SEALS vs Force Recon


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>SEALs equipped with SMGs and shotguns
They're not SAS

General did nothing wrong.

He didn't give the order to waste those commie fucks in modern day Sodom.

Killing innocents wasn't ever his goal bruh


Who they were is irrelevant, the Marines had a better position and the element of surprise. Its a bit like that bald Russian operator who survived both Chechen wars and Georgia only to die in a motorcycle accident, it doesn't matter how good you are, sometimes you just lose.

Operator means always having the drop on the other guy and not getting caught with your thumb up your ass.

White House was wrong. They should've just paid the fucking money.

what happened to michael bein's career? leading roles in terminator then aliens then just basically falls off

he is a violent drunk who is very hard to work with.

the only actors who survive with a work ethic like that are either god tier in skill, good friends with good directors, or simply crazy enough to do whatever a directors asks with all of their heart in it.

he was none of those. just an asshole who showed up drunk a lot.

He's been in multiple movies per year for like the past 25 years.

Whoever has the high ground.

Also a mediocre Command & Conquer game.

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fuck you its the most aesthetic one

>tiberian sun

You stupid faggot, that's my childhood introduction to online gaming. 1v1 me on terrace, pussy.

>he is a violent drunk who is very hard to work with.
Fuck, that makes me sad. I had the same feeling when I learned that Jean Michael Vincent was a raging, abusive full-blown ASSHOLE alcoholic. Loved him as a kid when I watched Airwolf.

Everyone was using the mp5 in the 90s for CT stuff. Also, the extras were real life devgru.

You fucking zoomers.

>He didn't give the order
He didn't, but that rock falling and making a loud enough sound, it scared some one. It scared them enough to start shooting. Ince one person shoots, every one must shoot.

I'm talking about firing the missiles at San Francisco.

Wtf you talking about? Have you not looked at his career? He is mostly a B rated celebrity, he is appearing in 5 movies per year. In the last decade he has been in over 50+ movies imdb up, niggah

A series of events that shouldn't of happen, happened, Cali getting the blunt of it is best.

Until the one time you don't. Combat isn't a movie, bud.

>he is appearing in 5 movies per year. In the last decade he has been in over 50+ movies
Yeah, no-name garbage, half of which are cameos, made-for-tv movies or movies he himself directed. Maybe your standards differ, but the last thing I see in his filmography that Ive even heard of aside from criminal minds/law and order episodes is the Rock. That was 23 years ago. For someone who tells others to imdb up, your idea of a healthy career is pretty naive.


I like how the Drift King put it after spining a MR2 at 160kmph trying to drift it.

"Even monkies fall out of trees"

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He did a ton of good movies in the 80s and 90s. Then he had a family. The business is a shitty business and tears families apart. So my guess is he decided to be solid dad.

>Tiberian sum

Are you fucking retarded?