Is there a bigger red flag than girls who love dogs?

Is there a bigger red flag than girls who love dogs?

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It's a green flag for me

Yes. Double red flag if it's a black dog

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care to elaborate OP? why do you think that?

Only if they're large dogs. And noticed that the large dogs are always male.

Pic related is a MASSIVE GREEN FLAG
Golden Retrievers are angels

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No, only shitskins don't love dogs.

Especially if she has a really bad stutter, if you know who I'm talking about.

girls that love horses

if you think roasties fuck their dogs... idk what to tell you

My 8 year old cousin really loved (maybe still does) horses. Thanks for your comment.

Yes i remember her


>Thinking that girls who love dogs are a red flag
Get out of your cave kiddo

agreed. they're no good with complex interactions so they seek out the most simple ones in the form of a naked, nonverbal vanity slave. the whole dynamic is strange and probably unhealthy even without the added fact that dogs are fucking nasty. enjoy your weird stockholm shit while you live in filth, bitch.

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It means that they take dog dick.

That is based dog is man's best friend. I have respect for dog lovers then nigger or brown skin lovers

Oh yeah, lets date a girl whose best friend is a needy validation machine. Thats gonna be a selfless partner.

Dogs are for selfish people who need unconditional love.

Sounds like a hottie who got /KNOTTED/?

>a naked, nonverbal vanity slave

What a perfect phrase to describe the worship women seek from their mutts

Did a fembot take the knot?

>XD XD we dont deserve these heckin good doggos!!!
Fucking normies

different user, what do you think about female dogs?

>Dogs are for selfish people who need unconditional love.
dogs also have to be taken care of for little in return, no?

>Did a fembot take the knot?

Des but she's not the only one

>feed me from a bag

Quite the high standard for women to meet, yes. A dogs love is truly earned, you changed my mind

Des? Is that the name of a fembot? Got a pic of her?

i was pointing out that buying, feeding and walking something for no return does not bring the term selfish to mind.
It does not take much for a dog to love their owner, but someone who is willing to invest in something that makes them happy does not sound that bad, does it? You weren't supposed to fill yourself in as the dog.

>You weren't supposed to fill yourself in as the dog.
The dog fills in the female owners.

Girls with horses.
Girls with no horses but still an obsession with horses.
Do not get involved with horse girls.
If using a fake name, fake address, fake phone number, and you're away from home: still consider not getting involved with horse girls.

marie hornack fucked a dog

>for no return

What a stupid comment. The return is their worship and ability to use the dog for attention

JFL at anyone whose not best mates with their dog, without dogs true robots could never know love.

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This, my friend has a horse and she's shall we say too close with him.

>my friend
Go away.

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>marie hornack fucked a dog
confirmed with bing image search

God damn it.27

>>marie hornack fucked a dog
>confirmed with bing image search
holy shit

>confirmed with bing image search


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A guy who loves cats.

Nobody said anything about fucking dogs you retard

Female dogs still have tongues, no? Young white women rarely have female dogs though.

wat om

cats are fine too

Women with Dogs are more extroverted and sometimes even more aggressive than normal so I can see why robots won't like them as much. If I wasn't such a sperg I could have easily had sex by now simply because the Dog is such a good conversation initiator with random women you see whist walking it. I dropped my spaghetti super hard with one girl because she was really persistent and I couldn't handle her.

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>turning down persistent women

Fuck off chad

So are women that have cats better? What about edgy pets like rats or snakes?

Thats a massive red flag that they are trying to be edgy and thus likely started sucking dick in grade school for attention and rebellion

Nothing wrong with sucking dick you homohater

Dogs keep them away from Chad

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Explain to me right now.

dog is chad

>itt haha dogs love you no matter what XDDD
yes from the result of thousands of years of mutual cooperation in which both parties highly benefit of course each of said party would instinctively be much more readily fond of one another than most other creatures. So much so that i could even go so far as to say that disliking dogs is actually a red flag in my book now that ive thought about it

Yes they are
You're just another kind of normie for regurgitating your edgy nonsense, dogs are awesome and especially goldens.

I have a black lab does that make me a coal burner?

I find dogs dirty and smelly, and unhygienic. They are nice to be in company, but they are so oily and they smell like unwashed hair.

>Dogs are for selfish people who need unconditional love.
Who hurt you and drove your self-worth so fucking low that you think it's selfish to want unconditional love?

Anyone who has ever had pets is a degenerate lol

Dog is man's best friend. There is nothing wrong with a woman liking dogs, just as there is nothing wrong with a woman liking horses.

I'm making a list of red flags for males, is there a male equivalent of "wears makeup", or should I just list wearing makeup as a red flag for males? Cologne maybe?

dogs > women

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>list of red flags for males
Browsing r9k is a pretty big red flag, but not nearly as bad as donating to twitch/discord girls

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>donating to twitch/discord girls
That's a good one. Adding it to the list, also adding "plays Nintendo"

>have to take care of things/animals or else it starts getting dirty
surprise surprise

Why the eyes?

Girls who are alive

>Smells like unwashed hair
Maybe, oh I don't know, bathe it? You stupid faggot.

>Dogs are for selfish people who need unconditional love.
>Paying money to let some animal that will never know how good it has it is "selfish"
You didn't say it, but we all know you got attacked by a dog and now you hate them all.

Tell that to everybody I know. Brnkdj

Yes a dog shoved me in a puddle and mounted me

Tfw raped by a poodle

Tfw my best friend is a dog

So we don't recognize him

marie hornack fucked a dog

search bing images for it and thank me later

>implying that mini roastie isnt going to lose her virginity to Chip Thunderknot

>especially golden

>The literal Fisher Price My First Doggo

Kill yourself you basic roastie bitch

>marie hornack fucked a dog

>who hurt you

Hurrr durrr EBIG BERN!

Back to redd17 you fuckin faggot

Imagine thinking this is an argument rather than a validation that dogs are the niggers of pets

zero pics of dog fucking r9k you are truly dead im out

>red flag

You mean biggest green flag, right?

Isn't that .jpg dog from Ace Combat 7 ?

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You know where to fuck back off to

I think cats are more niggardly than dogs
At least you can take dogs on nightwalks, run around with them, train them to do fun tricks, play with them without playing meaning "dangling a feather on a string in front of them, and some of them can actually serve as an extra means of protection
Although I'll admit that things like fish tanks, iguanas, and snakes can be pretty interesting

>( because i have a beastiality fetishI I assume that all girls fuck their dogs )the thread

Ur a degenerate and you should feel bad

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you ever just respond to three words of a post and not acknowledge all the other ones?

It's a bit more complicated, usually the real red flags:
>LARGE dogs, especially more than one (even if it's a tiny apartment)
>ANY dog-related bumper stickers
>Little/no interest in raising a real family
>Fixation on a particular breed

Women might make decent pets if they could be as fun, loyal, and obedient as dogs

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>I said the same faggy insult that redd1tors think is an epic burn, but I used more words to repeat it
>You need to fully engage with my repetitive post

Cry more faggot, fuck right back off to Jow Forumsaww

Heeeeeellll nooooooo my brother's golden is a fucking asshole

Why is a specific breed a problem? Are you implying this means a girl has sampled a few different knots and settled on a favorite?

I'm not who you replied to, but some shit..
>who hurt you
>sweet summer child
>it's almost as if
>it's 2019
>maybe, just maybe
..casts a shadow of gayness over whatever else you have to say

Literally one of my red flags is if she doesnt like doggos.

Bonus red points if she doesnt like children either.

My sister recently got a husky, german shepherd mix and hes super sweet. I forgot how loving dogs could be. All of mine are fucking assholes who don't listen to a word I say

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Imagine thinking making a comment like this isn't an admission of defeat because you have no argument.

>t. rex thunderknot

Smol girls love big dogs.

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Dogs are a good judge of character.
I wonder what the dog sees in her.

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Usually these breeds are shit tier. Best case is something like pugs, but usually manifests as pitophiles.

that's because ur a shit dog owner

Probably because doggo smells roast beef.