How's Jow Forums doing tonight? you lads alright?

how's Jow Forums doing tonight? you lads alright?

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all right i guess, little sad my engagement fell apart 6 months ago, talking to 5 grills now but none seem to be as good as what i had

Horny. Also wrapped up an application ive been sitting on so good stuff, now gonna admire my VPO 205-04

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Getting to doomer phase.

Dog died, my fridge broke and ruined a shitload of groceries, there's e-coli in my well and I can't drink the water, and I'm out of beer.

Send help.

No user, not really

But it’s okay, life is long.

same, my dog dies a couple weeks ago too, he was 15

>2019 has not been my year


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awesome thanks bud, been enjoying playing with my new baofeng

Day 6 of no drinking, going for 94 more
“I like to drink because I like to have fun!”
>drinks alone sitting on the same chair listening to the same old music

Shitty. Wife just started her period and she's already moody enough as it is. Also got a new boss at work who's a raging bitch and the entire store is in shambles because of it.

Times like these I almost miss the single, unemployed life. Can't wait to start working a trade/construction next year.

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Done with 5 hours of homework. It's stressful and challenging being a full time student with a job and there are many times where I don't think I can make it, but when I have a productive evening, I feel better.
I know there are lots of people who might mock and say something like "oh that's nothing kid I work 70 hours a week at a coal mine while supporting a family" and that may be true but I don't care. This fucking sucks dick every single day and I can't wait for this goddamn degree to be finished.
Other than the daily bath of cortisol, I am happy with my personal interactions with others and I see a bright future for me and my gf.

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Army combat engineer here. I want to deploy to a force on force conflict so god damn fucking bad HRRRNNNNG!

Ma overdrew my bonk account by accident. no food until thursday. might have to dip into the MREs but im still getting paid, which is nice.

Angry that I cant get a win in tekken tag2 but hopeful because I'm getting better as Bryan and Roger Jr

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Sort of ok everything in my life is going well but depression creeps up randomly for no reason like a psycho ex gf. I started running again so hopefully it fucks off for good.

I'm alright. Waiting on a call to hear if I get a new job this week where I can move to a free state.
How are you?

Wondering if I should blow my money on my first rifle or wait until I get a good job.

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GF of three years said she wants to "take a break"

We've been having on-and off fights about dumb shit for a while. She says I'm not "honest and "inclusive" enough because I do my own shit without telling her everything. She spends hours on social media comparing our relationship to all the curated "goals" shit on there and is upset that our relationship isn't exactly like that 24/7.

At this point I'm more apathetic than anything. We've started to grow apart as far as what we value and want out of life. I'm starting to feel like she's just dead weight and I don't see myself marrying her honestly. I've tried to make it work but I think it's just too high-maintenance to be viable any further at this point in my life.

I've been busting my ass getting my CS degree and grinding for jobs using my GI Bill and have been 100 percent supporting myself since I got out.

Meanwhile she's taken ten years to finish her piss-easy middle-school level community college because she'd rather smoke weed all day, live at home sponging off her parents for everything and hang out with her trashy druggie friends going nowhere fast even though we're both in our late 20s now.

I used to be down with drugs and did it a lot more when we first started dating but I've found it's fundamentally incompatible with how on-point I have to be both at school and at work. Can't really afford to be constantly spaced out hung-over or coming down from a binge when I have classes and tight deadlines. Only thing I do now is Adderall occasionally just to blast through tough projects.

I love her as a person but I'm just so over her weird co-dependent parents backseat driving the relationship and her constant immature high school drama bullshit because she has so much time on her hands to overthink everything and make it worse than it really is.

Is it so much to ask to want a relationship with a mature woman and not an overgrown teenager?

Sorry for rant, had to get it out somewhere and /soc/ is AIDS.

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That's what the thread's for, friend

Getting my shit together, just got over a nasty breakup that happened months back. I got a couple IT jobs I've been eyeing getting in contact with me so maybe I can actually start making burgerbucks. Everything is going to work out anons. All you gotta do is try.

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>She spends hours on social media comparing our relationship to all the curated "goals" shit on there and is upset that our relationship isn't exactly like that 24/7
Anybody who uses shit on social media as a standard for how to live can never be satisfied and probably likes Twilight and Divergent unironically.

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Feeling pretty good.
I've got a few fun accessories and some ammunition coming sometime this week.
The cod beta wasn't terrible so I'm excited to have a game I can actually enjoy playing with my friends again. It's a shame they included PC in the cross play though because it sucks playing against them, so I'm turning that off. Hopefully it doesn't kill the community.
Just got a raise at work.

Brooding in my skull at work, the job stopped being new enough to occupy me two months ago, now I'm restless and bored with the wheels spinning freely, but at least it's twelve hours of low to midweight lifting four to five days a week.

Condolences bros, also had to put down german shepard that was 12 or 13 due to cancer. Fuck 2019

Mines still coming in the mail, bought the gigantic 42 inch abbree to go along with it because why not? Hear anything interesting?

Trying to lose weight and lifting also no fap, yelled at sister for 2 hours because shes a bitch, going to let her punch me in the face and stomach a couple times next time i see her because she's a good lad just a real bitchy personality.Going to only drink with the bois on cheat day. Unemployed but i have enough to get a ptr 91, could also sell some barrels and some milsurp for meantime to a boomer and get more cash but i dont want to part with it, but fuck i need a job t.20 in cuckfornia. Also how to be a good brother?

Took the magazine out of my pistol, then put it back in. I’ll probably do that again later, then just look at it and feel the slide, maybe flip the thumb safety up and down a few times before putting it back in the drawer. At least I know I’m getting my money’s worth because it’s mine

im fucking awful
but i pray things go well tomorrow

I've been shitting and farting blood and mucous for the past month multiple times a day and my gut feels funny.
I really hope this all just goes away.

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I have to go have a healing cap put on a dental implant tomorrow afternoon and I'm pretty nervous. Hate the dentist. Anyone ever have to get an implant? What am I in for tomorrow?

Good. I'm just over a month, I know exactly what you mean.

Those horse fuckers are the worst. Makes my blood boil when I think about some dude taking horse cock in the ass.

I dont think I've spoken to anyone in real life other than customers for my delivery job in about a month. Almost everyone I know is in university at the moment, the only people left in my town are the dead end drug addicts. I spend plenty of time texting people and talking through discord or some shit, but that's not the same as actual human interaction.
The one friend I actually have, my best friend, is tough to deal with. On the one hand I find her totally disgusting from a dating point of view. We are polar opposites. She's almost every single thing I want to stay away from in a person.
On the other hand sometimes it feels likes she's also everything I look for. We went on holiday together a while ago and I feel like I've fallen in love with her. Which is stupid because I don't want to feel that way about her and she sure as fuck doesn't feel like that.
Anyways everything feels like shit. I constantly think about suicide but I'm not at risk of doing it any time soon because I don't want to make my sisters sad. But it's rarely been so alluring.
Hopefully before the end of the year I've sorted out my Japanese visa application.

Gonna add to the relationship problems. Ended today with the first girl that I felt was genuine in a long time. It was because I kept my guard up too long from getting screwed over from so many other women.
But fuck it I still have my guns!

Been lonely for a while. Ever since I broke up with gf, I don't know if I'll ever find someone I can marry. Want to meet someone religious like myself but I don't know if any girl would honestly want me around. A lot of people tell me I'm really kind but I just don't know if I'll ever find a decent girl. Maybe I don't deserve one, I don't know. Considering joining the military so I can just go off to guard some Arctic base and be alone with my thoughts. I've always enjoyed the silence and solitude of winter.

Are you me?

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why don’t you ask the invisible sky man for a girlfriend, maybe he’ll rip one of your ribs out and make you one lmao
fucking loser

Fucking weeb. But you are most likely only attracted to her because she is the only girl in your life.

How do you lads get the most out of your time and become more active in general? I'm depressed because of physical issues and a lack of employment, but instead of exercising and submitting more job applications I keep finding myself reading fiction that I don't get invested in and playing games that I don't find fun. I'm fairly serious anyway so I'd like to actually start getting as much shit done as I can with my body in the state it's in but I seem to find it much easier to sit in this chair bitching to myself about how I'm a physical wreck who can't do anything. Just got no idea how to make that lifestyle change as inertia is my biggest enemy

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What are your physical issues user?

I'm good. My baby is two months old, and I'm going to the board soon. I love my job, and the people I work with. The only downside is that I know she'll grow, and hate me, eventually.
Her army dad that's never home.
But that's a ways off.

>asthma, can barely speak properly and am always constantly kind of out of breath, rely heavily on medication, wake up multiple times a night because of it so I'm always tired in the morning
>hypermobility (all my joints are super fucking flexible)
>hypotonia (muscles don't stay as active as they should all the time so it's always been a fucking challenge to just sit up in a chair, as all my back muscles tense the fuck up and start to ache, can't sit on a stool or anything without support at all)
>hyperhidrosis (sweat tons all the time and get annoying lancing pains in hands/feet before I start to sweat)
>massive L1 wedge fracture in my spine from gym last year, which was only a 70kg squat that my fucked joints couldn't take
>Raynaud's (fucked up cold/heat reactions in hands and feet, extremities go bright red whenever I'm out of the house)
I just feel weak and small all the time, and fracturing my back last year hasn't helped with this, while I'm still able to walk everywhere I get this lower back fuzziness when I'm sitting down in a chair and it's really fucking terrible for self esteem as I'm only 22

>these niggers can dress up in armor and it's "illegal" for me to at these event.
Not today, pig.

I hate how meaningless my life is, it's just work, home, work, home, gym, home. No one talks to me anymore, and any girl that gets close enough to me runs away. At least I have my guns, my rifle will always be by my side.

Chased someone off my cousin's truck with my 1911 today. He thinks the guy was a dog thief as theres a fair amount of dogfighting here

It's all fun and games until someone touches the cops gat.

Sad to say, but if it fell apart, then there may have been structural problems down the line. That being said, I would be terrified to go back to the dating game because I don't want to go through the effort of finding another person that I click with like this. It's not impossible, but it will take some time.

what happened, if you dont mind me asking?

I've been better. I've realised that laying in bed all day except to lift probably doesnt make for a healthy stare of mind, but I can never find the drive to get out of bed until I'm fucking starving and my instincts take over somewhat. t. retarded kid who doesnt know what to do with life

I too would love to lose my dick sweeping for IED's but I'm stuck in okinawa :/


Ordered ammo and some new mags from Cheaperthandirt on September 10th. Still fucking waiting. 3-7 day shipping my fucking ass. They took my money within seconds of course the fucking kikes. Fuck CTD

>giving your money to the company responsible for this

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yea I know but I had like 2000 points in their system. Every 300 points is like $25 off or some shit so I figured I'd use them. I'm gonna buy from Target Sports USA next time.

Still working through a firearms appeal after being falsely adjudicated. If I'm lucky it'll go right, I'll have my first gun, and I'll have something worth caring about and loving.

Wish me luck, guys. I need it.

At least you have work, unemployed right now ive been laying on bed for 2 weeks, if girls are running away get some cologne and spray once, and I'd recommend old spice bearglove for deodorant, also don't drink soda only water but on Saturdays have a cheat day, and workout 5 times a week get somedumbells and start lifting, play some kino and do sum curls, if you want to eat healthier to lose weight by some usda steaks and eat vegetables or guacamole. Also fatass here trying to lose the gut and shit get some poosy before my heart bursts, you'll be fine my guy keep your chin up shoulders back and don't slouch, aim for the moon and if you miss you may hit a star type beat.

I suppose you're right, user.

3 times* I'm starting to wonder if the dog isnt his goal...

>GF of three years said she wants to "take a break"
She's fucking someone. Pic related.

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Nothing, I stuck in a ugly shitty town and have in the next two days zero class in college. I just want to finish it and go home

Dude. Clinic now. Literally could be a bad gut infection that needed antibiotics yesterday

Bear through it, you'll be fine

Hey man, just because 130 is hot as balls it doesn't make 95 cold, you know what I mean?
Essayons you fucking slick sleeve pussy. Sorry you missed the party.

I hate to agree with , but in my experience she's either already fucking someone or is getting ready to. You say you love her as a person but described what a shitty dumpster fire of a person that she really is in the paragraphs beforehand. I think you might be in love with the idea, or memory of her as a girlfriend. You're hitting the hard realization that someone you met when you were high all the time isn't someone you actually enjoy when you're sober, especially if they continue being a druggie. Druggies only hang out with other druggies because no one else can stand to he around them.

You need to tell her to kick rocks and find yourself a grown up my dude. Dont settle for trash because its comfortable.

Praying for something to happen with Iran. Please don't let me come back from this one

Grats man. Super happy for you. Cherish the time you'll get with her man, it's precious

is on point. Just dumped a girl due to a very similar situation. While it sucks, it is honestly the best thing for yourself.

Tactical phys ed advise.

Watch your posture, drink lots of water, put down the bong/vape, eat well, eat less, hike more, drink less alchohol. I lost 7#s in Aug, keeping it off in Sept.


Still kind of getting over a breakup from a few months ago. Starting to work out more and eat better. But at the moment there's no other girls in my life and shit feels pretty lonely