Getting a tattoo

I want to get this as a tattoo, and my friend wants to tattoo me. He's an artist but not a tattoo artist, he said he'll do it for free if I can get the equipment for him. It seems cheaper than going to a tattoo parlor but I'm afraid he's gonna fuck it up or it'll get infected or some shit. anyone here who has gotten a tattoo please chime in.

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the album is good, but you are autistic. don't get this tattoo unless you want to be widely perceived as such.

imagine getting tattoo of a shitty buttindie album about a guy falling in love with a tranny furfag with a diaper/piss fetish

OP actually you are cool for getting this tattoo dont let the haters take you down

aw thanks. but seriously should i let my friend do this or should i go to a parlor?

damn you're right - we should convince him to ruin his life and get it

like a single tattoo is gonna ruin my life. i just don't want to end up robbed/in the hospital then robbed.

Get your friend to do it. It's not a particularly strong image or difficult. If it looks a little fucked up, who cares? It will be part of the story.

yeah the memory might be worth it. if it turns out into absolute shit ill just turn it into snoopy and woodstock.

>even considering getting a tattoo
>of all things to get a tattoo of its THIS
op are you fucking retarded buddy

tatoo are cringy

i like his music fuck you buddy.

>tranny furfag with a diaper/piss fetish
dude that tranny furfag with a diaper/piss fetish DREW THIS ALBUM ART

imagine getting the art of a tranny furfag with a diaper/piss fetish permanently inked into your skin.

Out of every album, out of every band, you're going to get a tattoo of Car Seat Headrest?

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If you think saving that small bit of money is worth the risk potential infection and/or a botched drawing that will be on your skin for the rest of your life, go for it dude

will drew it
she only did the inlays

gay and furry

I wouldn't get a tattoo of you faggot


yep. getting a joy division tattoo would fucking hurt like balls.

bisexual and furry but to be honest its mostly other guys.