Fembots, what is your

Fembots, what is your
>current weight
>ideal weight
>favorite food

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>around 100 lbs
>maybe 95 lbs?
>strawberries and thai food

Faggots the both of (you)s

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>>current weight
>>ideal weight
>>favorite food
hard to choose, but crab is a strong contender

me too

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>my current weight
>potato chips

How is the crab prepared and what sidedish?

Cook your meat if you want to gain weight

if im eating crab, then they'e likely steamed and that's probably all im eating besides butter and a drink since it's like a once a year treat

A more cohesive meal would be like lobster with shrimp, stir fry, rice, etc
I'm not a very picky girl and I really enjoy the food I like

>current weight
>ideal weight
>favorite food
mmm all kinds of fruits, cookies, asian food

i do fucking cook it i'm just too lazy to eat

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That's why you cook everything you eat. Higher energy intake = get bigger if left unused

>around 105-110lbs
>various types of pasta

>115 - 120
>fried chicken

>if left unused
yeah you're right about that. thanks for the tip though.

Stop eating pasta, it's a caloric bomb.

by my gf we will eat crab together

i dont eat it that often. anyways i usually only eat one meal a day so it balances out

Consider different chicken preparations if you want to lose weight

> 160lbs

Ooof pls be in Europe

I don't eat it very often. Maybe a few times a year. It asked what my favorite food is, not what do I eat the most.

but user, crab wont help me lose weight

Consider dividing your meal in 3 parts and eat 3 times a day. Less stress for your stomach, less bloated and easier to digest, if you want to lose weight.

>Femanon, what is your
>current weight
52 I guess
>ideal weight
>favorite food
Home made chocolate cake.

I'd like to get a piece of that cake, do you prepare it yourself? Dang choco is my fav

The question is posed because your favorite food has a type of preparation you enjoy

>102 lbs
>i'm okay at this weight
>sushi, shrimp, asian food, and avocado

Hopefully using dark chocolate

holly fuck i read a lot of very small ideal weight don't starve yourself most of you are fine

i don't understand why so many girls want to be a size 0, aren't 99% of guys into thicc girls anyway?
>t. not overweight

not thicc i just don't want to fuck a deadbush

Wow I see you have a good taste in food also same, do you like chinese buffets?

I want to get fit too
I'd say we could work out together but if you were my gf I'd probably spend even more time indoors and not walking around

Sure user, there's a fresh half waiting for you. Cakes and sweets are the only things I can cook besides grills.

That's the patrician choice, so of course

Oh you still have cake I'd like to see a pic lol, have a discord?
Yeah I love those, would eat sweets rn even though I just ate. What's your opinion on ice cream?

I'm fine with offering advice to the people that want it. "You're a big girl now, you should be aware what you get into."
Also most are Larping anyway.

You know, you don't have to be so skinny. Most (rational) men and even women prefer someone of a proper healthy body weight. It doesn't mean you have to put on a lot of weight either, but definitely having a figure is awesome
Also a personality is good to have to go along with it

Personally, because I have odd proportions/ fat distribution patterns and nothing fits on the lower half
>small waist
>all fat goes to tights and ass
>no pants fit without alterations
>skirts bunch awkwardly due to the ridiculous waist-ass ratio
>only options are tight tube dresses because they can stretch and jeggings
> still has skelly arms and proeminent ribs

5feet 4.5 inches
135 pounds currently
I want to be 115 pounds lol pipe dream
I love sushi but that shits expensive

blessed genes
you're lucky

>Fembots, what is your
>>current weight
102 lbs... I want to die
>>ideal weight
88 lb like I used to be
>>favorite food

I have this exact same thing too, but also my boobs. So everything makes me look bigger than I am if it isn't form fitting or waist cinched.

What do you originally and usually eat?

That is literally the ideal body type, this makes me mad, do you want compliments? God poor you with that small waist and thick thighs

There's a recipe out there for cauliflower pizza, look into it, also go easy on the sauce

My own ideals of perfection as opposed to a man's. I've resigned to the idea of ever having a boyfriend or love so I'm not living life in hopes of gaining one anymore, or I'd be terribly depressed about not having porn star proportions naturally.

Can you stop orbiting? Let her lose weight why do you care, she's not your gf. Get out with that, this thread is wholesome, no bullying allowed.

Couscous, rice, chicken, curries, meatballs. Idk what does anyone eat. I try to eat veggies. I'm making a beet and tomato pasta rn.

Do you even know what orbiting means?

You eat a lot of carbs and thick sauces. You surely heard of the memes that carbs make you fat. This is partially true. But the main thing about complex sugars is that they take a long time to absorb and thus you feel "bloated" longer and that makes you feel tired. Which results in overdue resting where you don't burn off intake. You need to be very careful with measuring the exact carb amounts. As for sauces, make them thinner and less sweet. Also drink a lot of water.

>salmon sashimi

finally a thread for my ed feels

I do and you're orbiting her, offering compliments, trying to persuade your ideal. Stop it.

Femanon, would you date a guy who is lighter and or shorter than you?
Asking for a smol friend


i'm 49kg, so unfortunately no.

Well, what do you eat on a day to day basis?

You are so short, how is that possible?

>i'm 49kg, so unfortunately no.
Can you explain why not

I have an illness user. That's just how I am.

Shorter yes, lighter I'd feel too fat, sorry...

Eat more yoghurt, unsweetened

I'm already short-ish & underweight, wouldn't want a guy even smaller than that. If I was a bit bigger I wouldn't mind a lighter guy though.

5 foot two, I think? I need to work on my posture. I slouch into big hoodies too often
According to the scale 107 lbs.
>ideal weight
Everyone could be skinnier but I am not that unhappy?
>favorite food
popcorn or apples

Would you date me being 5'7 and kind of chubby with some muscles but really ugly?

I am white, user. It looks awkward as hell on me, even more so as I'm a plank with bad Tumblr tier ass and tights. Plus, jiggling fat is not something I personally like. If you want, I'll donate you some.

Stop being degenerate, go ask that in the 6 other fembot thread. This is a safe space free from desperate guys.

You can come by to take a piece user~ You probably won't end up in a bathtub filled with ice and without a kidney....or two.
I have sensible teeth so I can't eat things that are too hot or too cold. When I want icecream, I buy a vanilla or a banana one and wait until it turns slushie-like in my cup, and eat it slowly with a spoon or a straw.

Alright you belong to me now

Im sure you don't want that at all user

If I'm going to eat cake I must know at least where you're located, it's okay if you kill me but it must be after I eat that cake, also I wanna die anyways lmao.

Oh that sucks, I rly love Ben & Jerry's ice cream, it's so good maybe I'll invite you to eat it and we'll wait till you can slowly eat it, banana one is stop tier btw.

But I do. Do you use discord?

I'm not even gonna bother. My bmi is 36 and I'm literally a kindergarten kid height

If you don't want to then that's alright too user

I actually like my body, but I keep associating myself with men that prefer much smaller girls and i've internalized that standard

>steak or sushi

>Pringles m8

What flavor tho? Original?

How does it feel being more than twice your ideal weight?

Stop bullying, this is a bully free zone.

Pretty terrible. Sometimes I just want to carve all the fat off like a christmas ham.

Please be my gf and lets lose weight together im 170 and 80 kgs :(

What do you eat on a regular day?