What's the ideal robot job? I have no social skills, don't drive, and have no motivation...

What's the ideal robot job? I have no social skills, don't drive, and have no motivation. How do I leave my parents house?

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The ideal robot job is no job at all. A distant second is any job that allows you to work from home, communicating with your employers mainly through text e-mails. If that fails try to become a night watchman or somesuch similar position.

Without any motivation, you're probably done. But, if you are motivated to leave your parents house, that's a step in the right direction. What's the normal going rate for a small apartment or room in your area? What are your other expenses?

You can pretty easily figure out what you need to make per year in order to be independent.

I live in a town of 6k people. Closest place I can find with apartments are unfurnished at $1300. I have a friend who also wants to move away but he wants to go at least a short plane ride away.

collecting disability welfare checks

What remote jobs are popular? Like coding a medical billing and stuff like that?

Lay in the middle of the highway and be a speed bump.

not to get your hopes down, but for the most part remote jobs are massive memes and rarely pan out well

Robots dont work OP, you have 3 options

2 trust fund baby
3 find a sugar daddy on Grindr

I assemble furniture. There's a furniture manufacturer by my place and I got a job there. I'm towards the end of the line where we assemble finished pieces. It's pretty good. Just do the same thing over and over again. You don't even need to think. After a while it all becomes automatic

I have been diagnosed with asperger's (I guess HFA or whatever now), social anxiety, general anxiety, and depression. Do I qualify? I thought neetbux was mostly just a meme.. also I'm in the US btw

Do you have some kind meme degree from Uni? I made at least some money (equivalent of 200-300$ per month) correcting people's papers for orthographic errors, a job I could mostly do from home.

What's being a train driver like in your country? Cause where I live you get paid shit tons of money, the training is only 1.5 years, you have a guaranteed job and don't have to communicate with a single person during your 8-hour-shift.

However, if you're mentally unstable that might not be for you, because if someone decides to commit suicide on your shift you'll consider.

As for me (Uni student, soon /NEET/), I have applied for a job at the local historical archive. Scanning books and sorting stuff, sounds quite alright, I think I can recommend it. There's much worse jobs. I worked in the kitchen of an old people's home the last two summers and this fucked me up bad, not even because of the dying people, but because of the monotonous shift.

Good luck user

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Sounds kinda nice. Do they let you listen to music while you assemble?

I'm Australian and have schizophrenia, I get 1.1k a fortnight total benefits, I'd have no idea about the US though

you can leave your parents home with the power of death apply directing in your mouth

>I live in a town of 6k people.
That's going to be pretty tough to find something, I'd guess. Maybe get into being a temp worker, contact LaborReady or Manpower if you have that in your town. But they may require you to travel to someplace more populated.


I have no degree. My lack of motivation with my crippling anxiety caused me to miss like half a school year every year since 7th grade. I have no idea what train driving is like in the US.
Scanning and sorting sounds pretty comfy. Stuff like that might work for me, it's just I never knew jobs like that existed. It's just so out of people's scope that when I think of jobs I'm qualified for I only think of like customer service, retail, waiter, all that shit

>What's the ideal robot job?


I feel like a customer service job is a robot's worst nightmare, no?

are you fucking kidding? origgi

puts you out of your comfort zone
people in the robot comfort zone are not happy

i'm guessing that's why he said that i'm not that user idk

>Without any motivation, you're probably done.
Yea, this is true. You need this and discipline to do anything in life.

Yeah they probably have stuff like that around 45 minutes away by a big city in my county. My town has 1 deli, 2 restaurants, and a gas station. But also one of my biggest anxieties is seeing people from highschool. Like every other time my mom goes to a CVS or Target (outside my town, like 30 mins) she'll tell me how she saw my HS guidance counselor or my 3rd grade teacher or something. That shit would kill me, so maybe I do have to go about an hour + away just to feel a little more comfortable going outside

I was so accommodated as a kid. Now I don't know how to make an appointment, I'm a super picky eater, I have no drive. I wouldn't wish this on anyone..

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>one of my biggest anxieties is seeing people from highschool
this. I'm a NEET who wants a job but I live in a small town, basically a village with a supermarket. I worked at it for three weeks and I will NEVER forget the experience of serving my high school crush and her mother, who said 'oh didn't you two use to be friends? I hope they don't work you too hard here!'. I quit the next day. No amount of money is worth having your self worth eroded like that. I was a fucking monkey at a till in a polyester uniform.

>I'm in the US
yup, it's a meme then

fuck i'm annoyed

>be web developer for 5 years, work at shitty company, miserable, dad tells me to quit and move in with them "as long as you need"
>6 months later, dad is totally fucking pissed that i am still NEET (doing a small amount of freelancing) and still totally happy and fine with it
>decides to terrorize me daily, having me apply to thousands of jobs i have no desire of ever doing
>got a call today from some company, it is wordpress and wants me to send an updated resume with wordpress highlighted
>i have used wordpress a little bit, and hate it with a burning-hot passion
>i always hated the wordpress sites at my job, and used to insist to my boss whenever he wanted a wordpress site that we shouldn't use it (it's totally garbage for developers)
>basically, after doing a few updates on wordpress sites on the freelancing site, i decided: i will never accept any job or work on a wordpress site

the entire thought of working at this job fills me with dread. i'll get an aneurysm in a year of working with wordshits. also i'd have to move away, they said they would pay very well and the job is full of girls.

god damn, i will not apply to any place with "wordpress" at all. i don't even think i applied here, but they found my resume on one of those job sites

I feel the ideal robot job would be something nightshift related like stocking shelves or some shit. I'd want to get a nightshift gas station job just sitting there for a couple hours listening to music. There wouldnt be alot of customer's either plus there's a good chance of the gas station getting robbed and I get stabbed/shot, so pretty comfy and I might die it's a win win.

even better you could avoid getting killed and then claim PTSD and get NEETbux for life