Why don't men ever take the blame for something that's fundamentally their fault...

Why don't men ever take the blame for something that's fundamentally their fault? You can't really insult women for being promiscuous when you made them that way.

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>sexual trauma leads to hypersexuality
In retards yes.

"men" isn't a single entity. I'm not responsible for any of the sexual abuse done by other people because i have not engaged in that behavior.

Because when it boils down to the basics, unless your life is being threatened, you make your own choices. Nobody's forcing those women to be promiscuous. Everyone goes through some type of trauma in life. The choice to do drugs or slut around to cope is of their own doing & no one else's

>sexual trauma often leads to hypersexuality

That's stupid. Those people would have been "hypersexual" regardless. It's not uncommon. It's just a normal human personality trait that's meant to keep the species flourishing.

I've never even hugged a girl how is that pic my fault

isn't this the definition of victim blaming?

>When you made them that way

Did I rape them? No. That'd be like saying

>Women made men rapists by dressing like whores

Logic is understandable by people in the sub 60 iq bracket, but higher than that should understand that is fundamentally flawed.

women aren't victims of the people they voluntarily have sex with as a result of being raped decades ago, does anyone hold a gun to their head? how does getting raped make someone want to fuck a bunch of strangers anyhow, that's fucking demented.

My oldest female cousin molested me when I was a kid.

>>sexual trauma leads to hypersexuality

>Get fucked
>Like it a lot
>Pursue additional opportunities to get fucked as often as possible


Men taking accountability for their actions? That's a good joke, user.

>You can't really insult women for being promiscuous when you made them that way.
sure sure whatever, no way i believe this. this is just another example of women trying to have it both ways, they want "agency" only when it benefits them. pic related

>does anyone hold a gun to their head?

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itt: anons who don't know psychology speak on behalf of psychologists without putting in any research or references.

>i made a correlation based on uneducated assumptions that make me feel better about myself, i'm smart and worth talking to

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"Victim blaming" isn't applicable to every occurrence. There comes a time when situation awareness has to come into play. There's a reason why people tell you to lock your doors & cars a night, not to go into dangerous areas at night. Bad people will do bad things regardless of the rules. & it's a person's duty to take head to that to lessen the chance of bad things happening to them. Otherwise, you can't go far in blaming others for things that you could've possibly prevented

the post is saying that past trauma makes women unable to form sound decisions regarding sex. they're fucking a lot of men because their ability to think rationally has been taken from them by previous male abusers

the thing is they do
they just dont care
they only get scared when they get called out
they think its the way its ment to be. etc...

you cant really blame them becuase they are victims themselves of a cultural machine that perpetuates the isolation and taboo nature of human sexuality.
instead of learning about it.
and engaging in it mindfully
instead of smoking crack and meth on a 2 day bender fucking your babys momma,
then in a bout of psychosis you end up fucking her becuase your wife is asleep.
and the way the toddler crying seems like it wants to have sex.
then after jonesing hard you and your girl decide to pimp out your toddlers asshole so you can get more uppers so the crash wont be that bad.

to be fair
its really the parents of children that perpetuate this. not just males.
but teenage boys, college boys, extremely fundamental men do tend to share the majority in inflicting sexual trauma.
though with sex being so inherently linked to our pleasure drives, alot of what we consider sexual trauma is culturally defined.

mothers are just as much to blame as their fathers however.

I'm a CSA victim and while I still get horny and have sexual desires, the thought of having sex with someone irl terrifies me and if I ever do have sex, it's going to be with someone I absolutely love and trust. The only people who say shit like this are roasties who claim they were date raped or girls with a daddykink whose experience of 'abuse' is when their dad yelled at them that one time.

>stop being a dick to victims
pun intended :^)

True, but do you view all women as whores and roasties like 99% of this board does?

Sorry but this is a bullshit excuse. It takes a lot more cognitive ability to have sex w/ someone than to not have sex with someone.

Actually, it's more common for sexual trauma to result in a shutdown of sexuality.

>Stacy goes out and fucks 20 dudes, gets knocked up, raped, and gets an STD.
>that's my fault because I have a penis.

Why are you being mean to victims of sexism, bigot?

Someone said it on the internet. It must be true. Who knew?

meme degree

meme profession

Good pic.

I love how she equates being spectacularly promiscuous with "victimhood".

I also like her revisionist history: her past sluttiness is now reframed, in retrospect, as: "I was often pressured into sex I didn't want and did not enjoy by people I don't find attractive". Over and over and over, 30+ times.

It's amazing how much denial and delusion the human mind is capable of.

Why don't men just take the blame and responsibility for literally everything and we let women do whatever they want

>You can't really insult women for being promiscuous when you made them that way.

So tell me exactly how I -- as a 32 year old khhv virginal wizard who's never been on a date -- have made women promiscuous.

What is the precise mechanism that has caused my non-promiscuous lifestyle to magically cause rampant promiscuity in women I have never met?

>Why don't men just take the blame and responsibility for literally everything and we let women do whatever they want

That concept already exists. It's called "feminism".

nah it's half tru. my friend got raped and she just randomly tries to come onto people, me even too, when anyone is slightly nice to her

I mean it's not untrue. I was no sex until marriage Christian and I got raped I'm highschool. It really messed with my head alot until I matured more, which caused me to be hypersexual for a couple of years after.