The hell is up with american mortarmen?

The hell is up with american mortarmen?
Why is the aimer/layer also levelling the tube? surely he can't lay and level the tube at the same time in any sensible time and considering that you basically have to do that between each shot unless you have a great place for your base plate shooting is gonna be either slow or imprecise and both of those are unacceptable, where's the levelling guy?

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go ask them

i'm doing that right now
or are you saying that there aren't any actual hasserveds on Jow Forums

Bro no one on Jow Forums is even a hasguns.

>where's the levelling guy?
Not a mortar, but I’ve gone and hung rounds with them. But what exactly does the leveling guy do that somebody aiming and adjusting the gun can’t? Every time I’ve shot mortars it’s just been two guys to a tube and it worked fine.

Like we're going to humor some autistis on a mongolian basket weaving board.

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Greater time between shots is considered acceptable to cut one dude out, because doing that across the whole military leaves enough dudes for a shitload of extra tubes. Also if high ROF is needed its probably already too late for accuracy just throw the rounds downrange and hope they dont kill your guys.

Eurofags spend too much time on accuracy for a fucking mortar who cares if it wounds lightly some of your guys sometimes.

>implying you're even a real mortarman

It works homie, why are you so befuddled by it.

>implying you're not some eurofag with autism.

but they don't even end up cutting out the one dude
lol who's gonna carry all those shells?
if the crew were only 3 guys, a leader, loader, layer their payload would be absolutely abysmal, each piece of the mortar weighs like 40 pounds already, how many 6 pounders can one handle on top of that?

yea sure it works, but it's shit
either you wont hit shit or you will be slow af

>what is a humvee for 1€ Alex?

yeah ok the guys who have been in combat for the past 18 years totally have no idea what they're doing.
neck yourself europoor

yeah and you're just some random dude with some random vehicle
probably not even a mortarman

dumbass we both know that a mortar crew is more than three fucking people
you can't accomplish jack with three people
you need at the very least 6 to properly man an 81mm

well for one we can both agree that they've got no idea to actually win the war even though they've been trying for 18 years lol

again, why do you know better than the combat proven guys?

where are you from?

>how could you know hurrrr
because i've layed and levelled a mortar alone plenty of times and i know that it's slow as shit

ever done it for real?

what the fuck do you mean "for real"
if you're asking if i've layed a mortar on a stick and shot live rounds then yeah, i've done it "for real"

mind posting a vid of "combat proven guys" running a mortar?
i came across this one and i sure hope this is their first time working a with a mortar because it's frankly quite pathetic

Not sure what its like in the US, but likely broadly similar to over here. Im not mortars but have seen them work a few times and a few of my mates are in mortars.

So there are 3 blokes in a mortar det with 1 barrel. The number 1 is in charge of the det, and as such he is in charge of correctly sighting and adjusting the mortar. The no.2 is in charge of the barrel and dropping the bombs. No. 3 is in charge of the ammunition, fuses etc.

A good det can get a mortar into action from its various parts in about 2 minutes or less (i.e all put together, sighted on, ready to adjust for targets and put bombs down). Generally youll need a couple of rounds to bed in the mortar, as such you need to account for the reduced fall of shot for those bedding in rounds (usually drop about 3 or 400 metres short).

Once given a target and bearings by the mortar CP, the only adjustments that need doing is for every fire until youre on target. Then its for example, 5 rounds fire for effect etc. No adjustment needed as there will rarely be just the 1 det firing on that target, so you will have bombs landing either on or either side of the target with overlapping lethal radiuses. The only time youd adjust between fires is if giving harassing fire over a certain grid or area, in which there will be a pre planned pattern for each det requiring minimal adjustment.

TL;DR: just trying to answer a few questions i saw while scrolling the thread. By no means an expert but know more than the average joe bloggs.

almost all of these videos are done at MOS schools. They're recruitment tools first and informative second. Young guys doing shit gets young guys in the military (especially the Corps).
This one is definitely at their schoolhouse if you can't tell by the older Marine telling a bunch of twigboy boots how to fucking do the basics barney style.

>Marines with Alpha Company assigned to Infantry Training Battalion
No shit they suck, they aren't even out of training yet.

2 minutes seems kinda long for getting a mortar ready to action from the shoulder
and as for bedding, what you described only works for good and prepared ground, we once had to adjust between each shot for like 10 shots straight because the plate kept on sinking, sure wouldn't want to adjust alone for each shot

Good times are getting it and rounds out in 35 seconds pre emplaned & 2 minutes for hip shoots

Again Im telling you the reason behind the policy, you dont have to like it. Our guys at the front know the fires arent as 'fast', 'accurate' or sustained as inferior human beings from a garbage continent but we sure do a hell of a lot more coverage.

What does your 12 man mortar team do if they get hit with counter bat for example? My four three man teams are all spread out and dug in, worst case a few get taken out but I still have tubes on target. You on the other hand lost your one tube, good job.

By the way how does it feel to be our cuckold? Our little bitch? We fucking OWN you and everyone youve ever known. You come out of the womb with a slave tattoo on your forehead next to an American flag. You think you have the right to criticize people who can crush you!?

>hy is the aimer/layer also levelling the tube?
>surely he can't lay and level the tube at the same time in any sensible time

yes he can, doing both bubbles is his fucking job.

itt a euro tries to shit on americans based off of a single picture and using his shitty one-sided experience as his source for literally everything.

why are you like this, op? you remind me of this estonian who got conscripted and tried to talk shit when he found out i was in the mil because he's a retard who drank the koolaid like no other and bought that the estonian military was one of the best in the world for some reason.

11c here, in an 81mm mortar team you have the gunner (lays weapon on data) assistant gunner (assists with elevation & hangs rounds) an ammo bearer (carries & preps rounds) and your squad leader (checks gunners work/ safety)

Because, somehow, it seems we’ve always had a hardon for indirect fire, so the mortarfags get tons of practice and can actually be pretty good.

Our times for fire missions are 35 seconds to get the gun up then usually 3-4 seconds later rounds are out

Why are you humoring some eurofag fąm? Just leave him to sit and seeth.

Under 2 minutes from your bergens, sighted on the post, bevelled and onto the firing line and ready for a fire mission isnt a bad time by any means, and thats the standard our lads aim to beat. Obviously dont know what mortar kit youre used to or how many blokes you have to do it, maybe your standard is different.

Obviously bedding is massively dependent on the ground, but as far as ive been told unless its been pissing it down with rain or is particularly soft/shitty ground they can usually bed in within a few bombs. Again im not in mortars, just saying what i know/have heard.

>By the way how does it feel to be our cuckold? Our little bitch? We fucking OWN you and everyone youve ever known. You come out of the womb with a slave tattoo on your forehead next to an American flag. You think you have the right to criticize people who can crush you!?
imagine the level of delusion required to even be able to think this up, you own nothing

it's not just both bubbles but you've also gotta line up the sight with the aiming stick

no shit sweetie. have they stopped teaching zoomers how to use an aiming circle and whiz wheel too?

yeah but that's where the trouble comes from
you turn the handle to line up the sight with the stick and both bubbles go to shit, so then you gotta go and fix the bubbles and then you come back and now your sight is off of the target

You only need 2 guys on a mortar team, FACT.

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>implying it was ever a war that was meant to be "won"

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Oh yeah, because a 20 year old mortarman is totally going to have a well-formulated game plan for getting us out of the ME. Jesus, not only are you an arrant dumbass, you’re also the clumsiest troll I’ve ever seen.

The most important thing is: Put round down range. You gonna snipe someone with yer tube?

Does the one really have to be a foot and a half taller than the other though?

user the one on left is a