?? oh my, who could've seen this coming

Holy shit lmao

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Its ironic that none of you can see the writing on the wall. Discord saves everything you type. Feds can request that, and Discord happily complies. Discord is a great tool for the feds. After the 9chin shit, feds are most definitely on Jow Forums, especially the weapons board. So, they get a Jow Forums Discord going, then ORGANIZE it by state so they have a clear breakdown of where EVERYONE LIVES. "Militia" is pretty much a fed tool, and he pushes that as well. He tries to wrangle control of the other states admin, because then he can clearly feed the state members to break laws in those states.
How are you fucking people this stupid?

This is a good thread. Thanks.


goddamnit. doublechin, not 9