Can we have a thread full of nothing but love and support for your fellow bots

Can we have a thread full of nothing but love and support for your fellow bots.

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All i want is a friend who is loyal to me no matter what the same way i am loyal to them. This sucks theres no one out there like that.

Had some rough hours recently, could need some love

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Robots if you want to transition just do it! Also if you want to have sex go on Grindr and either be a top or bottom.

origiNoly No

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Sounds like you want a sissyboi wife who will swallow your load when you want :)

Try out Grindr senpai its robot friendly and lots of cock hungry sissies and twinks to fuck


> No Grindr boislut to fuck and abuse

We will make it guys

Yes sound proof, we need it so when we are fucking are sissyboi bottoms other robots can't hear them moan in ecstasy while being creampied, then it would be hot if other robots were fapping to this

I love you user with all my heart
>no homo
>but homo if you are homo

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Consider an hero, all of you. Waste of spce and supplies, die and became shit. The same shit that will give birth to a new and better generation.

You friend, are all right amigo
We bots should support eachother and induce happiness

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I am perpetually dumbfounded by the total absurdity of the evil that curses this god-forgotten land. What can I do? How can I find God, the real thing?
I hope you find that guy, user. I really do. I found some people like that, so know it's not a lost battle.
Hold on user, you have the support of an anonymous user of a taiwanese shadow puppetry newsletter.

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I tend to find god by either almost dying or taking drugs which I do not recommend, sometimes he can appear in dreams though. People have forgotten the spiritual importance of dreams

i love and appreciate your resolve in facing your challenges anons.
im glad we have this place to connect with each other and try to be honest with ourselves.
i hope you will become stronger in facing your challenges
and learn to find craft and appreciate how truly beautiful each and everyone of your lives are.
stay strong
not becuase things get better
in fact they can only become more complex and difficult.
stay strong becuase i love you and the suffering in your life
is totally worth the details that it makes up. Even if its only you that knows them.

Even though you may feel like there is no possible hope, there is. I felt it in the darkest of times and so can you, we all can make it. I'd like you to make it more than me.

thank you op here 1+ reddit point for you i dont have money to give you gold tho i will ask my dad next time

Thanks op, your pic actually made me smile and feel a little warmer inside
I think R9K would be a wonderfull place if it was more of a board where we support ourselves and let feels flow out,like when this was more common

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Love you faggots. Its always nice to know that no matter how much normalfags hate me, i will always at least be around people that know my feels. Whenever i meet someone and think they might browse this board i always try to be good to them.

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Let is share the good feels my robot brethren

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Friends, i understand that some days things can be hard but i believe in you and i know you will do great. Just keep trying and remember that as long as you're nice to others you deserve to be happy no matter what

If any hispanic robot needs a talk, reach me out

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