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Was messing with my builder friend a while back. We had 3 different romanian CHF CL 16" barrels from two different vendors, then 2 US unlined barrels. Put all 5 in the lathe to compare runout. The Romanian barrels were atrocious with like 10-20 thou of runount. The US barrels. had maybe 2-5. You could see all three of the romanian barrels whipping about with the naked eye.

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>dubs died for this shitpost from a shitposter

There was cosmoline in the threads of the tools in the cleaning kit, but nowhere else

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my new wasr is caked in cosmoline, I thought it was rust but it cleaned off and now it’s weeping goo still

Why is this not in the OP text?


>mag in the cushions

Because it's the only cringe thing Dugan has done

I don't like her gaze

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>tfw go to 2 different gun stores (both 5 star reviews on Google) to buy WASR-10
>neither of them have one
>only AK's available are C39's
>can't afford more expensive AK's either
>more gun control legislation probably on the way so times ticking
I finally worked up the courage to buy my first gun so needless to say I'm a bit mad me and my friend drove for nothing. Hopefully more luck tomorrow but I already went to the best gun shop in my state (Marengo Guns is fucking awesome btw) so I'm scared a lot of places will be sold out too. I'm probably worried for nothing but regardless I'm paranoid I wont get one for the impending Big Igloo.

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Just buy one online lmao

Online is your best bet


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sauce on that pic? is there more to it or just a one off?

Those handguards just don't look right on that 74 for some reason

Uf gang represent

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Straight folders > slant folders

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where do i find a girl that will play dress up with me?

They're the original handguards that came with the parts kit

Panic buying a pic related at auction this weekend, wish me luck Jow Forumsomrades

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You just have to bring a girl home and give her some cosmoline-rich uniform. It doesn't matter how you get her there, she'll be overjoyed when she sees your gymnastroyka.

Gonna be a good build lads.

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just go to pawn shops until you find a decent used AK, you might get something interesting even

You're right, but for the wrong rifle

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Yeah but then he has to know about what he's getting because maybe he doesn't want a ban model but gets swindled into it by some boomer. He should just learn how to buy a gun online because doing that the first time is a good learning experience.

Thems fightin words you damn Floridian

Yugos are dogshit and I'll unironically refuse to even touch one if you bring it around me

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Why is the 74 at her maximum power settings? Don't you know that's dangerous?

Yugos used to be worth it despite the funny furniture and low spec barrel but the price creep killed them

Yeah I do specifically want a newer WASR that doesn't have any of the problems like canted sights the older ones did. Buying a used one scares me because I'm not sure if I'm being scammed or not. Especially on something that could possibly explode or be a total waste of money (I only get paid $9.50 an hour so that's a big deal for me).

Blyat gang

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Just buy a new one online. I bought from brownells and got one made in 2019

AK-47's are in my raifu harem!

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Is that the shitty czech copy

No, it's the AK-47. It says so right in the filename and here's the imfdb page for it!

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VZs arent shitty. Theyre also not AKs.

>t. assblasted fagoli who didn't think about it

Sure they aren't, just how like chinesium type 56s aren't AKs.

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What's the opinions on dracos?

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my head hurts op

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I wanted to hold that girl so bad when she was showing off her room because everything was so cute.

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Wrong kind of /ak/ dingus.

Depends. If it says Cugir Romania, top tier. If it says burgerland, trash.


ok retard

Are milsurp rpk slings long enough to loop my arm through or am I better off just buying a modern one?

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loop slings are dumb
Unless you're talking about a hasty sling, that's ok.

I can buy any mags and other stuff (grips, handguards) without any license, expect barrel, reciever and bolt.
Thank you, bro!


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>imagine defending u.s noodle barrels

oh wait it's not hard to imagine a brain damaged retard doing that


what is worth more a converted saiga 5.45 or a 5.56 arsenal ak?

>who did the conversion ?, if well done i would get it over arsenal's weird Frankenstein 5.56 rifles

Saiga if it was a proper conversion, or arsenal if it's a SAM5.

Saiga 5.45 if it's properly converted

the arsenal is a SLR-106FR and it comes with a Tapco G2 trigger

and this is the saiga it has an ALG AK trigger
and a bunch of mags and ammo

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Personally, I'd take the Saiga. 5.45 rifles are getting elusive.

saiga, it will be worth more than the arsenal, especially if you fully convert it to 5.5mm folding stocks

>now if it was a slr-104fr it would be quite even

Saiga. You can ditch the magpul easily enough.

Hello, my fellow radical racists.
I'm one paycheck away from buying an Arsenal SAM7r. Should I do it? It's a milled 7.62.
I'm pretty excited about it.
I got a AK-74 style muzzle break for it to make it look more how I want.

I want to get Bulgarian mags with the steel lips, but they're sorta rare.
Anybody got any leads on where to get something like that? or maybe some Bakelite?

What dust cover is that on the bottom one? It's super aethstic, looks like the early AK-12 Prototype!

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is it bad that I actually don't mind the magpul stock? the Zhukov hand guard is lame in my opinion

>I got a AK-74 style muzzle break for it to make it look more how I want.
If it's the tapco one we're gonna make fun of you

It's Arsenal

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The tapco one is ugly as fuck.
I don't know how to put it, but I'm super fucking picky about how my gun looks.
I'll forgo better parts for parts that fit the aesthetic I have in my head of the gun I want.
at least for now, I guess.

The brake I bought doesn't fit my gun, but I bought an adapter.
It's chambered in the right caliber, so, should be fine, right?

zoomers bought all the dude plum 74s
$1300 wew

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I kinda want to change the handguard, but I don't really know.

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Youtube it, I'm not gonna type out how to do it for you.

total retards, a slr-104fr is 100x better than this shitter u.s barrel bullshit and only 300-400$ more

>physical copies of futa doujins
we've come a long way huh Jow Forums
a long way

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great brake but god damn does it get fucking dirty
you literally can't skip cleaning it either because the entire inside of it will fill up with oxidized copper faster than it fills up with carbon

>tfw missed the boat on the good vepr 12s that were going for $800 retail

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now this is my kind of /akg/ thread

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Who is dimb enough to buy a an that isn't made in the com block

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This guy's Chaldea doujins are god tier. Cute AKs too user, I have saved posts of your top rifle a couple of times. You've proven to be a man of fine tastes

Blyat and kurva unified

Cripploid spotted

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Some guy's bf1 series

It annoys me that he only did not draw the actual woman. It would be so interesting to see a realistically drawn woman with anime girls.

I finally found a copy of the one you posted too
Hope to have it in a few weeks

Weeb gang

Why do you have such weird hentai user?