There's a gril I like who's my friend. She's single. She wants to be my "wingman"

There's a gril I like who's my friend. She's single. She wants to be my "wingman"

Why are women like this?

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female friends are a meme, only reason you're with her is because she's a girl. you're not going to get her so stop wasting your time and don't talk to her anymore.

>OP has friend
>Friend isn't attracted to OP
>Friend wants to see OP happy and offers to help with that
>"Why are women like this?"
user just fucking neck yourself and save everyone some pain

I know man. Men and women cant have a plutonic relationship. Im better than her in terms of looks though. I've told her many times before that Im not even remotely interested in anyone

What do they get out of it? We're not like best buddies or some shit she's just some gril at uni I happen to get accquainted with. I've read this many times before here as well about women trying to be "wingmen"

literally just this. Cop the fuck on, user.

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Most people experience good feelings when they do something friendly for someone else, that's what they get out of it.

A guy would never do that for some women. Why cant they mind their own fucking business? Either be my gf or fuck off since men and women cant be friends

This. Men are ungrateful brats and don't even have the ability to understand what it means to be a friend. They have no feelings beyond getting laid.

Literally impossible for a male and female to have a pure platonic relationship

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Fuck off femiod trash I have other guys if I need friends. Men and women cant be friends

Why wont God allow me to have a gf

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see originally and apples banana

Or maybe you're just a bad person.

Asking out isn't a thing here. So how do I tell here like her and want her to be my gf

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What do you mean ? You go outside with her (a walk is nice for a good conversation) and after talking for a bit you tell her "I need to ask you something" - "what is it ?" - "I see in you more than a friend. I need to know where I'm at with you." or just ask her if she wants to date you if you're more forward.

Having sex with a guy is validating to him the same way as a girl wants a guy to keep talking and loving her even after sex.

If you just use him for pillow talk without having sex with him he'll feel weak and taken advantage of, just like a jaded girl who only gets used to fuck by guys then never called back.

I will still have small talk with women if they approach me or even help them out to a certain extent if they need it, but I wont text them or be their friends because they will take advantage of it and cling to me.

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So in other words I should treat all men I don't want to fuck like they are garbage because you're all useless as anything other than a fuck toy. Got it.

That's lovely have a nice life you bitter thot

you can work this out op just let her be your wingman and then describe her to herself and then she'll tell you what to say that will please her and then just do what she tells you and report back if it works

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Cause women love to control and boss around men even if they aren't attracted to them. Hell some girls just get boy friends just to feel in control over them and not because they love them

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