How do you buy a gun online? specifically gunbroker...

How do you buy a gun online? specifically gunbroker, I know it gets sent to a FFL but how do you facilitate the process of getting the seller to send it to my FFL.

Do I call/email my order to my ffl and say send your ffl to this guy?

Sometimes it says to include my name and order number on the FFL, will my FFL really do all this work for me?

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Literally just tell your ffl you want to buy said gun off of gunbroker and give them the post info. I've even bought guns off of gunbroker and told my ffl after the fact and it was no big deal. It just depends on your relationship with them.

This. Usually I go in person. Tell them you won a gun on gunbroker, they'll send the seller a copy of their FFL along with the auction number

The fuck? Just call the FFL holder.

i make the ffl meet me inside the police station so i know he's safe

Contact an FFL, and let them know you won a bid on GunBroker, giving them all the required info.
That said, I had a pretty shitty experience the two times I bid on a gun. First time, the seller never honored the bid. Thankfully no money was exchanged. The second time I won a bid, the literal boomer fuck I purchased from in FL put me through a ton of bullshit saying he had to ship through a different FFL because of my state's laws (California), a forseeable issue he should have known about ahead of time. I already knew the gun was on the DOJ roster as being okay to purchase and expressed this to the merchant. Nonetheless he held the gun for 2 months with minimal communication. When I asked him what the delay was, he said it was because he didn't want to anger his original FFL guy by going with someone else, but decided to when he realized the guy wasn't willing to ship to CA. Ok, anger the guy who just handed you $800 but not the fag who might get his fee-fees hurt. Fuck off Boomer.
Long story short, when $800 of your hard earned money is on the line, it's a tad difficult not to worry that the seller is going to screw you over.

Literally at the bottom of their homepage, OP.

what i like about my gunshop is they keep their ffl in pdf form on their website so i dont have to call anyone. i just send it myself and they call me when it gets there

thats actually kind of cringe.

could somebody who has yet to call their FFL call theirs and record the interaction on voocaroo?

As a example on what to say, I'm super nervo and cringe

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I won an auction last month, the guy was on vacation. After failing to open my C&R e-mail, failing to tell me that he couldn't open my C&R until I asked him about it two weeks later, failing to put together the fact that the physical C&R I sent him was me, when I told him I was sending it to him, and then failing to tell me that he hadn't connected the dots and still needed my C&R, I finally got my gun today. The auction ended on 7/29.

...We're reaching levels of autism that shouldn't even be possible.

They will want to know what's coming in, roughly when, and whose name will be on the box.

I did that before I got my C&R.

Shit, I would have called my bank and done a chargeback after the first week.

Stupid dumb frogposting scum.

I don't even call my FFL. I just message him on facebook and give him the seller info to send his FFL paperwork to if the seller requires him to contact them. My FFL lives on transfers and don't even care if you don't contact him first.

I've not had any major issues buying from gunbroker, but I will only buy with a credit card from reputable sellers now. After almost shitting my pants once with a seller not shipping a gun until 3 weeks after getting the money order I sent, I read up on GB's buyer protection and it's pretty bullshit.

You are going to have to interact with them when picking up the gun nig. Just call around and find someone friendly if you have anxiety

>Sometimes it says to include my name and order number on the FFL, will my FFL really do all this work for me?

He will because your giving him $20-$60 to do it lel.

>not going in person to your FFL to scope out deal deals and support a business you like
Nah senpai. That's cringe.

>Thinking that you can't look at the guns when you go in to pick up your purchase.


I've ordered 2 guns on gunbroker and had them shipped to FFLs. You can say something like:

"Hi, do you do FFL transfers?"
(if yes)
"I'd like to have a weapon shipped to you. What's your procedure for that?"

and then they will go over how they are going to get their FFL# to you, probably email. If you go to budsguns (the place hickok45 is always plugging) I think they have a list of people who do FFL transfers frequently and are used to being called for this. You may wish to try that.

You have to speak up and not be nervous! If you can't talk to gun seller how will you talk to womans?

>Talking to womans

Are you disabled?

>not maximizing your chances to scope out a fly deal
Jinkies bro, that's a zoink from me

I've bought two guns from my FLGS in 3 years, they mostly have fudd guns with a scattering of MSRs. They've had an SU-16 that I want for a while, but I can't justify buying it.

I have only bought one gun in a store because it was a Blue Label Glock. Everything else has been online, and probably will always be. LGS mark up prices or carry shit inventory near me.

You select from a list of FFLs during checkout on Gunbroker, and it has the FFL's email visible, just email them if it's not an immediate checkout listing, I don't even speak to them. If it's a listing with immediate checkout, Gunbroker automatically sends an email to all three parties. Then the seller will send you a tracking number, go fill out the 4473 when the tracking says it's delivered.

Jow Forums's Jow Forumsommandments of Gunbroker:

1) Thy seller shall have a multitude of ratings.

2) Those ratings shall be overwhelmingly positive.

3) Thou shalt not buy a used gun that is sold AS-IS.

4) If thy seller does not offer a no fault(except shipping) inspection period thou shalt walk away.

5) Thine seller will listeth his policies and thou shalt readeth of them in their full and after thy reading shall adhereth to them.

6) If thou has questions of any type thou wilt asketh them of thine seller before any bid is placed.

Best of luck and may god have mercy on your soul.

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