About time for a big long sweaty wank edition

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Poleaboo is a man and Moni is short for Monica - oddly similar to Monika, the name of the girl who he secretly filmed taking a dump.

Second for Poley poos his bed

I wonder if he will try and play this off as a coincidence again

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he does indeed the dirty bastard

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5th for walking at 0.5mph for 4 hours

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i know, what a bitch
she's like "you need to do your homework" and "stop touching up sophie or i'm going to have to send you to the head teacher again" and "stop masturbating in class"

Me dog just nutted, glad he got it out of his system but ffs he took ages going to hoover up now

Phwoar, give us a peek of them knockers love!

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>starts having a sissy humilation crossdressing fetish in response to getting busted for recording monika taking big poos and getting expelled
>pretends to have always been trans in an effort to forge a new identity to get away from his disgusting crimes which he isnt even remorseful for
dirty swine

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>Zeus abusing his dog again

>Moni is short for Monica - oddly similar to Monika, the name of the girl who he secretly filmed taking a dump.

Always thought this was a strange coincidence but I'm sure that's all it is.

i had a mate who knew a girl at his school who got caught smearing her own shit all over the girls toilets. we used to laugh about it because poo lmao but in hindsight she was probably being abused.

>Want to normalise my sexual desires.

The good news is that he has now normalised them and he only wanks while thinking about James Bolan now.

You're thinking of Shippy

Reminder that Ebin rules this thread with an iron fist from his lair in Scarborough

>femdom stuff involving my sister
Christ, the lad is fucked

he is very very normal and he wont hear otherwise

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>implying Ebin even exists anymore
The mould controls his body entirely now, why do you think he moved house? It wants to spread further from his room.

>the virgin walk vs the chad bicycle

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Just archived that one in case he edits it like he did the sister one - archive.fo/LewPN

Reminder that Gordon is slowly descending into insanity, albeit less obviously than SCEA

Shippy kills dogs, he doesn't bum them

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Why's everyone bullying Moni all of a sudden?

They add a lot to this general.

I believe I'm more sane than ever, although that's what they all say.

>I wonder what I can accomplish when I actually try to hurt someone
The only one youre hurting is your dear old mum, wish I could save her from him tbqh

wonder if he's edited this one

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Drunk mum is na annoying toxic cunt. Would love to fucking strangle her.

Post a picture describing how you feel right now

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Has he ever expressed remorse? Wondering if I should have a crack at the fat bastard

Can you do some more vocaroos BN lad. Your last lot were very good, yet I don't recall any recent ones.

Shippy isn't fat, he's actual bear mode. Like a Siberian power lifter.

>all of a sudden
But we have been bullying him for years lad

Also the same name as Tim Byrne's mum

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Lifting a fork to your mouth is not power lifting.

Spot Shippy

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This is now a Saito Shuka thread

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valentines day is going to kill me

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>forever alone women don't exi-


The worrying thing is that he was actually a lot more sane when he wrote this.

Yeah it's been a while eh? Might do one at some point soon.

Think BN has been on good form recently, SCEA, on the other hand, is one more bottle away from yet another meltdown

Timothy doesn't really understand privacy does he? What a madlad

Cant see him anywhere lad, has he somehow camouflaged himself amongst the trees?

>Pee poo, pee poo, cum through bum through
>run who, oh you don't know what neets gun do
>Some do, those norman wageys are real quiet
>Trip think you wanna try it, fuck around start a /britfeel/ riot
>anons gonna buy it, regardless because I'm the hardest
>brap artist and I'ma start this
>Shit up threads foreal, get up and /britfeel/, my words
>I make trannies split up and squeal
>Ill is all you've been postin lately
>robots hate me, trannies wanna date me
>don't make me
>put their brains on the wall, when I brawl
>Too late for that 999 call


did cola record that rap after

Shippy doesn't need muscle when he has goons who will have you sleeping with the fishes by midnight


Cradle babies

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what did the madlad mean by this

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i can start work on it now if you want, am gonna watch wolves newcastle though

>black girl actually saying he cute
>roastie saying he's too short when literally every guy in 20 miles probably is
thanks user I needed this

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joke all you want but we all know who won the arm wrestle between shippy and may "6 days a week down the gym" uri

imagining what would happen if she had kids with a guy the same height as her

>tfw you literally just make shit up

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3 of my cousins have had babies this year so far. Went to visit one earlier. Was literally being passed around like pass the parcel quite contently and kicked off when I held him. Maybe they can sense the serial killer vibe like dogs can

Fucked it lads. Got caught ordering weed to my uni halls. Reckon I can get out of it by claiming it's CBD bud?

>look at chocolate pudding nutrition daily amounts
>1 pudding contains 46% fat, 76% saturates

hmm... almost made me put it back

I was christened as a child but I've never been religious. I have decided to become born again Christian by repenting my sins and accepting God. But what I would like to know is, where do I start? Would anyone agree GCSE Bitesize is a good place to start due to it's simplicity? Then progress onto bible studies?

Grateful for any help.

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Got 3 months of Amazon Music for free

>GCSE Bitesize

Look into getting confirmed.

We've been over this, Shippy had an unfair advantage because our hands were not in the middle of the table but a lot closer to him, so he had the leverage.

Get a KJV bible and read it lad. Proper bible lad.

Kek. Did you try smiling or did you just stare at it uncomfortably?

>not only did he lose to a superior male, he was beta enough to just accept the starting position

>being this upset that you got beaten fair and square by somebody who only eats beans and rolls

This is simply not true though

>Look into getting confirmed.

But surely I need to study first. I don't see the point in getting confirmed if I don't know the point of this ritual.

Start reading the KJB, join a local church and go every Sunday.

Finally justice for Ian.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this section of your life progresses. Get yourself to a church lad, they will sort you out.

Closer to him, so further from you, so you had the leverage.

I only realised after the armwrestle was over. But I am NOT a sore loser, just trying to explain the situation. Shippy is a strong lad

I did smile but it had its eyes closed so it didn't matter. I think it's because I wasn't holding him correctly

One of the others though seemed quite content so it can't be me.

>Get yourself to a church lad, they will sort you out.

I honestly think it might. Christians accept anyopne no matter how bad they are.

Imagine scea WAA WAAA WAAAAING at church

Why Christianity SCEA? Why not some other religion?

Having said that, I knew some pretty odd blokes at uni who managed to get a girlfriend through their church related activities so you might be onto something.

>I only realised after the armwrestle was over
>But I am NOT a sore loser

Ian Huntley killing and raping two schoolgirls and then going on the news to help with the effort to catch himself.

>I only decided there was a problem when I lost
If it hadn't been for moni shippy would have gone home with cola too.

There's something about christians and church that's not quite right. When you arrive there's a member of the church waiting to shake your hand, half way through the service they all shake hands and say peace be with you, the hymns are all a bit too jesusy. No one is that nice, very suspicious.

if deyre kaffoliks deyre all nonces, simpil as

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Shake my fucking cock, you bellend!


There is absolutely no evidence for that whatsoever.

>mate replies with an equally unironic response
now I can't workout if he's playing me or if he's already been played. almost hoped we'd both get a cheap laugh tbqh, thought he'd pick up straight away.

decided to spend me last bit of last month's free money on video games because I know I'll never fucking get a valentines date

dark souls remastered and crash n.sane trilogy here I come

>tfw no cute 16yo bf
everything has its end

>spreading malicious lies about /ourian/

You've set Gordon off now

>dark souls remastered and crash n.sane trilogy
terrible taste

here, have some recs

I've saved this post, no clue why.

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Grimsby is the only town in England over 40,000 that I am yet to go to, the final one to tick off the list

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would like to retire in thailand or some shit but don't want people thinking im a nonce

Ever evaluate your behaviour and come to the realisation of
>I might be autistic

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just befriended a group of christians and they are genuinely nice. i know the sort you mean, but there are some good ones out there.

Same lad. Imagine gathering up a bunch of savings and then going to Thailand to live like a king. I'd go on an absolute shagging rampage, ladies, ladybois, bois, the whole lot of them

what census you going on lad

>Why Christianity SCEA? Why not some other religion?

Mate. The only reason is because I was Christened as a child. Plus I am a white, British man. I think another religion would be too 'out there'.

What other religion could a white british man choose? Don't suggest Islam..

I'm livid. Currently in the middle of typing out a three post long rebuttal.

He could have made it big with that polisher.

The funny thing about that is that I didn't make it up, but I'm pretty sure it isn't true either. I saw it on some Ian Huntley is Innocent website.