Name that weapon

ITT: Post a weapon.
>Jow Forums will name it.

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Back-scratcher lite

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Oh shit, please dont tell me...

Crime against humanity

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Can't you read it's The Stormtrooper

Glock 17

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Glock 17

Glock 34

Divine Intervention


Pew-er drill.

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G falks

the tim allen special



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It's Nerf or nuffin



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Epilepsy 15

Why is there a wing mirror?

Good. Fucking. luck.

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Oh holy shit why would anyone do that?

Slavic special.

Ok, thats good, ima rename that file.

God every time i see that i want to cry

Slavs are retarded, but not that much

its an obrez'd Carl Gustav, a Swedish Mauser

[spoiler]its for sale at my LGS for 350€[/spoiler]

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Cause a zombie might be behind you

That would rule for silhouette shooting.

What is this?

It says plain as day that it's a Remington Storm Trooper.

if this works like i think it does, it ain't even half stupid

The rumble jumble

Damnit sorry

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How do you think it works?