Where my insane boys at, how you holding up?

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Tell us hallucination stories lunatic-senpai

Post stories fellow skiz or gtfo

I'm doing fine I've been recovering after the last time I interacted with a normie

how do you deal with normalfags? teach me bro

That pic always creeps me out so much. Some Alice in Wonderland stuff.

I don't they harassed me for weeks and wouldnt leave me alone. We are gonna die alone buddy

>See government posts about my mental health on here
>Theorize that they came by reading my facial expression and determining me a threat
>When i finally start hearing voices they're the voices of government psychologists
>Tell me to step outside myself and view myself as a purple fog
>It works and I start crying like a lunatic
>My mom comes to my room later that day and tells me unsolicited that there is a van outside the house with people in it who are claiming to be from a cable company and who say that I have an open connection and that terrorists can hijack the signal. Walk around my house with large radar dish devices in their hands. She calls cable company and they say that they don't know who they are.

voices are very nice to me, one even becomes practice girlfriend

raelly maek me think desu senpai

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Are you the guy who wants to transition but is worried about your penis being to big?

getting my neetbux from this shit so not bad, also somewhat worsening the condition with smoking pot all the time. kind of like a balance in the system.

The voices just want you to become a cute girl user. you simply need to dig deeper into the meaning of what they say. once you do you'll realize that it's coded talk to encourage you to be a woman.

Checking in fairly good I'm high right now and have a bottom from Grindr coming over to suck my cock

Do you lock your boiclit up in Chastity? Also are you a bottom or TOP?

Listen to what they tell you and transition, you will be much happier and actually have sex, also after you do this you will not have any auditory hallucinations

I fucked a schizo sissy off of Grindr last Friday night, she swallowed my cum and left after pretty sure she was on meds to keep her sane

Not too hot but I still believe it's possible for it to be almost okay

Do you ever dress in cute skirts and play with your boicunt?

Bored as fuck and in a haze from benzos if I can get my dick hard I will jack off to Bailey Jay and maybe later group fap with robots if I can find some who want to play with their cocks

> no sad mentally ill BF to fuck and suck and dress like a cute girl

I use to fuck a BPD bottom he was weird but his boipucci was pretty tight

>Voices sound like cute girls if they stood outside and chirped a mating call like frogs
>Government originally played this feed for me to ease my transisition into hearing voices so that I wouldn't be possesed by demons who would tell me to kill
>Also play binauraul beats, I was embarresed by them cause they aroused me and i couldn't stop thinking "my penis is hard"

How do I know if I'm schizophrenic or schizoid etc?

>I theorized that there were two Jow Forums's one for people targeted by government programs and another for everyone else
>Every post and meme was created by the government, one time I said "god show me da way" and when i started back on Jow Forums I began seeing the ugandan knuckles memes. Created by government agents to convince me that I was being referenced by government psychologists, thus creating a puppet in my head that would act on their will when my schizophrenia was actualized

ive got this horrible urge to eat someone, gone as far as to stalk people hiking and creeping around their campsites in the night and its tourist season here.

>One time I was watching the shining probably for the 100th time
>If you don't know what the shining is about it's about a man who goes insane and tries to kill his family with an axe
>As I was watching it I decided to instead look into myself with a camera feel jack torrances words in my heart
>I was on my bed with the dogs
>As I browse Jow Forums (of all places) I see a thread that says anime girls sleep with dogs

Schizoids are more depressed with slightly psychotic features.
Schizophrenics are more board up your windows to keep the shadow peoples out.

t. schizoid.

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Holy fuck did you see that tr*noid spam up there? Holy shit.
Anyways I don't have schizophrenia, what's it like? Does it make life a living hell? Is it more peaceful?

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For me it made it seem like all of my dreams were coming true, other people have it differently though

Lol I'm just a political prisoner of marijuana decriminalization by Democrats. My county tried diverting marijuana users by giving first time offenders a chance at the "marijuana deterrence program", which resulted in actually locking me up indefinitely to be transferred to a state hospital. It took 30 days of being locked up but they finally sent me to the hospital. An Italian doctor took about 10 minutes with me to decide I was delusional, because I told him my mother is overbearing and there is no winning with her (or me). I've never hallucinated without using drugs, and I've only done low doses of shrooms twice. Anyway, it helps my atheism tremendously to watch identity politics direct my life into truly believing I have 0 worth without a mental health diagnosis, whether it's true or not. As far as my delusions go at best I am reactionary if I am being harassed by meth users and they keep wanting to tell me I'm pretending to be my parent's parents who were all high-profile war veterans, so usually I'll hear some twacked out accusations of valor thievery before the tweaker becomes physical and I use my registered karate to exact justice on years of abuse. Some people don't survive munchausen but that is what I deal with. Also I took my incarceration as a good lesson on what a shitkicker is, which is basically using mass black incarceration to push an agenda. I predicted my entire plight and warned people what was going on by contacting the national institute of general minority studies about whether I could somehow get minority bucks for being blond male left-handed and I also have green eyes in my genetics but all it got me was indentured servitude. While I was in the hospital for 53 days we had to talk to really fucking stupid college students from an all-black college and while I was there I made sure to yell "Fuck Black People".

I'm talking to a boislut who is schizophrenic I don't want a boiwife just a hole to slam

Trying to find love on dating sites. It's harder than I thought.

what did the discord trannies mean by this?

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OP should transition! uwu!

This entire thread is proof that trannies are more mentally ill than schizos.

Or schizos are trannies that are super horny

You're a fucking disgrace to the real insane schizophrenics out there, even one toke of a joint should make you want to cut your own eyes and pour salt on them... you're not a schizo man you probably had a psychotic episode and live out of the benefits

It does make me want to try on girl clothes and transition

No, I still fucking mumble inside of my head all the time. Always think some sort of demon is talking and trying to make me laugh. I stopped having psychotic epsidoes and hallucinations from weed, but i still suffer from every day from whispers.

with every action i hear an audience either laugh at me or react with disgust
its like im hearing the public opinion on my day to day life and i cant do shit to drown it out