Be me. Work at a waterpark as a cashier

>be me. Work at a waterpark as a cashier
>It's the best job ever. Imagine getting paid to stare at cutiepies in bikinis all day
>The female lifeguards there are especially hot with especially thicc asses.
>sometimes when i'm working alone i let myself get a throbbing hard erection and the customers can't see it because of the counter
>One day as i'm admiring this femanon lifeguards ass i want more than to just see it for one fleeting moment in time. I want to be able to go back and admire it whenever i want
>creeper mode activated. This would probably be a good time to take a picture of her ass and then frame it in my bedroom
>ka-snap. mission accomplished
>later that day i get called down to the manager's office
>Oh god. Oh fuck. Someone probably saw me! Oh fuck!
>manager just says my cash till was off so i get a written warning
>no one saw me take a picture of femanons ass. awww yeeaaahhh!
>pic related. Its one of the many pictures i've taken of cute femanons there
>#worth it. i've cum buckets to this pic
>also there was this one other time i was working there that i stole about $20 or so from the cash register but i made sure to not enter in some orders into the cash register so the cash amount would be the same as the total receipt amount
>also there was this one other time when I filled an entire large soda cup full of dippin dots and pretended like i was just getting a soda so i got tons of dippin dots for free
>so in conclusion i love working at a water park
>how's your days anons?

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I wish I had a job this tolerable, post more ass op

makes you wonder why nofap is so detrimental when life grants these sort of things

per anons request here is more ass

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more asssssss

Your living the fucking dream user cheers

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ass flatter than day old beer

>>also there was this one other time i was working there that i stole about $20 or so from the cash register but i made sure to not enter in some orders into the cash register so the cash amount would be the same as the total receipt amount
You're playing a dangerous game user, if you do it too much you WILL get caught and the boss could take legal action against you. Happened to one of my co-workers, which gave me a big laugh as she was a megacunt

That's an okay butt. Definitely not worth losing your job and being branded a creep for. Tread lightly.

You're a hero, our robot god.

why do you keep saying "femanon"


OP i hope you're planning to post all of your collection here.

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keep posting OP
my day was fine, social worker.

These asses are gross. Can't you take pictures of any black or brown women or some pawgs? This is pathetic. Miley Cyrus tier.

He's a working normie.

just beat my rod

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here ya go anons

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:) :) :) :) :) insert smiley face

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Absolutely nothing wrong with stealing glances, maybe even flattering. But the picture part always crosses my lines. Any shame, OP?

That is a profoundly pitiful ass, you do realize that, right?


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OP you are what every robot should be. We should all be mischievous in life and not mope around quietly

>thick asses

Op... I..

Hey user, what app are you using? Im in android and use background camera, you can have any app running, and shot using vol + or vol -

This is the best you've posted op and it's still not even that great.

This desu


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Thanks you very origami, Satan-san.

What, are you gonna kill OP cuz he took pics of flabby asses? Not like I protest but it hardly seems worth it.

Pic is completely unrelated, that's not even me

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Today OP was a HERO.

>have great job
>steal from employer
Very unbased, OP. You're practically a nigger.

Personally, I don't see the point of taking creepshots, but as long as you're careful about them, go ahead. Stealing, though, is a very dangerous game. I'd cut that out if I were you.

Isn't Meridian, Idaho awfully cold this time of this year?

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It could be an indoor waterpark.

n i g g e r
El Nigger del America

It's not, OP didn't obscure the park's name in a photo, Google confirms identical structures.

He must be holocaust thin to think that those are "thicc" asses

Meant to reply to , see creepshot18.jpg

I know the feel bro, work for a boat/watercraft rental place on a really popular beach, i have a seat behind a counter, customers (usually girls in bikinis wanting paddle boards so they can take instagram photos) come in to do paperwork, and have to lean down right in front of me to do it as they're standing and I'm sitting. It's almost uncomfortable how good of a view I get, sometimes they even cover up their cleavage as they're doing the paperwork as it's pretty obvious how easily I could look. Also the fact I wear polarized sunglasses just makes it even easier. I can't not look, even if I wanted to.

I like you, OP. You sound like a hell of a guy. Post more funny stories.

I paid the janitor bitch to fuck me at work. Fat black bitch. Nutted all up in that several times. Paid my seminal reparations. Never got caught.

>doesn't get mad at seeing hot girls all day he'll never be with
Confined for low IQ. In the same way a dog is content to be in ots master's shadow, you seem pretty fucking content to live in the shadow of desirable women.
Tell me, how many girls have even smiled at you outside of a polite smile when buying a ticket?
>t. Work in a fancy restaurant in the west village amd I'm slowly dying, one of the reasons being how many beautiful girls I see go though there who literally won't even look at me
I wish every human was unattractive to every other human

why can I picture this happening for some reason

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See you on the news soon Casanova

I was going to say that. I haven't seen a single ass ITT worth getting excited over.

You aint gonna see me on the news. Odds are I'll live my life like every other person in society destined to be unattractive and mentally despised by himself.
I'll work until I die and nobody will care.

>op living the dream
>while I move boxes during the night shift for minimum wage