What's the worst hazing you had to endure in the military?

What's the worst hazing you had to endure in the military?

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Sleep tight, Aniki

It still hurts.

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getting patted on the head by my girlfriend saying how funny i am and then when im about to tell her how much she means to me i wake up and realize it was all a dream and in reality im all alone and its all my fault i let life go by

They made me eat a condom with cum in it off the ground of the barracks. I realized when the "cum" actually hit my mouth that it was just mayonnaise and they all started laughing saying stop it was a prank. I went along with it and kept eating the "cum" until they all got grossed out and ran outside. I finished and went to join my new brothers after having passed the cum crucible, but everyone kept ditching me and calling me sergeant splooge for the rest of basic. It wasn't even the worst one, I won't even go into detail about the camel rimjob one.

can confirm. i was there. i was the lookout





Woken up in the barracks 2 hours before pt, held down while being waterboarded with jameson. All said and done i was fucking hammered and then when we got to pt, we had a long run. Puked like 3 times, but never stopped running.

Not hazing because I outranked all but one of them but Fort Drum had a huge problem with neo-Nazis during the early-90s and they pulled all kinds of shenanigans.

Wasn't hazing but had a total piece of shit NCO falsely accuse me of something that could have potentially ruined my life for no other reason than him not liking me. After that I kept low for a while and then decided to rat him out for fucking lower enlisted females (which was actually true), then a few months later while on deployment, I just happened to stumble upon him sleeping at his post. CSM caught him shortly after receiving an anonymous tip and he was barred from reenlistment.

Tl;dr: don't be retarded and a dog shit person because you'll always lose to smart people

Former infantry here, enlisted in 08. Never really got hazed that much. Just got smoked a lot for shits and giggles. Standard pricky six battery shit. I realized part way through asking the meanest squad leader in the company but in my dumb private brain rigidly thought I still had to ask it.
>What the fuck did you just ask me, private?
>At parade rest, grit my teeth, muster military bearing, look straight forward
>Looking for a prick E-6, sarnt
>Skipped the battery part
>Whole company area goes silent before the NCO that put me up to it starts cracking up and quickly leaves
That wasn't a fun day. Beyond that it was just having to fight the other privates in the gladiator ring whenever the NCO's got bored

>What's the worst hazing you had to endure in the military?
The drill sergeant misgendered me


My paycheck.

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I was raped in the ass + daily beatings
t. Russian

I died for Israel
They hazed me good

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Jesus fuck, where do I begin? You're literally hazed and smoked constantly if you're a slick sleeve E4 and below in the 2nd Ranger Bat ..so I was hazed pretty bad for 5 months or so ..then I joined the guard and worked AGR doing funerals and since I was the youngest and lowest enlisted I got smoked everyday and was told to carry a used dildo we found in our running track until a new guy showed up. I was also given a "care package " to carry which was a kids doggy bag that had dip, cigs, porn, a fleshlight, gum and extra ceremonial gloves. It was all in good fun and desu, hazing builds morale, thick skin and camaraderie. Fuck zoomers.

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The sgt took my onions drink off me and made me carry my own pack and rifle.

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Don't worry Agent-sama, some anons can be pretty bad bullies.
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