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Cancer containment

Fixed magnification edition


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416 chink clones when

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>fixed mag

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because there's a lot better stuff for that kind of money


like what
i want to be biased toward them bc im from md

knights armament, triarc, pws, SOLGW, lantac, radian, clones, etc.

why not give the guy a straight answer?
you Trips are the only people user listens to .


Do you hang out on the couch with your guns?

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how does lwrc not compare

i bet that is a great rifle.

I mean their one DI mlok rifle is fine
other than that it's just not as good as far as usability goes

yes, on the daily

No but i hang out in the Gym with them.

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Why is that place so filthy?

It's a Gym in my basement? why can you eat off the floor at your gym?
where is it filthy btw? are you talking about the paint?

>assault weapon

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Holy Guac.


M4 marked lower is the only reason it's going for so much.

>peak boomer

it is just one of the Colt collectors edition
it is the type i passed up for the FN.
They are nice but poorly built.

the guy has the other ones too without the US prop marks they are $1500 starting bid.
It looks like the boomers are biting. I knew it was coming.

How long can you store pmags loaded I was going to pass by the range but something came up should I just unload them so the springs don't get fucked

>$1500 starting bid.
Any bids though

Damn really what about glock mags can you store those forever too

The spring thing is fuddlore it's from using the mag and loading and unloading it that wears the spring

Every mag.

Alright thicman cuck I believe you

stuck between Magpul mlok mvg or seekins k20 mlok angled grip please help building my first AR.

prefer the C-clamp feel but I know I will be letting most of my friends shoot it and they prefer verticals so should I toughen up and get the stubby Magpul grip and try to use it to clamp or tell them to fuck off and get the seekins.

was thinking of also getting the magwell grip and the angled so that if you like vert hold it by the mag if you like clamps hold at the barrel

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They are both cheap

>go to public range out innawoods for first time
>It's dirty as FUCK with random bullshit lying around and what looks like a fucking thousand spent shotgun casings
>Some guy left up a bunch of little 4 inch hard plastic plates
>I'm the only one there at 8am
>Shoot them all
Who was wrong here

build/buy me a 14.5/16" .308 for under $2500


R8 my AR

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What's the consensus here about H&K ?

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Unrestrained dickriding

Tul has some steel case zinc coated .223 hollow points. 100 rounds for like $27. I'm a new AR-15 owner (less than 3 months). I've only been shooting Winchester white box .223 FMJ and American Eagle 5.56 Green tip. The price of this steel case TUL ammo is definitely tempting. Would I be hurting my rifle in any meaningful way? are the myths of steel case hurting barrels/ejectors true? I'd be shooting on my own property so ranges bitching about steel case aren't a problem.

Good deal as 6920's are $2k

FN civilian production is terrible compared to the military, Civilian guns aren't even made in the FN factory.

It's not the 80's anymore.


Whats the difference between a LMT Defender Sopmod and this PSA lower I threw together for 200 bucks?

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Well for one, they sent you an upside down lower receiver. You get what you pay for.

TFW I have to find a rare upside down upper to match

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one is actually milspec

been too busy with pc building and out of the loop for a while and encountered this:
has anything come from the urg-i thing? is bill in jail yet? what was the problem? the gas block or the rail?
wanted to do a block ii sopmod when i found that listing, should i just look the other way and just do that?

Do not buy shit from that website.

>filthy stinking jews
Seriously. Avoid them like plague. And fuck the bendybill rail that is the least desirable piece of shit on the market. If you want a block 2, go for it. Avoid this though.

Care to elaborate ?

in my understanding, manufacturing technology for both ammunition and rifles have come a long way that direct impingement is on par with or better than piston rifles
they do look cool, though

Ash keeps kicking people from the Discord.

Keep your gun clean and you'll have no issues user. Got a mini that shoots them really nice but the AR shoots anything I feed it like a champ.

Random observation, or are you telling on him?

Both? I just find it weird how many people are getting booted.

Have you mom call his mom.
Seiously, it's Ash, what do you expect?

>ash's safespace is a discord of peace
honestly, he's doing them a favor.

Any tricks to get a pistol length gas 300 blk to run reliably? Buffer and bcg setup specifically, looking to run mostly subsonics supressed.

are you building your rifle for you or for your friends? Get the one you like

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>different ammunition has different points of impact
>m855 (green tip) is garbage for accuracy and terminal performance
>steel case causes slightly more wear but the money you save before something wears out could buy you a couple barrels, bolts, and maybe even a new gun
>shooting steel case when the gun is hot from already mag dumping seems to accelerate the wear further than if brass/copper was used
Buy a thousand round box of wolf 55gr fmj for 18cpr. Buy in bulk to save.


Why does /arg/ hate 13.7" barrels?

Are hodge defense as mod 2 uppers worth it, or a meme?

cents per round.
After shipping, 2000 would come out to about 19.3cpr

I'll be damned. I never shoot steel ammo so I've never checked the cpr. Didn't know it was that cheap. It's tempting to buy another upper just for steel ammo.