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My friend told me in the marines they did mostly body weight and running
I did the seven minute ab workout with my friend this morning, he didn’t make it in because he’s still kinda FAT

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Its nearly all running, pull ups, and crunches.
And some fireman carrying and such like that.
Weight lifting doesnt help in combat, it's all about endurance.
And dont stress on ABs all that much, everyone lies on the crunches part of the fitness test. Everyone always gets 100.

It's over 100 now.
HQ saw that everyone was getting 100 so they increased it. :)

Its sad that the upper brass don't understand that everyone is lying.
Just means everyone is gonna lie slightly harder.

Weightlifting is absolutely beneficial to combat. Only pussies that don't have the drive to struggle underneath heavy weight make excuses not to. You want to be better at rucking, loading heavy equipment in and out of trucks, carrying ammo cans, and carrying a crew served weapon for an extended period of time? You'll want to lift weights. Heavy compound lifts at least 3 times a week. If it was easy everyone would be swole. Have some fucking intestinal fortitude and pick up a barbell. There's a reason body weight/cardio only faggots will forever be DYEL. Cardio is very important for the endurance aspect but ignoring weightlifting is the advice of someone too weak to put in actual work.

>fireman carrying
You mean farmers carries
I fucking love them, all you do just hold a dumbbell and walk back and forth then you get forearms like popeye and abs if it’s one handed

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I had improper form doing deadlifts just once, and I fucked up my back. I don't do them anymore.
I tried picking them up again after a month or so, then got hurt again.

>someone too weak to put in actual work.
You could not be farther from the truth there.
I don't hit the gym 5 days a week and pound brotien to be called smol on the internet by anons.
And everything you listed there doesnt require being as big as I am. I'm nearly over my height/weight limit from lifting too much btw. Any man can easily handle anything you said. Basically don't be a woman and you're good in terms of strength.

No, fireman carrying is lifting your buddy onto your back\shoulders.

this is my cope as well because im afraid i will hurt my self weight lifting. calisthenics and cardio is the way

Marine pft is deadhang pullups -or- pushups, crunches and a 3mile run for time.

Just as the army's apft was designed to test cardiovascular health, not combat fitness, the marine pft is equally poorly suited to assessing combat readiness.

Training for the height and weight standards, and the pft is one thing. Git gud at pullups, pushups, crunches and running 3 miles.

Training for overall fitness?
Bench or overhead press variation, squat variation, weighted pullups and row variations, do some accessory work for balance and a lot of rotator cuff strengthening work.

Do heavy farmers walks, both single and two handed, kettlebell work, lots of lunges and stepups, if you have a spare duffel, fill it with sand and do drags and carries with it.

Basic periodizing will keep you from constantly being fatigued, and let you adjust to your pt demands.

No he means fireman carries you faggot. Were you just looking for any old excuse to talk about farmers carries? You'll be carrying a buddy a lot more than you will ammo cans in the marines.

You realize the Marines have a CFT that does include what are essentially farmers carries right?
Not that it's a measure of how fit you are for combat but then that isn't the point of a fucking PT test you sperg. Standardized PT is there to track the forces and provide a measure of fitness that is easily quantifiable. You can't easily quantify "combat fitness" and that's why you do workups n shit where guys who've already been where you're going run you through the gauntlet of bullshit for stuff that is actually applicable.

Quads confirm. That and if you want to help prevent joint and neck injuries you should be weightlifting. It increases muscle and bone density and increases the strength of tendons and ligaments as long as you're smart and don't abuse yourself. There is no such thing as overtraining, but there is such thing as under recovery and most people suffer from that and a shitty diet.

Why don't you just stop acting like you know everything and you're the strongest man in the world? Go light weight, much less than your thinking right now. Then watch YouTube videos about deadlift basics. Alan Thrall, Mark Ripetoe, Scott Herman and Athlean X all have free videos teaching you the proper cues and positioning. Bingo bango, problem solved.

>Why don't you just stop acting like you know everything and you're the strongest man in the world?
I didn't. Even when I was going light to recover, it still aggravated my back.

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My deadlift one rep max is 200lbs and i completed a marathon last year and training to do a 50 mile trail run soon. Am i Jow Forums?

With most of the military and law enforcement PFT geared towards endurance would bodyweight exercises at high reps per set suffice? Push ups, pull ups, rows, ab works, and squats/lunges all at bodyweight?

If weights were involved would again higher reps per set like 8 to 10 reps per set with moderate weight be ideal? I ask because many powerlifting routines seems focused on increasing weight maxes where reps are 5 or less at a higher weight intensity.

Research has shown more than 12 reps is tardation

>200lbs deadlift
not fit
>50 mile trail run
fit, but the skinny kinda fit

Two things, there's the PFT and CFT tests and then there's PT sessions and exercises.
>it's all about endurance
This. Most Marines lift just to look the part but to say weight lifting doesn't help is wrong. Back to OP now, the PFT and CFT are easy to pass if you PT at all but getting a perfect score is a little harder. I know standards changed but while I was still in the perfect score for the PFT was 20 pull ups, 100 crunches, and 18 minute 3 mile. I forgot perfect score for CFT but it was something like over 100 30lb ammo can lifts in 2 minutes, 40 something second 880meter sprint, and 2 minute 40 something second "maneuver under fire." (MUF, requires crawling, fireman carry, and other stuff) Hardest one IMO was the PFT's 3 mile run. Was a 299 PFT and 300 CFT, so 1pt away from perfect scores and it was the 3 mile run that got me.

Still, PFT and CFT is a pretty poor gauge in other PT sessions and field exercises. Doesn't really gauge how far you can hike with 80lbs on your back or how hard you can throw hands. The best kind of Marine has both strength and endurance along with good hand to hand knowledge, shoots straight, and thinks fast/right. A well rounded Marine basically but that requires a lot of discipline to achieve.

>Weight lifting doesnt help in combat, it's all about endurance.
>Stupid out of/10
Having functional strength is extremely beneficial in combat - so is having endurance. The two are not mutually exclusive. You can have both, and if you train properly you will; most people don’t train properly.

Try rucking up an Afghan mountain with your chicken legs and let me know how that goes for you.

Come back when you can deadlift 400lbs, dyel

>Try rucking up an Afghan mountain with your chicken legs and let me know how that goes for you.
Squats 315 and has trouble finding pants that fit
Chicken legs would actually make rucking up a hill easier
And weight lifting is not necessary for combat, this is coming from someone that lifts 5 days a week. like I said earlier in the thread, all that is necessary is just not being a woman and you're pretty much set for strength.

I remember Matt Wenning saying the average deadlift in the military from what he's seen (and before he trained them) was like 200 something lb, with Rangers under 315 lb. So basically high school level.

Those hex bars are going to get people hurt. Should have used straight barbells.

Hex bars are a lot safer

Wrong. There's no stability. During a deadlift you have three points of contact with the bar. It can only go straight up and straight down. Hex bars hang from two point and are free to move fore and aft, left and right, and to twist clockwise and counterclockwise.

Retarded comment. Have you ever used one?

Yes. But not anymore. I only use straight bars now.

Ignore that guy. Stretch, at least twice a day, cold. Google good stretches for your lower back and hips, especially your hip flexors. Planks are okay to strengthen your core, start with those. Learn to keep your transverse abdominus tight as good posture, suck your belly button into your spine. Your muscles don't really get stronger from isotonic exercises, so once you gain some low back, core, hip flexibility and relieved your lordosis, begin leg lifts, scissor kicks, mountain climbers, etc. Then go into weighted core exercises, like landmine barbell twists and corner press. Keep fucking stretching, while cold. Make the stretches hurt a bit, ask a friend for help, no homo.

Then start trying deadlifts again.

Or keep bitching about how much your back hurts for the rest of your pathetic life.

Thanks. I should mention that I still squat, lunge, and kettlebell, and have recently started farmers' carrying

Aren't kettlebell swings just a fast deadlift?

Seething cardiolet detected.

>Holding dumbells in both hands
whoever is doing this is a moron, half the point of the exercise is your body straining to keep centered with an uneven load

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Is that image your avatar?
Are you have the dumb?

Farmers carries are an excellent exercise.

With sub 10% of the weight

Oh oh oh, Do planks!
As of July 1st 2020 you can do planks on the PFT with a 4:20 plank scoring 100 points

Also, according to a recent report to the commandant, crunches contribute to ( although id say the amount of gear and other pull shit you got to liftover the years contribute more) to lower back pain. They also did a test aboard camp Lejeune where in some 200 marine SNCOs and members of 3rd raiders did crunches and planks. over 90% maxed out the crunches while only 13% completed a 3 minute plank
Link to article from Marine corps times:

>Weight lifting doesnt help in combat,
If SHTF happens you will go first or I hope so you fucking stupid nigger.

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