How will an extra terrestrial invasion of earth actually play out?

how will an extra terrestrial invasion of earth actually play out?

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Any extraterrestrial species that has the capacity to reach us in the first place would just be able to squish us like a bug

>t. bug
Wait until the Starship Troopers dismantle your green insect limbs. All ten of them.

We would get curb stomped. If they have FTL capacity to get to Earth, then they would have weapons that would decimate our conventional forces with in days, not that its hard, afew nukes deted in orbit to take out satellite coms and send the world in to disarray

If my wouldn’t. There are no resources that a spacefaring civilization could want on earth, that they can’t just get outside our gravity well. The cost of coming to the surface is too high.

I'm going to steal the FS2000 from my LGS and I'm going to win.

What makes you think wars are fought for resources? Thats asinine, wars are fought for territorial instinct, instinct to dominate, religious reasons, or because its favorable politically for someone.
Aliens might invade because we are letting our females expose too much skin or because Gloorg needs a conquest to add to his prestinge before taking the Quantom Seat.

Only dumb commies think wars are over resources.

>infiltration to divide us
>EMP to isolate us
>Bioweapons to decimate us

Basically what we did to the Indians but done by guys who are capable of faster than light travel

What about the resource of human life

newsflash: it's worthless (even from our limited perspective)

Ur fuxkin dum

Who will be first to have sex with an alien?

Aliens could arrive in generation ships. That's honestly looking like our best hope to reach distant habitable planets. They very well could be technologically on par with us.
>>large ship makes contact. Parks itself in orbit around earth. Its people have no place to go as they left a dying planet In generation ships in several directions to save the species. We haven't the room or resources to share the planet. War breaks out. Turns out they not only have a formidable military but also have a large ship in orbit with offensive capabilities. A smaller non UN nation takes sides with them. And then another. They get a foothold on earth. Satellites are all destroyed immediately. The human population is knocked down quite a bit. The struggles reach every continent. Earth becomes home to an alien species. Humans and aliens call a truce to preserve what is left. Small fights live on for decades. Humans become extinct.

>they would have weapons that would decimate our conventional forces with in days

So we will still have 90% of our forces remaining?

If they want to kill us, there's very little we could do. Ayylmaos could just send a RKM at us and blow the planet to smithereens.
If there's a reason why they don't want to wipe us off and they need to occupy the planet, I bet you can have some gorilla warfare against ayys. Just smuggle a dildo filled with TNT inside of you and when they kidnap you for anal probing, detonate yourself

There was a book, or a series of books where the premise was that aliens visited us in the 1200s or so and saw our tech. They advanced very slowly so their generational ship arriving in 1940s figured we would still have 1200s tech. WW2 is going in which causes humans to ally and fight the aliens which have from what I remember the equivalent of 1970s human tech. Of course they make humans and aliens ally at some point and there is some stuff with Jews still being killed but the premise was interesting. I forget the name of the book.

Oh, apparently it is Harry Turtledove.

thing is you assume that this species will be like us. They may not be another ape type species and may be absolutely shit at war.

cheeky cunt

If they were the dominant species on their planet and figured out space travel fighting for survival probably isn't a foriegn concept. A military force is definitely an important component of seeking out a new planet. We are capable of cloning and genetically engineering. If they do not share our hang ups we could be facing genetically superior beings who have enhanced themselves for specific jobs. Super soldiers.

yeah but the idea of suicide bombings or kamikaze attacks may be completely foreign to them. Biologically or technologically they may have advantages but socially or psychologically we may have an advantage. Apes are fucking weird in the natural world because of shit like this, so we as a species may behave in a manner that completely throws them off.

I'm gonna say, they likely will share similar moral hang ups, which specifically evolved in human society after all. Our reluctance to do what we consider "morally wrong" is beneficial in the long run.

no, its impossible to comprehend them as our understanding of them is based on our understanding of ourselves. They will most likely be completely different and inconceivable. Thus, the psychological affects of inter-species warfare will be massive and may even negate technology.

we're probably just a series of atoms that either have or don't have value to them

a species advanced enough to casually wage interdimensional, intergalactic warfare likely lacks any form of internal strife and are fully unified in their goals (being a psychic cyborg hivemind thing like the combine, etc), and theres likely nothing our completely insignificant species could possibly do to offend or otherwise incur violence unless the net atomic composition of our planet including us is deemed valuable for harvest. our planet being less than a drop of water in an infinite ocean of atoms they could go utilize instead. there likely isnt anything unique about us or our planet that they can't materialize themselves on a whim if they wanted.

if for some odd reason these aliens have empathy for our sentience and free will, we're more likely to just be left alone or contacted whenever we figure our shit out and start working toward something meaningful as a species. something meaningful like validating our existence through expansion into the galaxy. the notion of some actual malicious species that just wants to kill us for fun and coming all the way out here to do it is pure fantasy, we're not important and on a scale of our known universe, we're not worth a second glance to anything that has the power to notice us.

in 1,000 more years when we're living some scifi shit across the galaxy we'd still just be like 1 atom of hydrogen in the ocean, and we'd still likely be very late to the organic life party on a universal scale

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Hes a cuck and his books are a huge letdown, take it from someone who read it.

Any species that became dominant on its own planet enough to be able to invest resources in space travel is likely good at war. Look at the first Earth nations to reach space, what is common among them? Per capita theyre the best fighters on the planet.

Guns of the South was alright, just too long winded

For all we know, the aliens didn't wage war as much and put all their bigthink into interstellar travel. Or they are able to just fling asteroids at us from far away or they'll just fuck us from orbit.

Every one of his books has some main char getting cheated on publicly and he focuses pages and pages on describing the situation and how the char always has spaghetti falling out of his pockets. I was three pages into one of these fanfictions when I realized low quality fetish romance wasnt what I paid for and just threw the book in the trash bin next to my recliner. Havent touched turtledove since.

Meteorites are the beginning and ending of any invasion.
Throwing rocks. Seems silly but the asteroid belt is full of them in all sizes.
From city busters to continent thumpers.
If they have the math to get to our solar system its logical they have the math to move mountains and drop them on whom ever they please.

Assuming the they want to preserve the place and populace and/or humans are secretly really damn scary it'll be quiet subversive efforts like trying to advance a species in Stellaris. Sometimes it's better to bring a new race into the fold rather than just bomb them into oblivion and pave over their rubble.

Assuming they don't give two shits about us, the environment, or our infrastructure we'd probably be wrecked quickly. They might not even set foot on the planet before it's done. Fair bet even on the off chance our troops are actually scary they'd probably still have a monstrous technological advantage. We'd almost certainly lose badly and they'd have a new planet and system under their belts. Even if they just decided to throw a really big rock at us from orbit we really couldn't stop them.

Honestly, the best shot for us would be a "Road Not Taken" scenario where some dick swinging "primitive" yet spacefaring civ comes down with firelocks and line infantry. The fun thing is for all we know (which is basically nothing) that could be just as likely as the little green men with death rays or a horde of B-1s sent by the machine gods to roger roger us to extinction. All of our thoughts on this are essentially fantasy and assumption.

A bunch of projectiles entering the Earth's atmosphere at 90% the speed of light.

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>90% light speed
They'd probably only need one projectile

Man I remember reading this in highschool, It's pretty brutal read. Even if you're so advanced civilization that you could colonize and support habitats anywhere in your solar system, you won't see projectiles that are the size of kitchen sinks homing at you at relativistic speeds. Even if you manage to hide inside asteroids and such, the waste heat coming from you could be detected by an alien mop-up fleet.
One problem with the book is that it's told that the aliens genocided humans because they didn't want the competition. If that's true, why did they wait and see when we developed interstellar travel methods and then started the bombardment, instead of starting it immediately when they found us

The value of human experimentation, meat, and manufactured drugs from our organs (adrenochrome, pure adrenaline, etc) begs to differ.

It unironically depends. Most people here assume that these extraterrestrials will be like us, where warfare led to immense tech advances and idea changes. The sky is the limit when it comes to how an alien culture develops, like how our planet is a Hobbesian war against all, but they may not have that development if their world was a verdant paradise. It could be like that Harry Turtledove novel, where the aliens are very slow to accept new ideas and just assumed that we would be too, being in the Middle Ages by the time they observed us, but being at WW2 level tech when they got here and becoming gingerheads, leading to the playing field being significantly leveled.

I will do it

>Aliens invade
>Slowly genocide us
>Take our land
>Fuck our women
>Give us space smallpox
>Humans are second class citizens in an Alien colonised earth
>Years go by
>Alien race gets progressively more liberal
>Starts getting Alien Guilt over the genocide
>Alien SJWS intervene
>Humans get huge tracts of land back and Alien space bucks every month for free
>Humans become full blown alcoholics and just sit around all day doing fuck all but drink and get handouts
>Some fucking Alien punk gets recorded and posted on AlienYouTube making claims like "hey im one 16th human and i am oppressed!"

God i fucking hate Aliens

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>subvert the ayy society from the inside
So all we need to do is to become the jew...