Have you had a asian GF?

I want a asian gf, tell me about them, How different are they from other girls?
They seem really chill and quiet at my college, always studying and shit, not like the party girl sluts.

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>not like the party girl sluts
>he doesn't know

prepare the drones, misogynist identified.

had a chinese gf once
>they really do study a lot
>into all that cutesy stuff
>always wanted to cuddle
>sex was meh
>they go to parties
in the end she wasnt pregnant but she lied to me about taking the pill so I dumped her because she almost ruined my life

she WAS taking the pill, she lied to you about not taking it to see what you would do.


even if it was a shittest I would have dumped her
you dont pull shit like that

i'm asian and probably the sluttiest girl i know. i like dem white boys though so if you're white plz reply.

it was a shit test. no you wouldnt have, you would be glad you passed and kept creaming that tight puzzy.

but u failed lol bitch

Asian girls in western countries are just as much sluts as white girls

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did I hit a sensitive spot there user? you seem upset

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number 55ive is allllllive

did i hit a sensitive spot, cia bitch? you seem upset, barely keeping it together.

Asians from Asia are generally obsessed with money. Asian Americans (assuming OP is american) tend to be fucking psychos in private.

Obviously I have no experience dating either I am on Jow Forums but those are my observations.

>caring this much about another persons live
keep insulting me little boy, I want you to spend the whole day in my thread

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you sad, CIA bitch? maybe in a different era i could have given you brotherly advice.

yes I claimed this thread

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As an objective outside observes I can say with certainty that the frog poster is ALWAYS the most butthurt person in the conversation.

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>maybe in a different era i could have given you brotherly advice.


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Asian girls in Asian other than Japan or Korea are incredibly slutty. Thailand is just depraved and in China everyone is terribly educated but horny they're like teens. You should travel user

i didnt help my bro slay some of the hottest girls in Korea, nope. im a TIP and cant offer nobody any advice, especially not to some autistic cia desk jockey.

No personal experience, but I had a gaming buddy that married a Japanese chick and can share some of the things he experienced.

First off, in his case the meme seemed to be true. He spent a couple years in Japan and got laid quite a bit. Significantly more than he did over here. He was an okay looking dude, maybe 6/10. Decent personality too, pretty normal, definitely not the Chad type. For him at least, being a white guy in Japan worked out well. He met a girl he really liked, they hit it off, got married, and moved back to the US at the end of his assignment.

After that, the fantasy kind of broke down for him.

She definitely wanted to be the housewife type. Refused to get a job in fact. Even a part time one before they had kids.

She's also got a lot of weird hangups about life here in the US. She thinks it's super dangerous here and that everyone is going to shoot her, so she's afraid to leave the house a lot of the time. She also never got a driver's license in Japan and won't get one over here, so she has to be driven around because we live in an area with shitty public transportation.

She sort of fits the "submissive wife" trope. She does follow his directions and abide by the decisions he makes, but she's super passive-aggressive when she's not happy with what he decides. She cuts off sex, gives him the silent treatment, cooks stuff she knows he doesn't like, basically makes his life miserable whenever he makes decisions she doesn't approve of.

She constantly complains about missing Japan and wanting to move back there. They spend significant amounts of money and pretty much all of his vacation time travelling back to Japan to visit her friends and family 2-3 times per year.

Can answer more questions if you want.

>a buddy

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>Can answer more questions if you want.

Does she cheat on him with black guys

t. cia wagie

As far as he knows she's been faithful. And if she did cheat it would probably be with a white guy. She's actually pretty racist about black people, they all terrify her.

t. afraid of his own BLACKED meme