Close but no cigar

I'm aware this is the least humble humblebrag on earth, but I just need to vent.
On paper it sounds like I won the genetic lottery.
>160 IQ (professionally tested, not online)
>7/10 according to /soc/
>~140lbs, 12% body fat
>8" dick
>no major disabilities, other than ADHD and DCD
>successful parents, still married
>as far as I can tell I'm reasonably personable, unless all my friends are just pretending, or I'm simply too autistic to know I'm autistic, but I doubt it's the latter because I would have been diagnosed already.
So that's all great, and I'm not going to insult your intelligence by pretending they aren't tangible advantage. But it all feels so fucking pointless because I can't get a gf. Everyone always says their partner or their kids are the most important thing in their life, and I'm inclined to believe them. It just feels unfair, all the things I have going for me are pretty much useless because I can't have the one thing that I actually care about.

I'm sure this post is extremely egotistical and whiny, sorry if it pissed you off.

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Either you're full of shit or someone's been lying to you.

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you're a fucking beanpole

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>someone's been lying to you.
That's something I always worry about, but it would take a lot of people all lying to me in the same way.

I said I was sorry.
What in particular was the egregious part?

Sounds like you've got a modicum of self-awareness, which is more than I can say for 95% of the rest of the genetic dead ends on this board. So, at least you have that going for you. Anyway, if it gets too much you know what to do.

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Oh, my mistake.
I guess I'm pretty skinny, but I'm not a skelly, so I don't think that's the problem.

Honestly, the supreme gentlemen and the general "women are whores REEEEE" mentality are part of why I'm so concerned about this. Obviously there must be something seriously wrong with me, because it can't be everyone else that's wrong.
I know in my case it's not asperger's, but there's gotta be something.

You're full of shit then.

Hit the fucking gym Skelepussy

I used to be 155, same bf% but I pretty much starved first year of uni. Gaining it back has been slow going.

I promise you I am not.

>160 iq
>still sees love as more than primal chemicals with the sole purpose of keeping the species alive
you might want to check this "professional"

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>140 IQ
>Realize how pointless the feelings caused by the chemicals running through my brains are
i want to die

>extremely egotistical and whiny
And there's your answer OP.

Pic related is you, pickle rick.

I know, but I only whine on Jow Forums. In real life I keep my problems to myself.

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None of those things besides your low body fat will automatically attract women. Height fine.

You never mentioned your age op, which suggests with a 160 iq you must be very young if all you care about is a gf.

>you must be very young if all you care about is a gf.
19, yeah.

You are a child. Stop.

post pp or larp

>6feet fall

I found your problem

Lurk Moar. Then get fat/ ignore personal hygiene/ lose your job to join the cyborgs.

Or make something with your life and fuck off.

I'm not posting my dick, sorry. I know that doesn't do much for my credibility. Besides that's not the point of this thread, I'd have to have a gf for that to make a difference. I only listed it because it's wasted potential.

Oldfag here, your problem is you're 19 and that's young as fuck. It's your entire lifespan, so subjectively from your viewpoint it's not young, but you really have no idea how little it means that you haven't had a gf until now.

Anyway, the adage that you ought to focus on yourself before finding a gf is true. I know what it's like to be lonely, I was a KHHV until I was 22. And I know it feels like it's the most important thing in the world. But it's really not. If everything you say is true, the girls will come as long as you don't waste your life. The high quality girls come especially once you've worked on yourself.

Where do you even go to get a "professional" IQ test?

I got it tested by my psychologist while I was getting tested for ADHD.

All of those are advantages, but unless you can present yourself in an interesting way, girls won't want to touch you. You basically have to play the role of a mysterious manic pixie dream boy., and imply there's a lot more to you than what's behind the surface. You need to make them wonder and long for adventure.

Also, confidence.

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I've known for months this place was a shithole yet here I am.

>the girls will come as long as you don't waste your life. The high quality girls come especially once you've worked on yourself.
I really want that to be true, but I have trouble believing it.

>Also, confidence.

Just go gay. I guarantee you you'll get your dick sucked without issue. You won't even have to take a dick up your ass because they'll definitely want yours, assuming you're not lying about the size.

Someone as smart as you op would know you should go do something like a job or volunteer work at an animal shelter to attract women. Go do a real thing and do a good job at it. Women notice right the fuck away.

>Go do a real thing and do a good job at it. Women notice right the fuck away.
I mean, I'm going to school for biomedical engineering, is that good?

>why can't I get a gf?
Oh user, I'm so sorry.

>sorry if it pissed you off.
Are you a complete niceguy?

>6'0 and 140
Holy fucking shit, I thought I was a lanklet
>that reaction image
There's no way your IQ is over 105.
>not smart enough to get a girlfriend
Again, there's no way your IQ is over 105. Stop lying to yourself.

I thought it sounded like I was baiting, so I figured I might as well get it out ahead of time.

I'm gonna stick with what my psychologist told me.
What about the reaction image makes you especially doubtful? I only picked it because it's brightly coloured and stands out. That and pardo posting is fun.