Welcome to Jow Forums - Maid/Random

Welcome to Jow Forums - Maid/Random

Jow Forums is a board for the discussion of maid culture, a place where you can relax and have fun with meidos from all over the world.

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Yes hello.
I am a meido from Finland.

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Clean my room for me!

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How do I into maids?

Do you want to be the meido or do you want to own the meido?

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How can Saccuya even compete?

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Yes, hello. I would like this meido for meidoing.

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delet this

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Then you need to furnish your house with Victorian era decor to attract meidos. It helps if your house is a mansion.
You might also want to find a meido somewhere, on the internet is easy but it's harder to ship them from far away. If you show dominant characteristics meidos might start gravitating towards you.
When you ship your meido to you, you should have a meido dress ready. You might want to get a whip and some bondage rope too.
Meidos might not want romantic relationships, but you can have one anyways. Just remember, meidos are property.

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That sounds amazing

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What more is there to owning a meido?

>furnish your house with Victorian era decor
>a mansion
In plans, and maybe in the future, respectively.
>find a meido
>ship them from far away
>show dominant characteristics
>get a whip and some bondage rope
Been there, done that. You forgot about the collar and a leash.
>Meidos might not want romantic relationships
You hurt my heart. I will have to punish you.
>meidos are property
And like every property, they need proper care.

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where can i get a qt 2d maid?

The meido will of course cook and clean and entertain the master however desired.
The meido isn't likely to leave you.
You don't necessarily need to pay the meido in any other form but providing a place to live and food. The meido can also work outside the house if needed, and can be made into a life partner.
Some meidos can also manage finances and mail and be a personal assistant with work, and manage things like home servers.
Meidos also have good taste in anime. I think.

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>Meidos also have good taste in anime.
Meido here, can confirm this.

Is Jow Forums a meido purist or meido anarchist board?

Purism in work, anarchy in bed

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windows me is 17 years old, and already the best maid

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She's legal this year....

Please don't remind.

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No Cirno, you ARE the maid.

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owo whats this

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I love me a good maid!

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Yeah they are pretty cool

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Too bad they were replaced with roombas.

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It's just not the same

And the robots are taking our jobs

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Why not have both?

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Maids are preparing...

oh this thread is still up, cool.

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Not all maids are kind.

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The master has become the servant, and loves it!

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What makes maids so cute?

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The idea of someone that acts like your mother but isn't related and hopefully around your age.

Now take this... thing.

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I'm too poor to own a maid.

Clean my shit

wew this is still up........

become one


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Any picture of animals in maid outfits?

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Maids indeed.

You might want to play Skyrim. There's a book you'll like there.

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Do maidos like maido anime/porn?

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Most maid porn is fucking shit.
Once the dress comes off and the mannerisms switch to less professional the relationship dynamic disappears and the whole appeal is gone. At that point it could as well be any other porn clip.
And it always ends that way. The introduction is arousing (in the curiosity sense) and then the bulk of it is just two naked people smashing their genitals together.

And that seems to apply to most other porn too. It stops being interesting after your second video from back when you were 12, even back then you had seen if not all, a good 80% of it. Porn needs more plot and novelty.

Or that's my experience, might be biased because I practically don't watch porn. If you have content this doesn't apply to, please suggest.

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I agree with you, nice to hear someone share my sentiment. I don’t know either, I mostly stick around for the foreplay and then leave or just look at pictures

Pic related has her in costume for a good chunk of it but it’s mostly POV of her doing the work

Finally, a man with refined tastes that understands his meidos.
I assume you've never seen fuckswithducks commissioned rubber ducky pornos?

Where do I remember this name from?

Maid porn? Yep, that's bad. Maid lewds though...

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Reminder, posters with yellow ids are maids

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A lot of the time when porn tries to have a plot it ends up being too absurdly funny to jerk it to; the combination of bad acting and them trying to shoehorn the sex stuff into the story makes it some of the best comedic shit I've ever seen. I've laughed harder at JAV than at any comedian or comedy movie I've ever seen.
Although hentai doujins don't seem to have this problem

No lewd

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So, is her hair purple or black? I've seen works use both.

There must surely still be rich eccentric people who commission maids to do their laundry.

Get out touhounigger

That's a Nijura maid you plebian

The cirno, it does not wish to be [a maid].

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Then you'll need to learn how to cook and clean.
You should be intimately familiar with the traditional cuisine of several European countries. You should also learn to bake pastries and prepare snacks. Being knowledgeable of wines can help, depending on household.
You should adapt to a strict schedule of keeping places clean. No amount of mess can wait until tomorrow. You should also learn the professional methods for cleaning, for example having a dedicated cleaning set and procedure for bodily fluids separate from other spills. These are industry standards and might be mandated by law. You might want to take a clearing course to learn these properly.
Your master's study is an exception to this. They might not find it pleasant if you've cleaned their half-done projects away. Ask the master how and then it's okay to clean there.
You should also prepare to wash and cloth your master, as well as to satisfy their bodily desires.
You're likely to need to adapt your sleep cycle to service work. The master's breakfast and bath should be ready when they wake up or return home (and so should be you). Even after your master goes to sleep your work is likely not at its end, you'll be preparing things for the next day. You might want to test your stamina by seeing how many days you can go on minimal sleep and food.
In case you find yourself working as a head maid with multiple underlings, or as an underling, you should have decent people coordination skills. You'll want to learn to control your jealousy too, if another maid is more popular with the master.
But most importantly, you should have a submissive personally. You're going to have a bad time if you're not prepared to like being entirely at the mercy of your master's whims.
It's also a plus if you have entertainment skills, such as being able to play instruments like the violin or piano, being good at video games or having good taste in anime.

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Oh, you should also learn to take care of people medically, in case your master gets sick.
I wonder what else I've forgotten.

If you happen to be male, consider hrt

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>consider hrt
delet this

>If you happen to be male, consider hrt
Can't we just be a butler instead

A maid can do anything a butler can, but a butler can't do everything a maid can.
Butlers are a downgrade of maids.

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what did he mean by this?

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So if I'm a male and I take HRT to become a maid, what things can I do that I couldn't if I just became a butler?

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All the l**d things the master desires.
But if you don't fancy such things, you may become a butler instead. Just remember that the maids will get to serve the master in more ways and be a greater source of joy.

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Maids are not for l*wd!

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But what if you have a mistress?
Prepare for HRT and lewding, btw.


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Where do maids come from?

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

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They're maid in heaven.

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>manage things like home servers
woah, high tech meidos these days

very high tech

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not cute...



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We need to bring back luddites desu

What should the Jow Forums maid look like?

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I'm definitely submissive, but I'm not sure about cleaning or cooking, I think I prefer being a lewd maid.

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good advice

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Don't we already have one?

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But that's a touhou.
Jow Forums needs an original meido.

What do you think it would look like?

like this

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