The flag of Jow Forums

the flag of Jow Forums

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The animated flag of Jow Forums

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>Putting text on a flag

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>animating a flag

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thanks sheldon

The animated animated flag of Jow Forums

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>animating an animated flag

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Posting the superior design.

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WRONG, this is the flag

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Sorry, but this is the actual, real, physical, LITERAL, TRUE, UNDENIABLE, OFFICIAL flag of Jow Forums!

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Literally what

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it's the flag of Jow Forums
pic related is what happens to those whom dare disrespect it

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No it isn't

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He animated the post of animated animated flag of Jow Forums.

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It's not that bad. The flag looks recognizable when scaled down, which is something that most of the "better looking" designs lack. That to me is really important for a flag.

The other animated flag

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Seriously though, flags aren't animated.

Looks like NATO lulz

That's kind of the idea...

This is trippy.

Go fuck off, you degenerate.

the other animated animated flag

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Aping Chicanon now are you? You're just a bad copy of the real deal.

Genuinely, stop with the animated flags.

Animated flags are the future!

I miss that guy. One of the only people to come from Jow Forums that didn't suck.

It's this thread again
I can stare at this for hours

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Oh ffs

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Did you ever do the version holding the fishe in place of a globe?

I actually really like this one

Wish I had a sharper version of it. The one I posted is a bit blurry and muddled around the edges.

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Ok thats cool

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How do you do this wizardry

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sorry, i forgot, there is some private stuff that's been bothering me for a while, i'll finish it eventually

Put a fishe underneath instead and it would be 9/9

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Speaking of fishe...

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>No animation

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This one is clean and simple. I love it!

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im gonna edit this but my editing programs are shit. gimp is good yes?

Gimp tends to leave behind extremely sharpness between elements if you don't know what you're doing. Though I use photoshop whenever I make a new design, with the blur plugin if sharpness persists could also work.

If you want to make or edit lots of flags, pirating an older version of shop' is a good idea.

installing gimp now

I use GIMP to do most of my edits, but I tend to just use the oilify function to get rid of artifacts which causes the blurriness

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Apu has unfortunately been a case of a meme commandeered from us by Jow Forums due to their inability to be creative on their own merits and using the connections between him and Pepe to make him into a continuation of their frogposting. He's not a good representative of Jow Forums anymore, especially when the majority of threads using him are started by robots instead of Jow Forumserers.

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The pixelated flag of Jow Forums.

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It's so retarded it might just work.

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seal of bant

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The seal of Jow Forums

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can you animate the animated animated flag of Jow Forums

The real seal of Jow Forums

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I think that was done already, though I don't have it saved...

forced as fuck
also check em

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It sort of seems that way at first, but then you see it situated in other Jow Forums memes and works so it really is our goto design, even if the only person that actually likes it is Argentina.

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lol something that doesnt exist anymore

this but put cystals in the marked corner and a fishe where it says fishe.

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Maybe Canada can do it for you.

Seconding this. Guess Gimp didn't work out?

I guess not. I think Chile finished the flag for him anyway, though.

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You men shwarmo.

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I remember

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mmmh i still have it open. im just taking my time and like editing it a bit every few hours or so.

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I think the diamonds are excessive. Just the fishe should do.

i was think something like pic related but i keep think of so many iterations.
maybe i put fishe in claws of eagle
maybe i put the crystals inside Jow Forums clovers
maybe i put happy day held by eagle.

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mmmmh maybe this

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I think the diamonds should be omitted, but I like.

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Mongolian flag?

Do a version of this with the cat as a silhouette.

Nice trips! I'm also fond of 's design.

I agree.

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We need a definitive version of this thread to sticky so it doesn't have to be remade constantly.

mmmmh nice