Don't be a target

this thread is to remind people how to not be a target of theft.
anyone that has good advice post it. I've never had a gun stolen and i don't intend to start anytime soon.

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what makes you a target
.bumper stickers
.being too friendly with people at parties
.being too friendly with people downtown
.leaving your firearms out in view of the public
oh shit an nra sticker, im gonna follow that guy home, case his house and rob it when he leaves again for work, the cunt probably works 8-10's to afford all this stuff.

examples are:
.thin blue line
.dont tread on me
.come and take it
.ar/ak bolt face outline
.spam can
.anything showing support for a republican candidate (don't be surprised)

don't get drunk and show "friends" your firearms.
you thought john was a good friend but sometimes he smoked meth, and he told one of his meth friends where you live, and that you have guns. he now has a new firearm and plausible deniability when questioned by police.

women can get your rights taken away, all it takes is one CONVICTION for domestic abuse and say goodbye to your rights for 7 years. if anyone has a good way of preventing this that is simple and cheap please post it. and no I'm not talking about being celibate, or homosexual. granted those will work.

don't let people have a reason to steal from you.
if you offend someone in public or otherwise it gives them their "license to steal" validating their thoughts of theft, the best way around this is to be non political in public conversations.

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in multiple cases of self defense the defendant has been charged with hate crimes. you can prevent this from happening to you by:
.not using racial slurs when you kill the bastard, he's a dirty thug and a scumbag, not a fucking nigger.
calling names won't get you charged with a hate crime....unless you call the criminal a fucking dirty tar baby.

security implements DO NOT PREVENT THEFT.
they only deter it. bolting your safe to the floor and keeping your guns hidden isn't going to stop someone from stealing your guns.
john doe kept his firearms in a safe at all times, but he blabbed to the wrong person. now that persons friend is carting his safe out of the house on a dolly with a moving company uniform on while john's at work.

adam is also at work and in the meantime criminals used a bump key to get into his house and a portable battery box and an angle grinder to cut open his safe and steal his firearms.

My advice is that if you hit a woman, hit her so hard she will be too scared to call the cops.

Try hand carting a safe with 1 ton worth of shit in there, want to be extra safe? Put 2 tons of junk in there.

false negativity toward firearms never hurts. if you have anti gun stuff on display to the public and dress like a soiboilibshit.jpg.png.divix no ones gonna look and immediately assume: "hey that guy owns guns, maybe a lot. i bet tyrone will buy those at top dollar, i should follow him home and case his house."
if you don't look like you own guns people aren't going to try and steal your fucking guns

fuck finally someone aside from me posting in my 1:30am drunk impulsive thread.
good advice guys (sarcasm)
(just in case you're canadian)

You're a shareblue douchebag

lets see i'm running out of shit to say... umm
as the bibble says: "judge not lest ye be judged."
well guess what everyone is judging you, anytime you go into public, and almost alway based on your appearance. AND YOU SHOULD TOO. don't make friends with someone that looks like a fucking meth/heroin addict just because they are nice or (god forbid) you think they are "actually a good person" that quote is from my friend that had his 1911 stolen by a girl that was a drug addict. he never got it back.

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i'm just trying to help n00bs and dumb people not get their guns stolen and increase negative stats about our side. gfy.

No you aren't.

that was poorly structured lol, um layman terms.
if someone looks sketch they are
if you look sketch you are
if someones too nice they are sketch
if someones too nice, and a minority they are sketch
if someone you just met talks about their massive gun collection with you.
they really wanna get robbed.

then boot noguns, this thread is supposed to help people secure their shit and not be another stat.

No it isn't. You're a shareblue shill trying to discourage talk and display of anything relating to firearm rights or republicans, for political gain and to manipulate culture.

and you're bumping my thread, thx d00d
irregardless of weather this is bait or not
to reiterate.
i'm trying to prevent people from becoming another stat i don't want your guns being stolen and used in crimes. i don't want you to have your rights stricken from you by the government. and i don't want you to go to jail for defending yourself just because you called jamal a fucking stupid smelly afro american when he tries to steal your bicycle at gunpoint.
smokinga fag, brb

the second amendment is gradually getting chipped away by people voting wrong with assumptions that stem from disinformation.
inform your anti-gun friends, take people shooting, give them a GOOD EXPERIENCE. if you do it right, it will last a lifetime.

You really are a goddam idiot.

to elaborate, show noguns the safety and operating procedures, let them know that firearms are tools for a means. make sure they understand that a bad guy with a gun is bad and a good guy with a gun is good. remind them that you (and them) are the good guy. fuck i'm drunk. no laws with white claws.

again, you're only re-enforcing what i said and making more people realize the amount of disinfo that happens on this website. thx

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ps: i want the flare kit with 5 round magazine.

>ar/ak bolt face outline
>spam can
I really doubt these are meaningful signs to anyone except gun nerds like Jow Forums

how about you stop associating with niggers, meth heads and the like? Most of this is worst case scenario shit that's very unlikely to happen. And even if it did, do you not have a safe for your guns? Do you just fucking keep them under the bed?

You don't blend in at all

yeah, good point. that doesn't mean that people (thiefs) don't go on here/ reddit.

i don't, do you?
i keep my firearms where no one will probably (emphasis on this) steal them. using racial slurs isn't helping your case my man. hopefully you don't use similar language in rl. that gives them a license to steal like i said in my earlier post.

you shills haven't gotten anywhere with conflict so now you're trying to sound polite, thinking it will go over better.

and for everyone, i'm just spraying this shit out my ass. i'm not an expert nor will i ever claim to be. i am a drunk american living in a blue state shitposting at 2:45 in the morning. draw your own conclusions from this bread and be vigilant. only u can prevent forest fires.

dude, get a real job, do you tell anyone what you actually to for work?

alternately, move out of your abusive, dysfunctional parents house, stop living in squalor and quit smoking so much pot.learn to think for yourself, eventually making your own opinion on subjects.

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after another cig i realized that Jow Forums strips data from photographs (except the photo board) the gps cords in the photo you posted showing off your new cz75 rami can be used by a criminal. wow nice gun, nice exif data, nice house.

keep your 80% firearms hidden they are your #1 asset. if and when you get your guns taken away they won't immediately know that you purchased 80% firearms online, if they do say something alone the lines of :
"hey i did and im a terrible machinist lol i threw those away because i fucked them up" here are my guns. take them. little do they know you have an ar pistol under the bottom drawer with a coat hanger attachment.

i hope people new to guns, and actual owners that have a large collection see this thread, regardless of if this thread is useful or not, i want to make people think i want to make people say, "lol this guy;s fuckin stupid, of coarse i do (or don't) all that shit" again i am drunk and have been for almost a decade. so i don't expect my advice to be taken seriously, let alone on a Laotian lithography forum. here's some hentai so i get banned.

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>being offended someone says nigger on Jow Forums
go back to whatever shithole you crawled out of nigger faggot

Stop drunk-posting.

i'm not offended i'm just stating that if you use that language around other people one of them might give themselves that license to steal, and you'll be their target.
no. contribute something relevant .
not in this thread though, i will be banned by the mods in the morning.

"give themselves that license to steal"
Just how fucking dumb are you? This isn't even remotely Jow Forums related, it's just a way for you to bait a pol thread and shill lefty ideas. Someone who is going to steal is going to steal regardless, theft isn't motivated by politics you moron.

okay so, i'm talking about all the ways you can get stolen from
but i'm not touching much on how to NOT be a target.
>get a real safe, bolt it the floor, if you live in an apartment, get permission from your manager (written and verbal) to bolt it to the fuckin floor. >dont blab, loose lips sink ships.
>everything but
> your cpl pistol should be secured.
>again stop talking yo that guy that is "cool" but he'sa druggie and has felonies, hes not an asset he's a liability.
>don't overtly display that you are a gun owner, this applies to STICKERS SHIRTS HATS PATCHES.
bleh, dsfargeg

>Jow Forums posters
>at a party
Pick one

Cute fantasy

>contribute something relevant
Alright. Don't live in fear you faggot. I'm not going to emasculate myself as a deterrence mechanism against theft. Jesus Christ. Listen to yourself.
>if you have anti gun stuff on display to the public and dress like a soiboilibshit.jpg.png.divix no ones gonna look and immediately assume: "hey that guy owns guns, maybe a lot. i bet tyrone will buy those at top dollar, i should follow him home and case his house." if you don't look like you own guns people aren't going to try and steal your fucking guns
You just said this. Go the fuck to bed dude. You're embarrassing yourself and everyone reading this God awful thread.

name calling will not dissuade me, like i said before, get a real job, i hope people see this thread. if you really don't like my content then just report that /e/ pic i posted and it will get deleted in the morning. i'm archiving all my posts for the future though. so your efforts are futile.this info is not going away, people Will get educated and there is nothing you can do about it

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Yeah your are a shill

>this website
You have to go back faggot

>be and appear to be aware of your surroundings
>remain in well-lit areas with lots of people
>conceal your carry
>have a partner
>keep your curtains drawn
>have someone you trust intimately pick up your mail when you're away
>lock all your doors and windows
>find a discreet way to transport firearms and other valuables between home and vehicle
>drive a vehicle a tax bracket or two down from your actual wealth
>be stuck in your phone
>wear shitloads of jewelry, especially expensive watches
>have an overly regular schedule if you can help it
>just openly haul your valuables between home and vehicle
>drive a vehicle that attracts attention
>leave valuable objects in plain sight from a window
>write down passwords, safe combinations, etc
>leave spare keys, especially to the gun safe, with anyone you wouldn't also trust with the trigger for a shock collar attached to your nuts
>be conspicuously wealthy without shitloads of security

>god awful thread
okay, maybe it's god awful but i hope i'm making people think about their firearm security. contribute something relating to securing firearms. this whole thread has been me jacking off. it'd be nice to hear how other people secure their shit.

nice, dude you get an internet.
i can't thank you enough.

You're mad that I figured you out immediately.

>>leave spare keys, especially to the gun safe, with anyone you wouldn't also trust with the trigger for a shock collar attached to your nuts

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this poster is an example of whats happening on this site everyone that sees this shit bread take note. these responses are textbook, and are cross-board, if you make a quality post/thread and get a response like this don;t let it phase you. again
get a real job, i hear mcdicks and walmarx are hiring.

South African here, not specific for guns but how not to be robbed in general

Thats literally it. Pay attention to the people in your environs, use shop windows to check who is walking behind you and give people walking around you the once over - generally you can just tell if someone has bad intentions by the way they move and act.

Also, make fleeting eye contact with people you suspect may be up to something. Not to hold their gaze long enough to challenge them - you may end up pissing off a random street negro - rather the goal here is just for you to say (with your eyes) "i see you". You want any potential robbers to know that you are aware of them. Muggers and robbers are ambush predators, its unlikely they will go for someone who they know/think is prepared for them.

Another great one to avoid being mugged or held up is never stop moving. Done this myself. They will often try to first get you to stop moving by asking you a question (can you spare me a smoke?) and then commence the mugging. Some dudes tried to hold me up and I just kept walking, while he was demanding my wallet and holding I knife, the fact that I just kept walking and ignored him completely threw him off and he ended up leaving me alone.

Masters edition is positioning when in shops, always facing doors, always looking at who enters/leaves, sitting with your back to a wall, sitting on the edge of the table and not hemmed in by chairs, and shit like that. But not really that applicable to Americans.

shameless self bump. mods will be awake soon.
with everything i've said i should let you knwo i'm lazy, my guns are ina sife that isn't bolted to the floor, i live in an apartment i frequently leave and leave my door unlocked. i have a gun under my couch and i am usually naked when at home.

another quality post , thank you dude you are helping everyone, if you're ever in wa state, US ill but you a beer, 1g of pot and let you uck my wife. keep up the good fight.

>not applicable to Americans
Oh, it is very applicable, depending on where exactly you live. Maybe the people out in the country have an easier time with violent crime, but you go into the big cities like New York or Chicago and you're about to have a major nigger problem.

this is to elaborate on what
posted. watch this.

, this tuff is important! you don't have to be a tweaker or an agent to be concerned about your security or well being. SA user whats up?

dont (you) me you fucking schizo

i mentioned i was drunk, i also mentioned that you should get a real job in previous posts i made. it's a weekday, go hand out some resumes,you have resumes right?

its a public holiday in South Africa you fucking retard.

what holiday? don't patronize me you fucking shill
luv ya! xox XD #kys #gfy #pitbullmommy

trust no one

Fuck off. I do what I want.