So how small is too small?

So how small is too small?

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i need at least 6 inches to have orgasm and only then with lots of clit play
am grill

Golden rule: when you question your dong its probably not long.

I know that my penis is average length but quite girthy.

Anything smaller than 6 inches.

I'm 5 inches. How is that too small? That's the average.

bEtTeR SaVE mYSeLF foR MaRriAGe

this is surprisingly accurate, every girl i've been with has said my dick was the perfect length and that they needed their clit touched to really cum
>t 6.5 inches

5 inch is too small to properly give a woman pleasure
sorry dude, like most men your small
t. 6 inch cock

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no sex before marriage my ass. would robots really prefer this to happen to them on their fucking honeymoon from a woman who was not interested to begin with if not for the money? jesus christ.

He said 6, buddy. Just don't argue you're making things worse for yourself. If a girl really cares about you, it's no deal breaker unless you're like less than 3 inches.

Stop saying things about penises.
Creatures with penises are smarter than creatures without penises. Size doesn't matter.
I have a penis dongle for my computer. It makes it work faster and better and it has artificial intelligence now.

>Implying her pleasure is what matters.
Fuck it. I'm going to get some Asian bitch.

That's also a meme, just because they're short doesn't mean their vaginas are smaller. They still have to have babies and most are giant sluts.

good luck getting them to fuck you if it won't be pleasurable

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I wasn't arguing. It's just fucking retarded and frustrating.

Dude probably can't eat pussy either

I dunno. My dick is pretty thick, but I don't have huge length. It's enough to hit a girls cervix in the right position. It's good enough to fill a girl up without being too big for discomfort for her. Unless she is a size queen, but those are rare.

Americunt here. What is that converted to inches?

It's not a big deal because if you are clean, have somewhat of a life, non-retard IQ and know how to make them cum from clit play then you're still completely capable of getting a girl to like you. Just because you're not dirk diggler doesn't mean you should just get a foreign trophy wife who literally will have sex maybe 5 times a year with you and only if you give her $2000/mo for stupid bullshit like jewelry.

2.5cm = 1 inch. You do the math.

I dare you to do it.

It couldn't even get inside of her. It was just an acorn

1.6 inches. It's 2 cm per inch, not 2.5.

You just described every white woman I've ever come across. What about hair? I recently shaved my head. Is that a dealbreaker for most women?

still have a bigger dick

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That's my fetish L O N D O N

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*sniff*There is hope...

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>If you eat pussy, you'll eat anything.
I somehow feel no shame for that.

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That episode was so fucking retarded, fuck Junior.

Anything between 5-6in is perfect for me, but i'm quite short. Plus my favorite poses help anyways and anything bigger is just extremely painful and unpleasant. so much so I stop midway.

fuck off roasty bitch

will today be the day you finally kys?

hopefully you are trolling, otherwise you are retarded

Isn't he dead inside already?

Anything under 4 is pretty bad.

Alright so how big is too big? Like what's just uncomfortable and what's too big to enjoy at all?

7+ for non-size queens and childless women

5.5" to 5.7" is avg. Not 5" even. You're slightly below avg, at least a little bit. Maybe not if you're Asian.

not dead enough

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7+ is uncomfortable or 7+ isn't even enjoyable?

looks like someone is under 5 inches

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maybe uncomfortable for some people? I wouldn't actually know.

This board is poison.

Anything over 8 is painful, or so I've been told.

looks like someone is under 7 inches

Poison is such a homosexual word

Only fags keep track of how gay words are.


TOO painful, or just moderately painful?

As long as you don't put it all the way in it should be fine. Anything that bumps the cervix is going to hurt in a bad way.

>As long as you don't put it all the way in it should be fine.
But like, don't girls hate that?

It's *supposed* to hurt a little bit, I mean, you'll know when the time comes.

OK now I'm even more confused.

There is "good" pain and there is cervical pain. Chances are you won't have to worry about the latter. On the plus side, you don't have to worry that the girl is too loose for you, it works out for you either way you spin it.

>Chances are you won't have to worry about [cervical pain].
I just keep spiraling down a rabbit hole of not understanding.

Whatever I explain to you here, won't help you out in the world anyway.

I'm just 6", too small? Am also uncircumcised

I just don't get why I won't have to worry about causing cervical pain.

Just fuck her and if it hurts then don't stick it in all the way.

You might? Depends on who you meet. Why is it such an issue anyhow, you're not a normie are you?

1 inch is 2.54cm. Meaning that guys dick is, rounded up, about 1,26 inches long. So yeah, not even sufficient for penetration

See previous question about "don't girls hate that?"

>Why is it such an issue anyhow
I'd like to have a gf at some point, and unless I've been lied to, you have to have sex with your gf.

So get gf first. Then find out if you're compatible. Simple as.

I mean, yeah. But I might as well ask on here since there's a thread for it.

>See previous question about "don't girls hate that?"
No? Why would a girl hate it if you keep her from getting hurt?

if your dick is smaller than the average, it's small. that's it. that's why it's an average.

How big do you to be to cum right against a woman's cervix?

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I dunno, I always hear that they don't like it when a guy is gentle with them though.

Is that what the virgins on Jow Forums told you?

>A report in the BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology said that the average depth of the vagina is about 3.77 inches (9.6 cm), but that vaginal depth and appearance can vary widely.

>In fact, the depth of the vagina (from the opening to the tip of the cervix) can measure anywhere up to 7 inches (17.7 cm).

So if you go for a 6'0 toastie roastie, a 7 incher is good. But if you're a man of culture, even four inches would do.

Yeah... and reddit.

>Why would a girl hate it if you keep her from getting hurt?
>choke me daddy

>man of culture, even four inches would do.
Fucking cringe

>not knowing the difference between pain and kinky sex

How rude, he should've told her before. What if she was hiding a gaping loose pussy?

5.16" is the currently accepted doctor examined average. Not some self reporting bullshit which a new study just showed are off by about 1.25".

>mfw 6 inches
i don't hate it, but it's like exactly 6 inches and i always feel it's just another part of me that is just AVERAGE

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Smaller than 6 inch length 5 inch circumference is too small.

>not knowing how to do basic math

Is this chart a meme, femanons? Would getting a 6.5" dick from behind feel good? I'm really insecure about mine.

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>doesn't mean their vaginas are smaller

Actually asian vaginas are shallower than wh*te roastie's same as asian penis size is relatively very small brainlet

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I have a 4 inch wiener, tell me robots: How fucked am I?

Learn to use your tongue and fingers. If she's worth anything, it'll be enough.

Not a grill, but I happen to know that chart is mostly real. It's just a survey though, so beware of girl inches. Basically the farther you get from average the less reliable it becomes.
>tfw my dick is only "good" to "enjoyable"
Don't even pay attention to pic related though, it's completely fake.

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how do they even come with news like this?

"hello, china press? it's me, a 27 y.o. woman from indonesia. you will not believe me, but i have just got the biggest turn on on my honeymoon..."

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Thats why I laugh and automatically don't respect someone when they work for "news", especially in "internet news".

it feels fucking amazing to be 7 inches, i barely just made it to average and im not complaining.

it must be at least 8 inches, anything below that is a joke, he's not even a human for me

Anything less than about 4 and 1/2 inches is too small.

Above that and you can make it work if you're not a retard that just jackhammers.

>so beware of girl inches
yeah, these dumb thots cant even think for themselves nevermind discern the difference between 5 inches or 6 especially in the heat of the moment. If a guy tells them hes 8 inches, they will believe it until somebody else is obviously bigger and says 8 inches too. Women are fucking retarded and unless you have a pencil or micropenis they dont really care.

>There are people who actually believe these

Aren't most women notoriously bad at eyeballing measurements? How would this even work other than women throwing out random numbers? Or numbers similar to what their boyfriends told them, that they certainly did not lie about or add an inch too. Because a guy would never do that.

That's like a one in a billion freak of nature dick, it's newsworthy.

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Average is 5.5", and you can probably get away with an inch below before it's noticeably small. Keep in mind though that women get turned on easier if you're bigger. A smaller guy is fighting an uphill battle with any woman he fucks. It's doable, of course, but he has to be better at sex than his larger peers would to get her off.

That's why I said to take it with a grain of salt. It's still useful though, because girls estimates of their partner's size are roughly accurate when you're only looking at numbers close to average.