I bought these .22lr snap caps two weeks ago, and they're already mangled so badly that they won't feed/cycle properly...

I bought these .22lr snap caps two weeks ago, and they're already mangled so badly that they won't feed/cycle properly. What'd I do wrong?
Note: some deformed the night I bought them and started using them.

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I recognize that blue paint. You didn't buy 22lr snapcaps, but dummy rounds. If you look on the packaging it says clearly to not use them for dry-firing. Remember, they're rimfire, so the firing pin is gonna smash into the metal rim and deform it, as you can see. I've never seen reusable 22lr snapcaps, personally, but I'd imagine they would have a rubber-lined metal rim to absorb the blow.

what the fuck are you doing with them snap caps are so you don't accidentally dry fire your gun, they're not for fucking practice

What are you using them for?

If it's specifically a 10/22, you don't need them- they can be dry fired on their own. If not, you can use drywall anchors as disposable snap caps.
Good to see people actually practicing with their firearms, good luck.

>mfw I didn't know there was a difference between snap caps and dummy rounds

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Get a plastic chamber flag that allows for dry firing, my .22lr GSG came with a pair of them, nifty little things that serve a dual purpose.

fuck me I had no idea you're not supposed to use snap caps for dry fire practice

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Don't listen to him, actual snap caps are perfect for dry fire practice.

snap caps are for dry fire practice, you have dummy rounds which are to test feeding without using live rounds.

oh ok.

Not necessarily true - snap caps with rubber plugs for the firing pin to strike are specifically designed for dry-firing. But I wouldn't ever make a habit of pulling a trigger on a gun with something in the chamber. You might see it in there, think it's a snap caps, then have to explain the hole in the water heater to the repair guy. (and hopefully not put a hole in your dog's head).

Use wall anchors, they're cheap and fit perfectly.

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It's probably even more colloquial than clip vs magazine so don't beat yourself up over it.

What's different about the 10/22 that it's fine to dry fire as opposed to other rimfires?

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Can confirm drywall anchors work as a really cheap disposable alternative. Only problem is they don't play nice in magazines, but if you only put in one or two they're great.

well i guess im a retard cause i use those in my pistol for dryfiring as well

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From what I understand, it hs to do with the design of the trigger. Rimfire firing pins crush the rim between the pin and the interior of the2 chamber. As brass is softer than the steel of the chamber, the firing pin on many other types of .22's can't hold up to dry firing many times before it bends and deforms.Ruger's pins are just long enough to hit the rim, but not far enough to hit the chamber, should it be fired without a case in it.

return them, if they wont take them back, chargeback with credit card

snap caps are not needed in any .22 made in the past 30 years

10/22s a designed to be dryfired unlike every other 22lr gun
just cause if you a have a 10/22 you will unintentionally dry fire it.
theres no last round bolt hold open. you learn its empty when you get a click instead of bang.
it had to be built with that in mind.

>laughs in 617 smith & wesson.


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