Boyfriend treats me like shit

>boyfriend treats me like shit
>cry everyday because he makes me feel unloved
>he dumps me
>suddenly feel like he was the greatest person I've ever met and that I will never do any better
>have been miserable since and would do anything to get him back

What is wrong with me?

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Alot like most fuckups using this website

this is horribly relatable

why can't I date someone decent?

Stop being the sad disgusting gay doujinshi loving whore and try going outside. I don't know how out of the all the great men there's out there you date that 1% abusive jobless cunt. Thank God he dumped you so now you know what type of guy you don't want to date. Cunt.

You will find someone better eventually

>live life decently
>don't talk to fembots from Jow Forums offsite

he had a job, and he seemed lovely when me met
im not a male

i'm just saying what i do, not giving you advice. No idea how to find a decent guy. I just know that I'm one and you're not gonna find me :^)

You got problems with your self image. Spend time thinking about what you don't like about yourself, then work towards changing those things. You probably didn't deserve the abuse, but you can be deserving of someone much better

He made really good money and was extremely nice over the internet.
I honestly wouldn't mind being with someone abusive, as long as they never left me.

Same scenario for me except I dumped him and regret it. I wasn't happy with him and I'm not happy without him.

Learn to be happy without someone, then date someone who doesn't ruin it

have you tried dating me?

I think its the fact that you belived he was the whole reason your life is shitty, and now that hes gone, you dont feel better in any way

work on yourself and try to make yourself better

sage thread

>Dating over the internet
Do I even have to say anything?
...Anyways, had friends that had similar experiences, they weren't very social either. Try dating a guy after another until you meet the right one I guess, that worked well for both of them. All the time you spend alone is wasted of bullying yourself constantly overthinking about how you're not enough, time to start all over again friendo.

why wont you date someone from r9k rostie
>muhhhhhhhhhh i dont dare to date guy who is under 9.8/10
yeah now fuck off

He was from r9k asshole and he definitely wasn't a 9.8/10.

the delusion is strong with these men. they never realize that they are the terrible monsters that women hate and it's not chads and normies like they wish

you know iam human and i cant tell when someone is lying or not also

>boyfriend treats me like shit
>he dumps me

if he was robot he would not absolutely ruin perfect chance to have gf after all what you thing we are on this board thats right because we cant go outside for various reasons one of them having anxiety so again fuck off rostie go fuck with random dudes since you dont have anything better to do

>they never realize that they are the terrible monsters
iam terrible person because i want to play with other kids and not get bullied in school ok fuck you then also pic related is you

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Most people on this board aren't complete losers and it hasn't been that way in a long time. Most robots are just low value betas.

Also just because someone is socially awkward doesn't mean they're automatically a nice person. You can be awkward and still treat people like shit.

you're terrible people because you treat women like shit and then wonder why they don't want you

>Most people on this board aren't complete losers and it hasn't been that way in a long time
you are right but then what point for this board why are you here if you have good life

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my god you dumb whore i dint born to hate women you hate me since my early ages i grow up to hate you while you suck dick hole day

Stockholm syndrome, but very originally

>boyfriend treats me like shit
>didn't find someone better
Yeah, what the fuck IS wrong with you, other than the fact that you're a MtF.

Just find someone better who will love and support a complete loser.

Why didn't I just think of that?

you clearly don't understand how far down some of us are

>What is wrong with me?

Stockholm syndrome. You're just fooling yourself that he was a good boyfriend when he really wasn't.

Came here to say it, clingy ho

I'm more of a loser than 90% of this board. I've been a hikikomori for 5 years now and barely finished high school. Was also a khv before I met him.

If any half-decent guy was willing/able to support a loser like me I'd practically worship the ground he walked on. I did so much shit before I was ready to make this guy like me and still got casually dumped over text like I was nothing after I came home for a funeral. Begged him to take me back and promised to do whatever he wanted but I'm just trash.

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What are you like? What are your stats and traits?

Oh thats fucked...
This is a bad place for people with ripe insecurities, drink, some tea, take a nap and exercise. Id talk to you more i dont wana be predatory and take advantage of your duress. I hope your able to find happiness

5'10" and 160 pounds, I haven't eaten since we broke up though so I'll probably be back down to 140 soon.

I'm kind of a sperg, extremely shy/self conscious.

I've never been with anyone before and tried my best to make him happy, but he always seemed annoyed by my presence.

He said he wanted a boywife so I took hormones for him for the 2 months I was there. I don't present as a girl or anything but I get mistaken for one sometimes.

I liked doing the cooking/cleaning but I wasn't particularly good at either. Honestly I just want to make someone happy. I feel like such a worthless piece of shit.

You are disabled

I'm definitely fucked in the head.

Well of course - you're a faggot.

You sound like a retarded attention whore. You should unironically kill yourself over this breakup. You offer nothing of value and no one wants you here.

>Whats wrong with me
Youre a woman

I'm probably going to, but I wouldn't blame it on the breakup, it has more to do with my shitty life. I'm in the same situation I was before I met him, but now it feels so much worse.

Those things are also true.

what's your discord. ill be your husbando


I'll be honest and say I'm not sure I'll be able to jump into anything else right away, but we can chat and see if it goes anywhere.

I'm pretty beat up over this and I'm probably just going to kill myself.

You'll find other people you can turn to, even if it seems hopeless. The internet is ur friend too

Oh make sure you include the period btw, assuming you aren't fucking with me.

There's a reason why you dated him and not a nice guy who would have you treated you like a princess, all women want to be treated like shit. It's in your nature.

I'm not a woman, and I thought he was a just a nice lonely guy who wanted someone to cook/clean for him.

not sure, but therapy, answer is always therapy

>I just want to make someone happy. I feel like such a worthless piece of shit.
I feel the same way. I don't really care about myself, I need other people to care about for motivation.

I'm sorry OP I've been in your exact position after my bf who I was absolutely obsessed with left me. Crying and screaming every day, totally out of control etc etc. I got through it though.
If you wanna talk I have discord just let me know I would love to try to help if I can.

Daddy issues probably. That is the usual suspect

>is with someone who treats you like dirt
>"Oh god I miss him so much I know he cheated on me a lot and would hit me sometimes but I love him so much"
and you wonder why we have women

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Sweet now you can date me

It's a lot to do with the fact that you're the one that got dumped. He probably prepared mentally beforehand while to you it came more suddenly.

You won't feel over him or that you don't miss him until you decide to break up with him.

Going through the same shit, all I can do now is gym work study repeat, good luck op

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Can't you see it's a bait user?

thats strange. But thats maybe what faggots are designed to be: slaves for the nonfaggots. They arent in competition with other males (because they dont wanna mate with females). They just want to selflessly help other males. 10/10 could make sense.