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cirno is a whore

No she is a fat American


Oh yeah?

>She is sky blue
>She is an easterner
>Oriental = colloquial term for a Uruguayan
>Oriental also means eastern

Just TRY and prove me wrong

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Ur gay xd

cirno is cute

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She is so cute

begone argent*No

>Uruguay is an argentinian province
>Cirno is argentinian

cirno uruguay more like your mom gay

>>Oriental = colloquial term for a Uruguayan
I've never heard this. Explain?

its a lie


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WRONG, argentina is actually a uruguayan colony that gained independence

Tell me about Uruguay, way do they corn the beef?

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WTF i hate Uruguay now

How can you hate the makers of corned beef!?

I'm sorry, but Cirno's nationality clearly belongs to a real country.

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The only thing Argentina owns are black people who think their white or European and try to claim an island that belongs to both Argentina and the UK.
As well as white chicks they inhumanely stole from western nations.

>Implying they were stolen

What does Uruguay "do"?

Cirno is Japanese

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Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

Contested, as many fairies came from some place other than Gensokyo like Clownpiece and the Fairy Maids and have english names.

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What does "Cirno" even mean? I heard a road in Brazil has that name, so maybe her being SA isn't too off the point.

>she is celeste like uruguay
>she is smol and cute like uruguay


It is objectively the country of all time

it's a pun on the word "chill"

Or alternatively "Cirrus", which is a cloud type that drops snow.

Because it is an effective way to preserve it for future consumption and export.

Cirno is clearly Canadian.

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This stuff is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know it's lower quality and probably worse for me than just about anything else beef barring sausage, but when I'm lazy it cooks well and tastes good with rice and vegetables.

No she's Romanian.


Look into your heart, you know it to be true.

Cirno is, clearly, Lithuanian. Seriously.

Bump for nice post!

What would make you think that?

Well because everyone else is wrong.

Your dubs do give credence to your claims, but I stand by the statement that Cirno came from the UK. Just look at the facts.

Honestly, one can make the claim most fairies in Gensokyo aren't from Japan since Sunflowers aren't native there.

Wouldn't that make sunflower fairies ethnically South American?

I want to fug cirno

Cirno is square.

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No, she's clearly a diamond!

I am a lonely Cirnoposter now

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It only seems that way sometimes.

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But Cirno isn't a whore, so she can't be Uruguayan. Checkmate, OP.

With a name like that, your logic is infallible!

No i'm not

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>Uruguan flag
I stand corrected

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Prove you are the cirno by saying something only it would know

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She talks about English Beef, not Corned Beef.

Would you eat Uruguan Cirno's corned beef?

This stuff is way too salty for me. Do Uruguayans eat it every day? Too much salt leads to kidney stones, you know.

What is this

She is clearly from mars

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Hell no. That must be some shit for export, but they don't sell that stuff here because we can eat fresh meat every day. I wouldn't even try that corned shit

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Its literally the only reason America can remember your country. That stuff is everywhere here.

Looks delicious. Makes sense.

That looks delicious.

Other than corn beef and export it to poor people and Lithuainians, what does Uruguay do?

Cirno is a triangle. She's only the strongest of shapes!

dude weed lmao and football (soccer 4u)

I thought she was Mexican!

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She does seem a natural fit.

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That's not a pinyata she was striking...

Cirno is from New Zealand...

>Cirno is from New Zealand

Let me fix that. That's better!

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Wouldn't that mean Russian Cirno is sideways?

Regardless where Cirno is from, we can all agree she is a beacon of Christian virtues.

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Well, despite her nationality, my wife chino is so cute ehehheehhe e h e hehe h eh eh e e e eh he he h eh he ehjuhvjc herwdugrfvb ygtgbtvbx nhgf iyuv hjkgf vh98ius irgfv hurs gfvikyr6gt co8ru7s tvh09ersgv 8ysergv o7e

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You okay there buddy? Get some sleep for me

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This. Cirno is a fairy, and where does one find fairies? Not in Japan, at least not endemic.

Eternity Larva is almost certainly a Shinto goddess and she's a fairy. Aside from Sunflower Fairies, Clownpiece, and probably the other Caucasian fairies like Lily White and Sunny Milk (which is admittedly most characters), there's nothing to indicate that Cirno is from anywhere other than where she is.

Though, if you ask me, it's weird that she's the only known ice fairy.

That's implied, but not confirmed. Really, fairies tend to be ill-explained as far as their mechanics go in Touhou. We don't even know if they're youkai or not.

She's close enough color to the flag, I guess.

I would contest that and say that her blue better matches our flag's blue, especially from her in-game sprite!

Whatever nationality she is, she is available in France!

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>4 days and 20 hours
>not even lit
kill this thread already it's taking up more space than your mom

Uruguayan cirno is best cirno

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All /lit/ has given Jow Forums are its hideous Slowjaks. They have failed to impress me.

I have to admit the Uruguayan flag looks great as clothing.

/lit/ was at its best when merged with Jow Forums.

The merged boards will always be remembered fondly due to their limited nature. I can bet you that Jow Forums would have been elevated to sainthood if we weren't successful as a trial board.

Funny how that works. I guess things are better when they aren't in the hands of (you). Or at least seem that way.

Cirno is actually a Kiwi. I should know, I met her once in the store.



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>That's a frog color


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That Kiwi looks less like Cirno and more like it's gone off.

Cirno is Nordic. She's associated with ice!

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Cirno's too small to be Nordic.

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On the contrary, she is quite big.

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I think I ate something like this once. It was a blue raspberry-flavoured Kiwi.

How could you say that? Cirno, like everything else important in the world, is American soil.

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