Boomer Zoomer Doomer thread

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>Boomer Zoomer Doomer thread
>reddit thread

Don’t have access to computer rn, but here’s brg edition:

no its

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Where is the COOMER?

both wrong

>mini m14
>gucci AR
>utility orientated cheapo AR with mystic third hole of truth


yeah, those are all battle rifles, alright...

That was last year's meme! Get with the times reddit!

>zoomers able to afford or even want a scar
>doomers buying a FAL when they can get a cheapo AR for 300
sorry but your template was shit and need adjusting

so where does a smith 3rd gen go?


>don't really like AR-pattern gats much unless they're A1s, or at least have carry handles
>hard on for m14, garand, and wood furniture in general
>zoomer as hell

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It's called being a hipster, congrats

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This thread is terrible, and you should feel bad for posting it.

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I wouldn't say I'm a hipster because I don't think I'm any better because of it I just like what I like and don't concern myself with what other people like. Kind of an alien concept for Jow Forums(nel), but a great way to live.

Where's the commer?


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>mfw I couldn't make it out to Cheyenne for the Big Boy resteam

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>Not the M8

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> boomer
Crossman .357
> zoomer
Red Ryder
> doomer
Cheap chinkshit .177 nigger riggered to shoot supersonic

Zoomer AR needs a ton of attachments.

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Motherfucking saved

> boomer
> zoomer
> doomer

> implying a boomer would expose himself to commie cooties

if he did he wouldn't want "None dat Cheap stamping bullshit and a .22 round, i'll take muh mak-90 milled"

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Thats not a b-52 , its a b-47

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The government will not stop pushing till it bans fertilizer and everyone starves.

boomer is good but zoomer and doomer are all wrong

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Imma use this to fuck with people, thanks.

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zoomers and their h&gay poop colored rifles

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>the only option is 4.5 gen f35 or 3rd gen f4

disagree, by definition doomers should have the most prepper oriented setup, which would be a full plate carrier.


boomer should have an SKS he invariably refers to as an SK with a dustcover optic.

>doomer is not beat to shit toyota Tacoma


>implying the doomer doesnt wear the chicom

fixed and improved

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>implying the doomer wants to survive the shtf situation

just realized this had already been posted

>shittalking the F40PH
F40PH friday didn't die for your faggotry, user

Thats not an F40PH doe

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Boomer has good taste here, tour bikes are amazing

based and ghostpilled


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i have the top and bottom

t. 22 y/o doomer

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Exquisite meme.

based and truthpilled

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How's the trigger on your Hi Power?

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mushy, and breaks like an old rubber band

but its an old FEG that i tried removing the magazine safety from while drunk so i probably fucked it up a little, also sometimes you need to pull the trigger twice on a first shot for it to fire, something with the disconnector i think

i still love it tho

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>mushy, and breaks like an old rubber band
>also sometimes you need to pull the trigger twice on a first shot for it to fire
take it to a smith you jackass, please don't let it stay gimped forever

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i'm gonna learn how to fix it myself as a project, in the meantime I got 2 other perfectly functioning pistols for defense

my FEG with a removed magazine safety was crisp and one of my favorite handgun triggers. your shit broke as fuck

You nailed it t b h

yea I think I just need to finish taking the safety out, i think mine's the generation that requires removing the trigger first so i just kinda yanked on it before

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O O F .
nah you got it all wrong.
Chicom Type 56 w/spiker, either a Vietnam bring back or pre-ban Norinco
some gucci'd out AKM or AK74, probably some overpriced shit like Krebs Custom or Zenitco on it.
East German MPi-KM or M70AB2 built from a parts kit (preferably with Balkan War trench art).

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The future is now old man, *crack* *sip* Boomers are 40, doomers are late 20's, zoomers are under 21

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it's funnier that it doesn't have sights

>tfw most zoomers and newfags don't even know what the top one is

I am the boomdoomer

>Not a ninja 250 with the muffler taken off
There's a dude in my shop that literally looks like the zoomer without the glasses and did that exact thing, before selling it and buying an r1 thats been in the shop for 90% of the last 6 months.

I guess it's official, I'm a doomer.

Nah, it should be:

Kinda thought the doomer would have an SHTF adv bike

>tfw you have a scooter for around city stuff due to no insurance requirement and $3 a month gas bill
>tfw you really want a triumph Bonneville despite being useless and a potential maintenance nightmare for a s t h e t i c s more than anything else
>tfw cutoff age doomer-zoomer

This thread made me realize that I'm a doomer
I still don't know what a doomer is

that is a doomers shtf adventure bike
>fork gators
>knobby tires
>OD green
>hard tie point on the rear spoiler
just add a canvas or tan leather rifle sheath and you're full on shtf fantasy vehicle.

Doomer should have VEPR/Mossberg/870, Boomer should have a Biden approved double barrel, thought an 1897 or 1883 could also be accepted.

Well done.


Jow Forums is a weapons forum, at least make these technicals.

Longhorn chew or cigar
Fag flute
Pipe or cheap cigarettes