How effective is .357 magnum out of a rifle? Is it enough for deer at close range?

How effective is .357 magnum out of a rifle? Is it enough for deer at close range?

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about 150 yards
trajectory drops off after that.

Don't see why not. It's recommended for bear, so I mean

.357 Mag out of a 3 in barrel is enough for deer

Certainly. Not my choice, but you can. Were I to hunt deer with a pistol caliber carbine, I'd use .45LC.

Out of a rifle length barrel it's actually got similar energy to a 223. Wouldn't want to use it past 100 yards given the the BC though

>Recommended for bear

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out of a rifle its often compared to 30-30 performance wise. so perfectly practical

What is .38 special out of a rifle equivalent to?

.357 is probably good enough for a starving black bear.

Maximum point blank range is 130 yards, + or - 3 inches.
-5 inches at 150 yards
Its a good choice for deer.

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Fuck yah it is. 125 gr is going over 2k FPS, even certain 158 gr is around 18-1900 fps

.30-.30 and .357 is nothing alike, no guns.

You're thinking .30 carbine is like a

maybe i'm thinking of .44 but one of the magnum pistol cartridges was compared to 30-30 in a article i read once.

Unless you mean to use it as a pistol for self defense against bears, it isn't very ethical to use an underpowered cartridge when you have so many better options. You should give a quick "clean" death. It'd be like hunting deer with a 9mm.

In my state 38 special is not legal for deer. Not enough power.
Also Maximum point blank range is 80-100 yards. There are better options than 38 special.

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I dont hunt bears so it would be sole for a defense gun. I usually carry .45 colt +p for that though. i don't worry about bears that much. its the mountain lions and tweeker birds I fret over.

I was just curious, because part if the reason for buying something in .357 is that I can plink with cheaper .38 special

Your probably thinking of 44. The 357's most op ammo is like 60% the energy of a 30-30

be advised, 38 special may hang up in some lever guns made for .357. they'll shoot most of the time but every once in a while they will hang up.

38 special is ok to shoot targets, and have fun with. Just use 357 for hunting.

makes sense, thanks fren.

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Define "enough" you can kill a deer with a .22 at close range, you'll just probably have to follow it for a bit.

.357 is better than that obviously, but shot placement will be very important.

.357 has taken everything in North America out of revolvers. A rifle only Increases velocity until 24 inches of barrel, give or take.

Keep it under 150 yard unless you know your trajectories.

Because Im bored, I compared the two.
Cartridge selection is limited in the calculator.

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Caliber creep is real, but so is armchair hunting. Both will make claims contrary to the other.

As always, like you said, be a good shot and know your limits and your rifle and calibers limit. Also indestructible bears is a quasi meme on Jow Forums

superb pig/durr/elk/black bear round

For a straight wall cartridge is does quite well. Especially if you get a long barrel optimized loading.

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>adequate is not adequate
>hunts squirrels with .950 JDJ to ensure clean kill

absolute fact

>Implying that's not how they got the sporting purpose exception


>Not using 30x173 for mice.

It's ignorant comments like that that prove that frogposters are retarded shit stains. Go back to plebbit, noguns.

I have never been a fan of 45 colt.
too slow and that rainbow trajectory.
maximum point blank range is under 100 yards.

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9mm out of a 6 inch.

Anything less than .45-70 is unethical for taking a deer

you can take grizzly reliably with hardcast 9mm, So any 357mag will do the job.
Fucking idiot

No he is not, out of a 16+ inch barrel the two are very comparable.
Buffalo bore has loads that out of an 18.5inch barrel exceed 30-30

"Has loads that"

Nearly every load that you will get for .357 does not. Your uncle's Pissin' Hot Reloads don't count.

It's funny because buffalo bore also makes a .30-30 load that we're not supposed to pay attention to

bitches, shut the fuck up

Except that isnt. Buffalo bore has been around a long time, underwood also makes loads just as hot or hotter.
They are comparing their load to other manufacturers loads. Just like with their 357sig, that only beats the saami spec by 10fps, but beats even sigs loads by a 100fps.


The .357 Magnum basically doubles its kinetic energy when it’s fired from a carbine, and it almost earns a promotion to the Big Leagues of rifle ballistics. But not quite. The result is substantially more powerful than a .30 Carbine, but even on paper it takes the most exotic .357 loads to equal the most pedestrian .30-30 loadings. And the .30-30 still dramatically outperforms these exotic .357s at longer ranges."

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he said comparable, not equal, you nimrod.

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so you are just illiterate? No one said every 357 round was stronger than every 30-30 out of a rifle, or anything close.

If this happens try seating them out slightly. I had to do this to make my Marlin 94 feed .44 Spl.

>out of a 16+ inch barrel the two are very comparable.
nigguh take yo goalposts and move them to Antonio Brown's house

Yeah, but I wouldn't go past 100 yards.

>How effective is .357 magnum out of a rifle?
Very. Its pretty much a light 30-30 at that point with top end loadings at close distances.
>Is it enough for deer at close range?
Certainly. Past 100 yards or so though it starts to become "questionable" as far as contemporary memelords are concerned, though. Make sure you're using a proper loading/bullet as well, rounds designed for .357 handguns may very well fragment and provide inadequate penetration out of a rifle.