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Does this mean the polar bear will go viral soon?


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wait hold on
did you make this?

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No someone else did a week ago on Jow Forums. I just saw this after youtube reccomended this to me


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guess we will look at this bear go to new places

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people need to see this

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Maybe since YouTube's algorithm. Not sure if good or bad

its good in this case

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haha look at him go

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wow he's fast!

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Heres the orginal post from Jow Forums


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Does bear have autism


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Do you make edits?

i'm just dumping bears

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haha, where is he even GOING?!

haha wow!

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to the great polar bear migration

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Is there an enhanced 8K webm version somewhere?

i don't know

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If the polar burr becomes a meme beyond Jow Forums what will that mean for him?

First time I've been back on Jow Forums in a while and this is the first thing I see.

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How could he become a viral meme just through a generic slide thread shitpost from Jow Forums?

Well I also revived the Cirno cult with just a single post so who am I to judge?

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he keeps going!

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This is amazing


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This stuff is great I want to congratulate the guy who did it so badly

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>Simpleflips commented

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I don't have the policeman, the one with shiny eyes, and the mario ones. Does anyone have those?

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>almost 40k views
Guys, is he gonna be famous?


look at him go

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Look at him dive!

Look at those views...

okay, where the FUCK is this cunt going?

Look at those views!

I was just thinking about posting this vid to Jow Forums the other day

shoutouts to simpleflips

Did this actually start on r/banter?

I don't know. Unless the other bear files where made somewhere else.

Anyone have the rainbow bear gif?

Fun to know that a couple of youtubers that I know of browse such a small board

Quite a few bear edits were made on this board, I've never seen the ones on this
video. As for his origin, some anons investigated that earlier:

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*although I've never seen the ones on this video*

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Ive seen most of them i haven't seen the mario hat one though but it might be possible that a /v/ poster saw the bear and made an edit of it.

He can't stop. He must go.

Please post them so I can save them

Only have the orginal one

I'm sure somebody has the others. Check the other thread!

why is this bear deficient?

It seems like the reverse google search couldn't find anything on the rainbow bear. Thought it was different enough that it would have displayed different results so i wouldn't have to go through 100s of images

Reposting something I'd made a couple days ago. Short answer: Yes

Look at him go was first posed on April 10th, 2017 on /tv/ as a shitpost thread, which was deleted by mods within 25 minutes. It initially consisted of a .gif of a duck walking, rather than the boy we all know.
It was shitposted on /tv/, presumably by the same user, a month later into May. Around this time, it first made its way into Jow Forums on May 14th.
Several months passed before the first instance of the running boy we all know made his appearance, which was on July 28th, posted by an American.
It was then reposted by a leaf, another burger, then a kraut and a nip many time over the next several days.
Eventually, the boy overtook the ducke in his position as him.
This is how he solidified his position. Respect his journey as it continues.

69th post

I'm pretty sure that one was made on this board too, I remember someone putting it in a bear thread as an edit
It looks like his head is concave

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What program are people using to edit gifs? Gimp/photoshop?

Im suprized the video is almost at 65k views now.

Gimp works. If you want very simply changes like speed, frame order, disk space and all that shit the ezgif website makes things a lot easier

I use Gimp, I don't know what other people use. Polly said something about commands in discord when he was making these.

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I can just see redditors taking credit or giving credit to Youtube for this "new funni MEME." I don't want the boy to be taken away from Jow Forums and killed. Not like this

That's what i see is going happen. I can see youtubers like cyranek and grandayy making videos on these with in the next 90 days.

The stinging part is, however you may view it, Jow Forums will never get credit for the creation of this prolific content, and it will just be assimilated into the supposed "canon" of that cancerous "meme culture."

The real question is do we want credit. Someone will if that happens will make a knowyourmeme page on it and will probably link it here as the creator. Then site some youtube or reddit link as how it got popular. Not sure Jow Forums will handle kindly to influx of newfags if they follow a link. But take it as you will. Should keep an eye out though


Who cares about internet points about who comes up with what
People like things you made, but what's the point in keeping them reminded you made it
Rather just keep people guessing over where it came from desu

Kmac posted it so maybe


Oh shit, it's worse than I could've imagined.

The original was first posted here, for reference:

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Shitty-ass link but here:

is this bant original stuff or have we stolen this one too? Too little bear posting these days.

It's Jow Forums original as far as I can find. We were the only ones making edits to the gif in the first place.

I mean someone posted alzhiemers man on twitter before but it didnt spread. But i think alzhiemers man was too obscure to really catch on

There could be a discord group. As in the link in the OP there is a discord link in the description box

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Anyone have any military themed ones?

Why worried?

The bucko that made that video doesn't even know it comes from Jow Forums, he's a fucking cancerous streamer too.

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We must educate him, reasonably. This guy has potential to be a major source of OC!

I wonder how this will be slowly ruined now

Then where are they coming from if not Jow Forums? Where did he go r/banter?

I remember posting him before that thread. I found him on Jow Forums too. He's been here since at least January.

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It doesn't look pretty

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Ewww all those underage hiveminded kiddos

Shit, they even use cringy comments

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I was hoping that this wasn't a thing before Jow Forums picked it up because I know sometimes some memes get shat onto Jow Forums and I think they're OC from here since I don't leave this place, but it's pretty clear that they're using bears that we've made. I know one of the bears in that video is one that I made.

Which one was it?
Also i was going to say looking at how past memes spread from here(Jow Forums) more likely [s4s] since thats closest board i can think of to Jow Forums to view how this can potentinally all play out. But this "meme culture" is a relatively new so i don't know, since i am relatively new to Jow Forums as a whole
t. 2017

Well, such is the condition of the user. You make content for the fun of a small niche, and you have it taken away and shown off by a popular-nobody outsider, and pretty soon others who are outsiders use the meme and make poorly conceived edits not for fun's sake, but for the sake of it "being a meme," usually it just being used to reference already-existing memes or culture, and by then, it's irrecognizable to how it once was as it's now grouped-in as part of a greater "canon of memes" as determined by outsiders.

But never forget, make content for the fun of it all in the niche you're a part of, not for popularity, not to creat memes.

This one...
Honestly, problem is deciphering what began here and what didn't anymore. Jow Forums used to be one of the few places that shat new content out onto the web and from what I can tell we're no longer the main source since everybody else has started doing their own thing. I actually think this may be one of the first memes in a long time that legitimately began here. The original gif wasn't created here, but we made it a "thing".

Ay which one