Do femanons like the feeling of being kissed behind the ear?

Do femanons like the feeling of being kissed behind the ear?

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first haha i got it

yes yes ys yesyseyseysyeysyyesyeysyeyyeyyes


You know what, even if there were any here, that's where they'd keep their prison grade cheese.

Sorry no affection for trannies ITT

Possibly Oregon?

im not a tranny silly user
im afraid not

>watching netflix with ex gf (only gf I've ever had)
>saw a pair on show do stupid shit like sticking the tongue into the ear
>find it really funny and decide its a good idea to stick my tongue into her ear
>biggest wtf moment she's had in our relationship
>realize how autistic that was
>be embarrassed for the rest of the night

god fucking
why does no one online live in this commie shithole

>she sits with back towards you
>hug her from behind
>slide your hands under her shirt and rest them on her tummy to feel the warmth of her skin
>Kiss the skin just behind the ear
>nibble on the earlobe
>slowly kiss your way down her neck

What do femanons think about the described scenario?

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I dont like hands on my stomach but i like the sentiment

when chad does that he'll make her cum just by doing this
when you do this you'll creep her out & probs get a rape charge.

No. Unfortunately I hate all physical touch. I wish this were not the case, I want to be one of those cute loving girls everyone likes but instead I am a weird, jumpy girl who feels awkward and bad every single time anyone gets too close to her.

want to be my hand-holding-only gf?

Yes. It will definitely lead to sex with me.

>I dont like hands on my stomach

Why not, are you fat

no im just insecure

Sounds nasty I despise most concepts of intimacy. Although, with the right person it might be nice...

>claims to like being kissed behind the ear

my ex got turned on when I would lightly push on her stomach
it was the weirdest most inexplicable thing i've ever encountered

nah ive heard of that quite a bit before
I havent been around enough guys to know what i like other people to do, but I know a lot of girls get turned on by having their stomachs pressed, some of them even talking about how it's best with a full bladder just because it adds another sensation of pressure in that whole general area

Are you in Europe by any chance?

Originally Oregon


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Do you the scenario of him kissing the temple, then slowly caressing his way down your cheek, stopping a bit the edge of your mouth to kiss and tickle a bit with the tip of his tongue only to continue kissing his path down the neck occasionally sucking in your du in to give you a hickey giving you that tingly, almost but not quite painful feeling at the spot

i-its gonna be alright
its gonna be alright

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Call me a normalfag all you want but this made me physically cringe